These 7 Water Bottles Make It *So* Easy To Track Your Daily Hydration Goals

by Masha Vapnitchnaia

If you're trying to track your hydration, the right water bottle can help. Whether you prefer basic measurement markings or "smart" reminders, the best water bottles with time trackers keep you on pace to meet your daily hydration goals. They're available in different sizes and materials, and there are a few tips to figure out which bottle works best for your lifestyle.


The bottles on this list range from 17 to 128 ounces. The daily recommended water intake is 91 ounces for women and 125 ounces for men, but know that number includes the fluid intake you're getting from beverages and foods throughout the day, so each person's goals are different. And yes, you can drink too much water, so experts recommend averaging 1 to 2 cups per hour so your kidneys can keep up, and checking your urine output as a guideline.

Tracking Style

Most bottles below have markers to track time and/or volume in milliliters and ounces. With time trackers, you align your gulps to the hourly marks — the catch is that your waking hours might not match the times on the bottle. For extra motivation, some bottles have positive messages to keep you going.

If you prefer smart reminders, you'll also find bottles that light up to remind you when it’s time to take a swig. But to track in real time, you'll need to remember to charge the battery, and in some cases, sync up with an app.


The majority of bottles below are made from BPA-free plastic that's lightweight and affordable. But if you want to keep your water cold for up to 24 hours, opt for the insulated stainless steel bottle. And if you want to tote hot and cold liquids, choose the glass bottle that's made for both.

You might also consider care instructions. Some bottles have dishwasher safe parts, while others should be hand washed. To make hand washing easier, choose a bottle with a wide-mouth opening.

Whichever style you prefer, read on for the best water bottles with time trackers.

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1. This Colorful Water Bottle That Comes With A Strainer For Infusions
  • Capacity: 32 ounces

Available in five vibrant colors, this Favofit bottle comes with a removable strainer, so you can add a hint of flavor with fruit slices or a sprig of mint. The bottle has hourly markers, as well as ounces and milliliters on the other side, and there are short motivational messages to keep you going. The water bottle has a leakproof design, so you can toss it in a bag without worrying about spills, and a convenient wrist strap. The brand recommends hand washing, and the BPA-free plastic bottle comes with a cleaning brush that makes it easy to reach the bottom.

One fan's take: "This is the best water bottle I have ever owned. Very easy to clean and the water flows out of the opening at a good speed. I love the time stamps on the side, it really helps me stay on track all day."

This Gallon Water Bottle With 37,000+ Reviews
  • Capacity: 128 ounces

This large-capacity water bottle holds enough liquid to meet almost anyone's daily hydration goals without refills, and it's garnered more than 28,000 five-star ratings. The bottle is available in 16 colors, including solid shades and gradient designs, and has built-in time trackers. Each two-hour interval comes with a short note to keep you on track, and certain styles also feature the measurements in milliliters and ounces. The bottle has an easy-to-grip handle and leakproof, air-sealed lid, and it comes with a removable straw with a flip cap for easy sipping. Both the bottle and straw are made from BPA-free plastic and will need to be hand washed.

One fan's take: "I love this water bottle. It’s perfect for those who forget to refill during the day. Great quality and easy to clean."

A Stainless Steel Smart Water Bottle That Syncs With An App
  • Capacity: 17 ounces, 21 ounces (featured)

This stainless steel bottle tracks your water intake by syncing with a free smartphone app, so it adjusts your hydration goals to match your activity level. The bottle's bottom has a removable "puck" that's actually a rechargeable LED sensor, which syncs with the app and glows to remind you to drink. The sensor can be charged with the included cable, with each charge lasting up to 14 days.

The bottle is leakproof and insulated to keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours, though like the plastic bottles on this list, it's not recommended for hot liquids. The lid is dishwasher safe, but you'll need to hand wash the bottle — just be sure to remove the sensor beforehand. This smart water bottle is available in eight colors, as well as in BPA-free plastic.

One fan's take: "The design is great and it syncs effortlessly with the app. The battery lasts fairly long and charges fast. I’ve increased my water intake immensely and I hope this product will help sustain this."

This Tried-And-True Water Bottle That's Easy To Clean
  • Capacity: 32 ounces

With over 31,000 five-star reviews, this Nalgene water bottle gets high marks for its durability and signature wide mouth, which is perfect for adding ice and also makes it super easy to clean. The bottle features markers in ounces and milliliters — though it does not have hourly indicators so you'll have to do a more self-guided tracking. It's made from BPA-free plastic and is leakproof, provided the screw cap is closed tight. If you'd rather not wash by hand, this bottle is also top rack dishwasher safe. Plus, it comes in 21 colors to match anyone's style.

One fan's take: "[...] These are great! 1000ml is a good amount of H2O to carry without feeling too heavy. Even when full I'll typically carry this by the lid ring and so far it's held up! I like the wide mouth, it makes it easy to drink from and clean. A lot of the nurses have Hydroflasks and Yetis for their water but I enjoy the simplicity and lightness of the Nalgenes. [...]"

A Glass Water Bottle That's Safe For Hot Drinks
  • Capacity: 32 ounces

This glass water bottle is the only one on this list that's made for cold and hot beverages. The borosilicate glass is made to withstand extreme temperatures and the bottle has a silicone sleeve that keeps it protected and gives you a better grip. To help you stay on track, the water bottle has hourly markers and motivational messages — but there are no volume markers. The silicone sleeve, like the rest of the bottle, is BPA-free, and comes in a choice of eight colors. Both the sleeve and the bottle are top rack dishwasher safe, though the leakproof bamboo lid will need to be hand washed.

One fan's take: "I have nothing but good things to say about this high quality product. Silicon sleeve is definitely a great add on. I can easily carry it around and markers help me to keep track of water daily water intake."

An Affordable Smart Water Bottle And Bluetooth Speaker In One
  • Capacity: 22 ounces

Not only does this smart water bottle remind you to stay hydrated, but it also has a removable, water-resistant Bluetooth speaker on the bottom with 360-degree surround sound and ample volume. The bottle lights up to remind you to drink every hour, but unlike the other smart bottle on this list, this one doesn't adjust based on your fluid intake and activity levels. It does boast another cool feature, though: The light can be synced up with the music you're playing. The BPA-free plastic bottle should be hand washed, with the speaker removed. The bottle comes with a charging cable, and though the brand doesn't specify how long each charge lasts, reviewers recommend recharging overnight to get you through the next day.

One fan's take: "I love my water bottle! I recently had bariatric surgery so I have to make sure I consume enough fluids every day and this water bottle helps me so much. I drink about 3 full bottles a day plus when I'm working out or walking, I get to listen to my music which is super clear!"

A Minimalist Water Bottle With A Dot Tracking System
  • Capacity: 20 ounces, 25 ounces (featured)

With a simple design and an easy-to-use dot system to track your refills, this minimalist water bottle can help you meet your daily goals without the more in-your-face hourly check-ins. Every time you refill, turn the lid to “click in” a new dot, with the max four dots equalling 100 ounces. The BPA-free plastic bottle is dishwasher safe, but you'll need to hand wash the lid. The translucent bottle comes in two styles, and you have your choice of five colors for the leakproof lid.

One fan's take: "Makes keeping track of water intake easy and fun! The click sound is satisfying after refilling, and the dots really keep you motivated on drinking enough water throughout the day! The design is sleek and cleaning is a breeze!"