The 'Avengers 4' Directors Revealed New Details About Captain America & Black Widow


Although they are two of the original Avengers, Captain America and Black Widow actually got surprisingly little to do in Avengers: Infinity War. But with the superhero team trimmed down to half of what it was pre-Thanos' snap, Captain America and Black Widow will step into the forefront of the fight in next summer's Avengers 4. And apparently, Marvel fans are going to see a completely different side to both of the heroes in the new movie. The Avengers 4 directors revealed new details about Captain America and Black Widow in a new interview with Wired, and it sounds like the new movie will involve a pretty notable shift for both of them.

Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 directors Joe and Anthony Russo explained that they see Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff as two of the most transformed characters from when we first met them to how they will be portrayed in next summer's Infinity War conclusion. Of course, the Russo brothers probably know Captain America the best out of any of the Avengers — before taking on Infinity War and Avengers 4, the Russo brothers first entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe by directing Captain America: The Winter Soldier followed by Captain America: Civil War.

Joe Russo said that Cap's experiences in both The Winter Soldier and Civil War are the primary reason that he will act so radically different when he takes center stage in Avengers 4, and the same goes for Black Widow, who has been by Cap's side throughout both movies. Russo said that fans can expect to see Cap and Black Widow have "a much, much harder edge" than ever before in the upcoming movie, owing to the fact that the two heroes have been chased by the government and had to basically fend for themselves over the course of their last two outings:

In Winter Soldier, what we found so compelling about pairing [Black Widow] up with Captain America was that he is a service paragon of morality and she is a paragon of gray. But they've grown together and I think when you find them in this movie and they've been the Secret Avengers for two years because they're being hunted by Ross and the government, they're like a tight-knit family now — her, Sam Wilson, and Steve Rogers. It's hardened all of them in a way. You can't go on the run without it affecting you emotionally, so I think all of those characters — specifically the ones who survived Infinity War, Cap and Natasha — you will see them with a much, much harder edge.

Fans have already seen a big of this "harder edge" in Captain America: Civil War, when Captain America and Black Widow created a covert branch of heroes to go against government orders, but apparently, Avengers 4 will turn that rebellious, rule-breaking spirit up several more notches for both Captain America and Black Widow. So, in case you weren't already excited for this movie, now we have an even more badass Cap to look forward to.

Avengers 4 is scheduled to premiere on May 3, 2019.