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These Easy-To-Use Watering Cans Will Ensure Your Plants Never Go Thirsty Again

by Masha Vapnitchnaia

Whether you’re tending to a vegetable patch or an indoor succulent garden, the best watering cans will come in the spout style you need to give your plants the right amount of moisture. You'll also want to consider the can material.

Plastic Vs. Metal Watering Cans

  • Metal watering cans: They boast a more decorative, vintage-inspired aesthetic, but they will be heavier than their plastic counterparts, so consider how much water you'll be hauling. Since they can rust easily, you'll want to make sure to get one that's either galvanized or has a zinc coating, especially if you plan to keep it outdoors.
  • Plastic watering cans: More simple in their design, plastic cans are lighter weight, more affordable, and built to last for both indoor and outdoor use (though, for the latter, make sure to double-check for UV resistance). A transparent container lets you monitor the water level at a glance.

How To Choose The Right Spout

For bigger outdoor jobs, like watering garden beds, a rosette sprinkler head will deliver the most optimal, shower-like flow. But if you're taking care of indoor plants or tending to a flower box with mixed varieties — you'll get a more targeted stream from one with a longer, narrow spout. Models with an adjustable or removable head, however, will be the most multipurpose. Whichever you go with, though, take note of the stem length so you can ensure you're getting the proper reach.

Watering Can Capacity

Most watering cans can hold 1 to 2 gallons of water which is ideal for covering bigger plots, like greenhouses or gardening beds, without having to make too many refills. If you're working mostly with houseplants, though, consider something much smaller that will be easier to handle and store.

With that in mind, take a look at the best watering cans below and find your perfect fit.

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A Large Plastic Watering Can With A Genius Spout & Handle Design
  • Capacity: 2.6 gallons

One of the most popular options on Amazon and a top pick from industry experts like Wirecutter, this Bloem watering can has earned more than 2,000, five-star ratings from shoppers. For its extra-large size, it comes at a very wallet-friendly price, but beyond that, it has one stand out feature gardeners will love: The sprinkler head on the 12-inch long stem twists so that you can choose from a rosette shower spray or a heavy stream without having to remove any parts. The dual-handle design also adds to its versatility because you get more ways to hold it as you fill, carry, or pour — the lower vertical handle is fixed (and offset from the hole) and the top horizontal handle is on a hinge so it won't get in the way for filling. It's made of BPA-free plastic that's also 100% UV-stabilized, so it won't fade or crack.​ ​

One glowing review: "I am very happy I bought this! It's very sturdy, easy to hold, and has different pour spouts for your watering needs. You just twist the end to sprinkle or pour water out. Perfect for watering outdoor flowers. Holds plenty of water, too, and it's not too heavy when it's full."

A Vintage-Looking Steel Watering Can With A Rust-Resistant Finish
  • Capacity: 2 gallons

Made from stainless steel, this watering can is as classic as it gets for water cans, but thanks to a weather- and rust-resistant zinc finish, you can ensure it will last for ages rather than quickly turn into a decor piece. Given the size of the container, the pail-like carrying handle is also a charming but practical feature, and it can also be moved backward and forward for easier access to the top hole for filling. The squared edge side handle will keep it secure in your hands as you tilt it to let the water disperse from the 12-inch-long stem out of the large rosette head (just note it's not removable). Another fan favorite, this pick has more than 1,800 five-star Amazon ratings — and if you think you'll need an even larger capacity, you can also get it in 2.5 or 3-gallon versions.​ ​

One glowing review: "I have had this wonderful watering can for several year and it is such a great watering can. The holes do not rust over and get clogged up - the handle is still in good shape and I plan to have it for many more years."

A Fan-Favorite Plastic Watering Can With An Ergonomic Handle
  • Capacity: 0.5 gallon

More than 8,000 shoppers have given the Novelty Store watering can glowing reviews because of its compact size and ergonomic design. Its off-center handle is more than just an interesting aesthetic element, the loop shape is meant to help you to seamlessly move your hands down along it as the water drains, giving you better control and saving your wrists from any discomfort. The handle is also off-set from the fill hole so the container can get right up to your water source for easy filling. It's made from UV-protected, shatterproof, and recycled plastic and the long-stemmed 7-inch spout has a small opening for directing water where you need it. Pick from red, green, or white pearl. And ​if love the features but want something larger, it also comes in a gallon-sized option.​ ​

One glowing review: "This little red watering can has been great. [...] It holds a useful amount of water and is easy to fill. The spout is a good length. The handle is a good shape that balances the can nicely while using it. I'm altogether happy with it."

A Modern Metal Watering Gan With A Removable Rosette Spout
  • Capacity: 1 gallon

This galvanized metal watering can ​has a removable rosette head on its 9-inch long spout, giving you the option to swap flow style as needed. The two metal handles are designed for better balance as you're leaning the can over, and the top handle can be adjusted all the way forward or backward, to make filling easier. Besides the cool black and orange colorway, you can also pick it up in galvanized silver.​ ​

One glowing review: "Nostalgic looks, sturdy, soft rain head for even delicate plants.It is what a watering can should be. looks, functionI don't think anyone could be displeased with this product; it is great."

A Compact Watering Can Available In A Handful Of Cheerful Colors
  • Capacity: 0.36 gallon

If you're looking for something reliable for indoor plants, this resin watering can has amassed quite a following on Amazon (more than 6,500 five-star ratings and counting) for delivering on those most basic needs. It features a 7.3-inch spout with a moderate stream, and an ergonomic, wide handle design. And even better, it comes in a handful of rich colors, and a mix of frosted or translucent walls (lemon green translucent featured).

One glowing review: "Great little watering can. It is the perfect size for indoor plants. I like the spout. It is long and thin, which allows you to water the plant and not wet the leaves which can cause fungus and other problems. The color is so pretty. It is very well made as well. The material is sturdy and strong. Overall an amazing watering can. I love it!!!"

A Sleek Metal Watering Can With A Copper Finish
  • Capacity: 0.23 gallon

Available in one of three modern, metal finishes (copper featured), this stainless steel watering can is as functional as it sleek, which means you can even use it as a decor accessory when it's not in use. The 7-inch long, spout produces a focused stream (great for bonsai plants) and the thicker handle is designed to be ergonomic, balancing the weight easily in your hands. The metal is powder-coated to prevent corrosion and rusting, which means it could make a few trips outside, too, however, due to its smaller size, it may not be your best bet for larger gardening needs.

One glowing review: "Love it. Best watering can I’ve ever had for indoor plants. The spout is thin and very accurate for smaller plants. It is so attractive I keep it on the bar where I can always be reminded to check my plants."

A Clear Plastic Watering Can That Comes With A Matching Mister
  • Capacity: 0.26 gallon

Though the brand doesn't indicate the length of the stainless steel spout on this watering can, several reviewers described it as long and precise enough that you can direct the flow exactly where you want it, even to the center of a hanging houseplant. The BPA-free plastic, transparent container has a traditional, curved handle, and there's a sizable hole at the top for refills and when you're done, you can unscrew the spout to make the unit easier to store. Included with your purchase is a 10-ounce mister that you can use on seedlings or to add humidity for your tropical plants.

One glowing review: "I ordered this set specifically for the watering can, which is amazing, but the spray bottle is surprisingly awesome as well. It has the finest mist I’ve seen from any plastic spray bottle, and is absolutely perfect for misting my air plants and ferns. The plastic watering can’s long metal spout really allows you to get the water exactly where needed, at the base of the plant, and is really cool looking in terms or design as well. "