A Standoff Between The Witches & Michael Langdon Is Coming In Next Week's 'AHS'


The Coven witches are back, and they are already using their powers to seriously change the whole dynamic at Outpost 3. Fans got to see three familiar witches make their big American Horror Story return at the very end of Episode 3 of Apocalypse, and the promo for next week's Episode 4 promises that the new episode will be all about the Coven witches from start to finish. Check out the AHS: Apocalypse Episode 4 promo, which assures fans that we are finally getting into the thick of the crossover territory that Ryan Murphy has been promising us.

Spoiler alert: This post will include plot details from AHS: Apocalypse Episode 3, "Forbidden Fruit." After three weeks of waiting, AHS fans finally got to see the Coven witches stroll their way back onto the horror franchise in Wednesday night's latest episode of Apocalypse. The last few minutes of the Halloween-set episode saw the coven's new Supreme Cordelia Goode walk through the nuclear wasteland with Myrtle Snow and Madison Montgomery at her side, arriving at Outpost 3 just in time to find everyone there (except Michael Langdon and Miriam Mead) recently murdered. But a few lucky inhabitants get saved. Immediately, Cordelia orders Myrtle and Madison to "find our sisters," and she revives three women from the dead: Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt, Dinah Stevens, and Mallory.

So... yeah — we all have a lot of questions. Like, how did Madison Montgomery and Myrtle Snow come back to life, and who are Coco, Dinah, and Mallory really? Luckily, the teaser trailer for next week's episode promises to answer these questions. The new teaser shows that the witches are at Outpost 3 to take a stand against Michael Langdon and try to save the world. Yep, it is the ultimate Coven vs. Murder House showdown, y'all! Check out the promo trailer and then we can break down the more subtle details:

As the teaser shows, the three Coven witches and their newly revived sisters make a promise to save the world from the apocalypse and from Michael Langdon. And the key to this plan seems to be the character that nobody was suspecting: Mallory. After we got a taste of Mallory's surprising power this week, the next episode shows Cordelia asking the former assistant specifically for her help.

There are already a couple theories cropping up about how Mallory is so secretly powerful. One important thing to note is that Mallory is the only main character whose last name has not yet been revealed, and since Madison seemed to know her (delivering her iconic "Bet you thought you'd seen the last of me line" to her), there is a chance that Mallory could be a Montgomery. Or, even more mind-blowing, some fans think the witches just used Mallory, Coco, and Dinah's bodies to revive the souls of their fallen sisters, and that Mallory may now actually be Zoe Benson, Misty Day, or even Fiona Goode.

But back to the promo trailer — the other big reveal is that Michael Langdon paid a visit to Madison Montgomery while she worked at a retail store. This could answer the question of how Madison is alive, since it definitely looks like Micheal paid a visit to Madison's personal hell, possibly to pull her out of it.

Get ready for a lot of witchy fun when American Horror Story: Apocalypse Episode 4, "Could It Be... Satan?," airs on FX on Wednesday, Oct. 3 at 10 p.m. ET.