The 'AHS: 1984' Episode 6 Promo Reveals The Aftermath Of That Big Twist


American Horror Story: 1984 has been a serial killer fiesta. After all, why have one serial killer, or even two, when everyone can get in on the murdering fun? From Margaret to Montana, everyone at Camp Redwood seems to be in on the serial killer game. By the time all the murdering was over in "Red Dawn," it was a surprise there was anyone left to arrest. But the AHS: 1984 Episode 6 promo promises the show must go on, and for a good reason: It's the milestone 100th episode! Warning: Spoilers for AHS: 1984 follow.

Season 9 Episode 5, "Red Dawn," saw the camp run red with blood, suggesting Camp Redwood's name doesn't come from the trees. Let's recap all the murderous mayhem:

  • Margaret killed Chet
  • Xavier killed Mr. Jingles
  • Margaret killed Xavier
  • Brooke killed Montana

Unfortunately, Brooke's killing of Montana happened in broad daylight just as the first bus of campers pulled up. Whoops! With no chance to explain this was self-defense because Montana has been trying to kill Brooke all season, Brooke was dragged away. Margaret lied her way out of any suspicions (again!). And a whole lot of parents of campers are probably out of their deposits.

So where could the show possibly go from here, considering how much "Red Dawn" felt like a season finale? The answer lies in the twist that came at the very end of the episode. If you'll recall, many characters who have died on-screen this season have reappeared soon after their deaths, seemingly very much alive. Fans have had many theories that could explain these phenomenons — including that the characters are ghosts or that Camp Redwood is actually a movie set — but after getting repeatedly stabbed by Brooke, a bright-eyed Montana revealed what was really going on... they were in purgatory.

Finally, a classic Ryan Murphy twist! Things are going to be very different on 1984 from here on out. See for yourself in the "Episode 100" trailer:

As always, the synopsis is practically useless for any purposes of figuring out what happens next week.

With the horrors of the night behind them, the survivors deal with the fallout of their choices.

On the one hand, the synopsis suggests next week's episode will be centered on those who are believed to be still alive. Brooke will most likely be put on trial for murdering Montana, and maybe everyone else too. There's also Margaret, who is continuing to hide her killing ways in polite society. And let's not forget Donna, who discovered she is actually "evil," having inherited her father's penchant for killing.

But the trailer tells an entirely different story. As fans now know, those who are in this version of purgatory still have the good fortune to be solid enough to partake in the pleasures of the flesh (or, in the case of some, the pleasures of killing the flesh), and this seems to be what the souls of Camp Redwood will be up to in the next episode. Montana was already all-in on murder while she was alive, and it seems like she's decided to take it next level now that she's dead. In fact, she and Xavier are having quite the grand old time taking out people who has the misfortune to pass through Camp Redwood.

At least poor Ray seems to have a little bit of moral compass left to suggest that perhaps killing others is not the best course of action. Too bad he's a little too dead to do anything about it.

AHS: 1984 continues at 10 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 23, on FX.