The 8 Best Shampoos For Colored Hair That Will Make Your Hair Color Last Even Longer

There's a few things that go into making a great shampoo. First, you have to consider how well it lathers and cleanses, and then you also want to consider if it's safe and free of sulfates. And finally, for those with color-treated hair, you want to make sure you're using a shampoo that doesn't strip your color but helps to preserve it. So if you're someone who tries to stretch out the time between color appointments as well as replenish your hair's cuticle, protein, and moisture — all with the help of your shampoo, then I've rounded up the best shampoos for colored hair.

Whether you have straight hair, curly hair, kinky hair, highlighted, low-lighted, blonde, red, brown, black, or any other color, read on for a list of shampoos for all different hair types, textures, and colors. Because the only thing that's better than extending the time between color appointments, is maintaining your hair color while nourishing, hydrating, and repairing your color-treated hair.

For All Hair Types

Living Proof's Color Care Shampoo is a safe bet for any hair type, texture, or color. The shampoo does not feature sulfates but still allows for the hair to come to a great lather while it gently cleanses and helps the hair stay cleaner, longer.

For Damaged Hair

If you've never heard of the unicorn haircare line Olaplex, then you should know that the brand is famous for its ability to repair and maintain the hair's bonds while reducing frizz, breakage, and flyaways. So not only is Olaplex's No. 4 shampoo ultra-moisturizing and safe for color-treated hair, but it will repair hair that has been weakened or damaged by lifting or depositing color. The best part? It lathers well without the help of sulfates.

For Blondes

Beach Waver's brand new BRB Blonde Purple Shampoo helps to brighten blondes and eliminate brassy tones, while nourishing the hair thanks to shea butter and monoi flower oil. The purple shampoo is best suited for those that have chemically lightened or highlighted their hair, and it can be left on for up to three minutes, three to four times a week for best results that will brighten the hair, without making it appear too gray.

For Reds

If you're someone who colors your hair a shade of red, Joico's Color Infuse Red Shampoo gently cleanses color-treated hair while depositing a red pigment to refresh the vibrancy and luminosity of the hair. The shampoo not only helps to extend your hair's color in between color appointments by depositing color, but it protects the hair from further fading and damage using its multi-spectrum defense complex that provides UV protection.

For Brunettes & Darker-Colored Hair

Shu Uemura's sulfate-free Color Lustre Shampoo helps to prevent color from fading, protects the hair fiber, and balances the scalp's natural oils for a luxurious cleanse that will leave darker hair tones feeling refreshed and looking shiny.

For Thin Hair That's Color-Treated

For those with thinner color-treated hair, Alterna's Haircare Caviar Anti-Aging Multiplying Volume Shampoo is sulfate-free, so you don't have to worry about sulfates drying out or weighing down the hair. The gentle shampoo reduces breakage while nourishing strands and adding volume to thinner hair to make it appear fuller. What's more is that the shampoo features a special Color Hold technology that locks in hair color and brightness.

For Natural & Textured Hair

For those with natural, textured hair whether it's loose or kinky curls, L'Oreal's Hair Expertise EverPure Cleansing Balm is a six-in-one cleansing conditioner designed for color-treated hair. The cleansing balm has a low lather, perfect for tight curls, and doesn't strip the hair of moisture while still nourishing, cleansing, conditioning, and treating damaged hair. Locks are left cleansed, soft, and shiny.

For Curly Hair

For wavy to curly hair, ColorProof's TruCurl is extremely gentle and hydrates and nourishes the hair without weighing down the curls. What's more is that after 10 washes with this shampoo, color-treated hair has a 96% color retention rate, and the shampoo does so without sulfates.

So whether you have thin, platinum blonde hair, highlighted, curly hair, or hair that is somewhere in between and colored a rosy shade of pink, be sure to reference the above list of shampoos in order to preserve your color and treat your hair.