The Next 'A Million Little Things' Episode Promo Spells Trouble For Maggie & Gary

ABC/Jeff Weddell

After the group faced some rocky times in Episode 7 of A Million Little Things, this week's hour closed with a step in a lighter direction. Still reeling from Rome's health scare and discovering his old suicide note, Regina alluded to a fresh start in the couple's relationship, while Eddie and Delilah seemingly made their peace with the decision to hide the truth about her baby's father. On the other hand, while Gary and Maggie started the episode on a positive note, they ultimately clashed again over Maggie's decision to not go through chemo. The A Million Things Episode 8 promo hints at even more trouble for the pair after Gary dared Maggie to begin chemotherapy.

Fans have to wait until Nov. 28 for the new episode, but by the looks of the teaser, we'll definitely need some time to prepare for this heavy story. In Nov. 7's "I Dare You," Gary (James Roday) and Maggie (Allison Miller)'s lighthearted game of daring each other to step out of their comfort zones turned sour when Gary once again nudged Maggie to receive cancer treatment. The terminally ill Maggie was upset about his inability to accept her decision, but the episode's closing moments then showed her inspecting her body and appearing to second-guess being untreated. Following a reminder of Maggie's determination to make the most of her remaining life, she delivered a steely expression suggesting that she still wasn't budging about avoiding chemo.

The teaser for Nov. 28's "Fight or Flight" implies that the show's gap in airing has also played out in the characters' timeline. According to Eddie (David Giuntoli), Gary is now on dating apps after Maggie stormed away from him and the building he vandalized in honor of her. She hasn't answered Gary's calls and texts, but as Gary tells her through her apartment door, he can't "not care" about her. After more encouragement from his friends, Gary attempts to track down Maggie away from home but soon learns that she left her job.

So where has Maggie gone after ghosting Gary? She moved to Boston after abruptly leaving Chicago and a boyfriend who wanted to fight her cancer alongside her. Sound familiar? If suddenly leaving your home when you're terminally ill wasn't already unwise, perhaps Maggie has left Boston for yet another new start. It would explain why she's no longer working. Gary also called her out for being scared of committing to their undefined relationship, and as Maggie's ex suggested, running away from love isn't exactly new of her. If accepting the truth about her health and feelings for Gary was too much, Maggie leaving town totally makes sense.

On the other hand, despite his fixation on her seeking treatment, Maggie knows that fellow cancer survivor Gary understands her situation more than anyone else. Would she give that bond up so easily because of her own nerves?

ABC/Jack Rowand

Gary and Maggie's storyline hasn't shied away from the two's mutual tendency to avoid their own issues in favor of helping others. While ABC has yet to release an official synopsis of Nov. 28's episode, the teaser points toward an undiluted perspective on Gary and Maggie's insecurities and wishes. Here's hoping that "Fight or Flight" includes their heartfelt reunion after a MIA Maggie returns.

Season 1 of A Million Little Things continues on Wednesday, Nov. 28, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.