The Bad Dating Habit You Need To Break ASAP, According To Your Zodiac Sign

We've all got habits we'd like to break. Bouncing your leg. Biting your nails. Hitting snooze no less than 20 times before finally rolling out of bed in the morning. Those are just a few daily habits I wish I could break — and they don't even skim the surface of potential bad dating habits. I've got plenty of those, too.

Despite my obsession with punctuality in professional environments, I am always, always, always late to dates. I curse like a sailor (and, er, drink like one), dive into crazy taboo and personal conversations ("So this one time in high school, I thought I was the next Virgin Mary..."), and have a tendency to overanalyze my date's every action and move. Just to name a few. And I know I'm not alone.

Needless to say, there's at least one habit we should probably all aim to break in our dating lives before we can dive into a successful, fulfilling relationship — and it might even be something you don't realize you're doing. I chatted with astrology expert and personal mentor Linda Furiate to get a better sense of what we could all be doing a little differently, based on our zodiac signs. Here's where each sign is going wrong in their dating lives...

Aries: Coming On Too Strong

I get it, Aries. You've got a ton of pent-up energy and you're dying to show your date what you're all about — but be careful of doing too much, too fast. You have a tendency to come on way too strong at the get-go, leaving your date to figure out how they can even balance their personality with yours (and often making them feel that they have no say in where this relationship is going).

"Aries want to consume all of their dates' time and energy in the beginning of the relationship, and then burn out too quickly, leaving your date in a whirlwind of your non-stop energy," says Furiate.

Taurus: Focusing On The Little Things

You appreciate the finer things in life, Taurus, but sometimes this works to your detriment. Be careful of saying "no" to too many invites and ideas from potential dates, and make sure you're focusing on what's most important when you do go out.

"Tauruses may put more emphasis and value on what their date is wearing, the ambiance of the environment, and the quality of the good or service," says Furiate. "They often forget about the value of the person sitting next to them"

Gemini: Not Listening

You've got a lot to say, Gemini, and I'm sure your date is interested to hear! Just don't forget that they've got thoughts to share as well (and you'll never have a chance to get to know them if you do all of the talking!). Keep the long stories about yourself to a minimum, and remind yourself that listening is a two-way street.

"Geminis spend more time telling long stories about themselves," explains Furiate. "Time runs out (and so does the desire) for their date to share their thoughts."

Cancer: Talking Too Much About Family

Cancers are all about family — which is amazing! But remember: Diving into your family's history and dynamics too soon can scare some dates off. And beyond that, your close attachment to your family might come off as nervousness to pursue a real relationship down the line.

"Cancers tend to still be attached to the apron strings, but are fearful of creating their own family," says Furiate. "They tend to keep a date lingering and wondering, as they're timid about moving toward a commitment."

Leo: Going Overboard With Romantic Gestures

You're passionate, Leo, and so romantic, which your dates will love. I mean, everyone has fantasized about someone filling their bedroom with candles and roses — and you're just the type to make a lovely gesture like this. But your passion combined with your, um, flair for the dramatic might come off as a little needy and self-involved at times, so be careful not to go overboard (or flip every romantic gesture into an opportunity for praise).

"Dates may love the warmth of Leos, yet feel burned by their need to absorb the spotlight," Furiate says.

Virgo: Expecting Perfection

The "perfect person" may not exist, but that doesn't mean you're about to stop looking, Virgo. While it's great to have high standards, it's important to remember that, as Hannah Montana would say, "nobody's perfect." Nit-picking the little details or abandoning a date as soon as you uncover a flaw is only going to hold you back from finding a great relationship.

"Virgos tend to carry on elaborate fantasies about the perfect scenario with a person," explains Furiate. "When the date is not able to fulfill this perfection in reality, Virgos will quickly walk away without an explanation."

Libra: Leaving Everything In Their Date's Hands

You're chill, Libra, and really just aiming to please. But sometimes that laid-back mentality (paired with your indecisive nature ) can make it tricky to date you. From where you two should grab dinner to leaning in for the first kiss, Libras tend to leave everything in their dates' hands, and that's a lot of pressure to put on someone else.

"Libras tend to wait for the other person to make the first move, and they often second-guess their decision to commit or to not commit," Furiate says. "This often leaves the other person demanding a Libra make up their mind (if they haven't already walked away)."

Scorpio: Overanalyzing Their Date's Actions

Scorpios overthink everything, which can be especially dangerous when you're dating someone new. Be careful not to overthink and analyze every little thing your date does, or you'll drive yourself crazy trying to figure out what he or she really means (when it was probably nothing!).

"Scorpios tend to think too deeply about what their date is saying," says Furiate. Be careful not to jump conclusions too soon!

Sagittarius: Cancelling Plans

You're wild, Sagittarius, and the life of the party. But I also feel like y'all are the type to line up a back-up booty call on your way to a dinner date. You tend to cancel plans any time something more exciting pops up, even if that means calling off a date at the last minute. You love a good adventure, but sometimes your free spirit leads to flaky (and not super thoughtful) behavior.

"A Sagittarius will also call at the last minute to want to hook up," explains Furiate. "It's hard to get Sag to agree to a long-term commitment because they relish their freedom and spontaneity."

Capricorn: Focusing Too Much On Work (And Not Enough on Play!)

Capricorns, like mullets, always put business in the front — and you generally put work before pleasure. It's great that you're hard-working and ambitious, Capricorns, but don't forget that dating is supposed to be an enjoyable experience!

"Capricorns should break the habit of treating their date or partner like a business client when it comes to fitting them into their hectic schedules," says Furiate.

Aquarius: Sending Mixed Signals

You're full of surprises, Aquarius, which is both endearing and confusing to the people you date. One minute, you'll seem uninterested or reserved; the next, you'll be infatuated with your date, aiming to sweep them off their feet! But that all or nothing, hot or cold mentality sends totally mixed signals to potential partners, leaving them wondering how you really feel.

"They may send mixed signals," explains Furiate. "But give an Aquarian the space and freedom to come [to a decision] freely and they can become a loyal companion."

Pisces: Going MIA

Pisces, my people! We're introverts by nature, and need a lot of personal space to recharge. While it's great that we know what we need and are totally comfortable on our own, we also need to be careful not to slip into our own worlds and become totally unresponsive dates that we might be interested in!

"Pisces may take weeks or months to call you back," says Furiate. "They may become MIA for long periods of time, then return and expect their date to be okay with that extended absence."

We're more thoughtful than that, Pisces. Actually, let's all do better and break these habits in 2018.

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