The 9 Best Sheer Curtains

Though it may seem like a more niche home decor category, the best sheer curtains come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures that will complement your room and window size best. You’ll also need to decide whether you’d prefer curtains with grommets or rod pockets.

How To Choose The Right Curtain Size

Your window size will best dictate the size of curtains you go with.

  • Width: Generally curtains should be two times the width of your window frame to look balanced and offer enough coverage (for reference, curtains are most commonly offered at 45- or 54-inches wide). With sheer curtains, you can go even wider, to create softness without making the room feel smaller.
  • Length: Standard pre-made curtains vary from 63-inches up to 120-inches in length, and panels that stop 1- to 2-inches above the floor look best in most spaces. Just make sure to measure from the top of the rod (and not the top of the window) for proper placement.

Sheer Vs. Semi Sheer

Sheer curtains are pretty much translucent and won't block out light. They also won't offer you any privacy, especially at night but they can be paired with an opaque layer if you have a double curtain rod. Semi-sheer curtains, on the other hand, have a heavier weave and diffuse light, offering some protection from curious neighbors and direct rays.

Grommets Vs. Rod Pockets

The hanging style you choose will be based on personal preference and the thickness of your rod. Metal grommets (much like the kind you'll find on modern hookless shower curtains) typically have a fixed 1.6-inch diameter. Rod pockets— or "sleeves" — are the more classic style, which slides over a rod basically concealing it. You'll have more leeway in terms of diameter as a few can even fit rods with a thicker 2- or 3-inch diameter.

You'll be amazed at how many styles and colors are available, so take a look at the best sheer curtains below. All

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1. These Highly Rated Classic Voile Panels Available In So Many Sizes & Colors

With a whopping 17 colors (white pictured) to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect matching set of sheer curtains to add to your space. The voile curtains have a chic, extra-wide trim, and reviewers consistently complimented the careful stitching. Made from a polyester blend, the curtains look "stunning and luxurious," according to one fan. Their craftsmanship earned these panels an impressive overall rating of 4.7-stars after more than 8,000 Amazon shoppers weighed in. Take note: they may arrive creased, so one reviewer recommended washing and then hanging them up to dry to straighten them out.

  • Hole type: grommets (1.6-inch diameter)
  • Available sizes: 15

2. Or, These Sheer Voile Panels With Rod Pockets

More than 10,000 Amazon customers gave these rod-pocket curtains a five-star rating and when you compare the value to the quality, it's easy to see why. The lightweight, polyester panels come in 22 colors (ivory pictured) and lots of sizes, including a hard-to-find 132-inch length. And these curtains can also be tossed in the dryer and ironed. The "billowy" curtains are very sheer according to reviewers, which is why some recommended adding an extra panel per window to keep the look while also getting a little bit more privacy.

  • Hole type: pockets (can fit up to a 1.5-inch rod)
  • Available sizes: 8

3. These Linen-Like Panels With A Textured Pattern

These sheer curtains feature a subtle pattern of crisscrossing lines that adds a unique texture and helps diffuse bright light. Made from a linen and polyester blend, the curtains are available in 11 colors (dusty blush pictured), though not all hues come in every size. Many reviewers on Amazon also pointed out how wrinkle-resistant they are. Another popular pick, the panels have an overall 4.8-star rating on Amazon, with more than 1,700 customers weighing in.

  • Hole type: grommets (1.6-inch diameter)
  • Available sizes: 15

4. These Charming Sheer Curtains With A Whimsical Floral Texture

Embellished with tiny "blooms" of fabric, these airy curtains will add a ton of softness to a room, and as one reviewer wrote, a nice "boho vibe." The pattern is available in three subdued color options (off-white pictured). They're made from polyester and can be machine-dried and ironed, though you'll need to be careful working around the flower details.

  • Hole type: pockets (can fit up to a 3-inch rod)
  • Available sizes: 3

5. These Semi-Sheer Curtains That Allow Just Enough Light To Pass Through

These semi-sheer curtains have a thicker, linen-like texture that creates some privacy while still allowing light to flow through. Made from a polyester blend, they're available in 13 soothing shades (white pictured). The quality of these decor pieces have earned them an overall rating of 4.7-stars after more than 1,700 Amazon shoppers have weighed in, with many commenting that panels look and feel like real linen. Plus, a few users reported that any wrinkles fall out quickly.

  • Hole type: pockets (can fit up to a 1.6-inch rod)
  • Available sizes: 4

6. These Airy Panels With Geometric Metallic Details

Another popular Amazon offering— boasting 2,000+ glowing reviews— these sheer curtains are embellished with a trellis design and have a crisp aesthetic that won't overpower a room. They're available in six colors with the print in shimmering gold or silver finish (silver white pictured) and can be dried in the machine and ironed, lightly.

  • Hole type: pockets (can fit up to a 1.5-inch rod)
  • Available sizes: 6

7. These Stunning Ombré Options For Some Subtle Dramatic Flair

More than 1,900 fans have given these sheer ombré panels a five-star rating because they hit that perfect blend of ethereal while also being more of a style statement. The gradient design is available in 13 color palettes (light brown pictured). Several shoppers also noted how pleased they were that they are wrinkle-resistant.

  • Hole type: grommets (1.6-inch diameter)
  • Available sizes: 9

8. These Voile Panels With A Playful Tassel Trim

These semi-sheer curtains have a sweet pom-pom fringe and are available in 19 colors that range from subdued to bold (ivory pictured). The polyester blend is also incredibly wrinkle-resistant without any extra maintenance required. And though they're lightweight, reviewers noted that they are durable, with one describing them as "sheer but not delicate." This gorgeous choice has earned more than 1,900 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers.

  • Hole type: pockets (can fit up to a 2-inch rod)
  • Available sizes: 10

9. These Semi-Sheer Panels In A Modern Linear Print

Polished and sophisticated, these semi-sheer curtains come in seven striped or lattice patterns, each one in a gorgeous neutral color (taupe pictured). Made from a polyester blend they let in "just the right amount of light," according to one reviewer while also creating some slight privacy from the world outside. They're also iron- and dryer-friendly.

  • Hole type: grommets (1.6-inch diameter)
  • Available sizes: 3