From Work To Working Out, These Are The Best Black Leggings On Amazon


There are too many awesome things about black leggings to count — they're comfortable, they go with everything, they hide stains ... and the list goes on. When it comes to finding the best black leggings, you'll usually want a combination of the following:

  • Softness: This one is kind of a no-brainer — you obviously want them to feel soft and cozy. Cotton tends to be the softest material, but it's also warm, so unless you're shopping for cold weather leggings, stick with polyester or other breathable blends.
  • Stretchiness and Recovery: Being comfortable is the whole point of leggings, so stretch is a key factor. However, you'll also want the fabric to have good recovery so they don't get baggy. Fabrics likes spandex, elastane, and LYCRA (which are all basically the same) will give you the most flexibility.
  • Moisture Management: If you plan to wear your legging to the gym or in hot weather, you'll want material that's breathable, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying. This will best be achieved via fabrics like polyester, rayon, and nylon.

With these considerations in mind, I've put together a list of the best black leggings on Amazon. I've included different categories for various occasions. Take a scroll to find the best fit for your closet.

The Best Casual Leggings

What's great about them: With more than 3,600 reviews, these hugely popular leggings — which can easily be worn as pants — have a virtual cult following. They're fully opaque, making them a great around-town option, and super comfortable, too. The combination means you can lounge on the couch comfortably but then run to the store without looking like you're wearing jammies. They have a high waist with quality stitching and a stretchy, cozy feel.

What fans say: "So very soft, I want to wear them for every occasion, and I DO!!! I wear these with dresses, skirts, long shirts as if they are regular pants because they are in no way see through- so who cares right!!! I love them, I bought a pair in black and teal, and am going back for more."

  • Available sizes: 0 to 10, 12 to 22
The Best Leggings To Wear To Work

What's great about them: If you're searching for the best leggings to wear to work, look no further than these sleek, black yoga tights from Bamans. They offer the perfect combination of comfort and professionalism. The material is made from a polyester-spandex blend that's soft, stretchy, and breathable (no pools of sweat during PowerPoint presentations). On top of all of that, they have pockets in the front and back for storage. Basically, wearing these leggings is like going to the office in sweatpants but looking like you're wearing freshly-pressed slacks.

  • Available sizes: Small - XX-Large
The Best Leggings To Wear Under Dresses

What's great about them: Made from breathable rayon and nylon with a hint of spandex for stretch, these leggings not only look great as pants, but they're the best leggings for under dresses. They're thin and lightweight, so they don't feel bulky, and the ventilated fabric prevents you from getting hot. These high-waisted leggings are also smooth, so they move well with your dress rather than catching or bunching up. Best of all, each size comes in four different lengths to accommodate a wide range of heights.

What fans say: "These were perfect under a dress and with boots. The tummy support is great and they are very comfortable. Would recommend and plan to buy more colors."

  • Available sizes: X-Small - XX-Large (Short, Regular, Long, and Extra Long)
The Most Comfortable

What's great about them: These soft and cozy tights are some of the most comfortable leggings on Amazon, according to reviewers. The fabric is constructed with mostly polyester (aka they're super soft) and a little spandex (aka they're flexible, too). They have a high waist to help them stay put and a contoured design that feels comfy and looks cute. They're super affordable and come in more than 40 other colors should you tire of black. A few reviewers wrote that they do wear out easily around the waist, so these might not be the most durable leggings. However, if you're looking for a cheap option that's extra comfortable, these are a great choice.

What fans say: "I am in love with these leggings!!! The yoga waist band and buttery soft fabric make these the most comfortable pair of pants I have ever worn. Nice high waistband, too, so I feel covered but not bulky in any way ... My only wish is that they would make these in patterns, too, instead of just the solids, but I am still over the moon to have found these leggings!"

  • Available sizes: One Size, X-Large/XXX-Large, Plus Size
The Best For Working Out

What's great about them: When it comes to the best leggings for working out, these stretchy tights from Under Armour fit the bill. The polyester-elastane mix makes them stretchy and breathable. And as a bonus, the material is antimicrobial, so they won't get stinky in the hamper. I personally have these leggings, and I can attest to how comfy they are — and moisture-wicking, too. My favorite part is that they stay up better than most of the other workout leggings I own. I can run, bike, hike, or participate in other high-movement exercises without spending the whole time yanking my tights up.

What fans say: "Absolutely love these leggings, and would highly consider buying more. They arrived promptly and fit like a glove.

  • Available sizes: X-Small - X-Large
The Best Compression Leggings

What's great about them: Whether you get sore after working out or just want to improve your circulation during exercise, these mild compression tights are an excellent option. Like several other pants on this list, they feature a blend of polyester and spandex (aka "polyspan") that offers moisture-wicking properties in addition to breathability. They are lightweight, bulk-free, and quick-drying. The mild compression is light enough that they don't feel too tight, yet they are still effective at reducing muscle fatigue and minimizing post-workout aches.

What fans say: "Love these leggings!! I have issues with leggings and usually have to buy them with a drawstring or have one put in but these stayed in place the whole time. So comfortable, long and with some compression. Definitely going to get another pair."

  • Available sizes: X-Small - X-Large
The Warmest Leggings For Winter

What's great about them: Boasting hundreds of glowing reviews, these warm, fleece-lined leggings are some of the most-loved leggings on Amazon. Beyond just being warm, they're also water-resistant, come in a range of sizes and inseam lengths, and two pockets.

What fans say: "LOVE these leggings. Just wore them multiple days in a row on a trip to Iceland, was wishing I had brought 3 more pairs! Could not believe how warm yet breathable they were. Kept up great with movement, fluctuating temps, and iffy weather. Was also worried about water resistance, but never felt wet even though it rained the whole trip and we went behind waterfalls. "

  • Available sizes: XS-XXL, Tall, Regular, and Petite Inseam
The Best Capris Leggings

What's great about them: Whether you're searching for something to wear in the spring and summer, or you just like to have extra style options, these black capri leggings are a wonderful choice. The polyester-spandex blend is soft and moisture-wicking, so they're suitable for lounging around, as well as for working out. Plus, the trim is cute and trendy, so you can wear them with regular outfits, too. Not only that, but it also has reflective piping, so if you run or work out at night, you'll be extra visible.

What fans say: "These are high quality. Feel awesome."

  • Available sizes: Small, Large, X-Large

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