Donald Trump Wasn’t At The Royal Wedding, But Twitter Trolled Him Anyway

Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images & WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It isn't out of the ordinary for the internet to troll President Donald Trump, but apparently making fun of the president is even fitting on the day of the royal wedding. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle chose not to invite political leaders to their May 19 wedding, eliminating people's concerns about Trump attending the high-profile event. Of course, even without the president trying, Trump's name still made the news on the day of the wedding, as the BBC's tweet about the royal wedding vs. Trump's inauguration crowd set people off.

In a tweet, a Twitter account for one of the BBC's news branches compared aerial shots of Trump's inauguration crowd to the crowd lined up outside the wedding venue of St George's Chapel. The account accompanied the photos with the slightly shady message, "just saying." The photo of the Windsor crowd includes far more spectators than the less than impressive inauguration audience, which has been the subject of several witty memes since that day in January 2017. I've never appreciated dry British humor more.

However, in an equally British move of not wanting to offend anyone, the account called for followers to send their favorite pics of crowds, and fans have since sent images of even more packed areas around the world. While this could be read as a way for people not too excited about the royal wedding to commiserate, I choose to see it as even more people laughing about the weak turnout at Trump's inauguration.

One Twitter user even called out the account, wondering why it didn't just mention Trump by name. Any royal fan who has spent the wedding morning using a fake English accent will be delighted at BBC Three's sweetly snarky response. As an American, am I allowed to incorporate "ta" into my daily vocabulary?

I mean, don't you wish that American news outlets can get away with those kind of responses? Even separate from presidential drama, United States networks don't really embrace the chance to crack a joke every now and then. Other wedding viewers praised the network for its witty reply:

While the real Donald Trump has yet to comment on any of the wedding festivities, a parody account has already poked fun at Trump's likelihood to respond to the celebrity guest list in one way or another.

In the preparation stages of Harry and Markle's wedding, there was speculation about Trump being included on the guest list alongside other world leaders. The president canceled a planned visit to the country in February 2018 after claiming he wasn't a "big fan" of the embassy he was scheduled to open there. As of late April, Trump is now confirmed to visit Queen Elizabeth II in London during a July trip to the U.K.

Given Harry's close professional and personal friendship with the Obamas, people also wondered if the royals would offer the former first couple an invitation rather than extend one to Trump, which would inevitably cause some tension between Trump and Barack Obama. However, in April, Kensington Palace confirmed in a statement that Harry and Markle were not required to invite foreign and domestic leaders to the wedding, eliminating the worry over the consequences of Trump receiving an invitation.

Even U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May wasn't invited, emphasizing the importance of Harry and Markle having family, close friends, and charity representatives at the wedding. May did, however, send the couple well wishes via Twitter on the wedding day. I can only imagine that it's a matter of time before the Obamas send a kind message as well.

I have my eyes peeled for Trump's public opinion of the royal wedding, but for now, I'll be scanning my new favorite news account for any other jokes. BBC, thanks for the laughs this morning!