7 Pie Plates That Every Baker Needs, No Matter Their Skill Level

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You can't bake a pie without one of the best pie plates, but choosing the best pie plate for your kitchen requires thinking about your baking needs so you can select the correct material and size for you. Top-rated plates are able to withstand high temperatures and are made from glass, metal, or ceramic. A typical pie plate measures 9-10 inches in diameter, but mini pie plates are an option for personal pies, and springform pans are ideal for deep-dish versions.

Glass is a popular pick because it heats slowly and evenly, which means you’re less likely to burn the bottom of the pie — especially since you can check for browning through the clear glass. Tempered or borosilicate glass are standard, and both should last if treated properly. That said, tempered glass is more likely to shatter from extreme temperature changes (such as moving directly from the fridge to the oven), and borosilicate is more likely to shatter when dropped.

On the other hand, dishes made from steel and/or aluminum don't have much risk of shattering. They also conduct heat faster than glass, which makes them good for blind baking crusts. While reusable metal dishes will heat more evenly than disposable ones, sometimes a disposable tin is exactly what you need if you want to throw away the pan when you’re done.

Finally, ceramic pie plates are some of the prettiest options, and heat slowly and evenly like glass for a uniform bake. Unlike glass, however, they shouldn't shatter from extreme temperature changes.

Regardless of the material, keep an eye out for any extra features you might want like being dishwasher safe or having a nonstick coating to reduce sticking (just be careful not to scratch them). A pie plate with a lid can be nice for easier transport, too.

Taking all of this into account, I’ve done the research to find the top pie plates for any home baker.

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A Tempered Glass Pie Plate From A Trusted Brand

If you’re looking for a 9-inch pie plate that works for most pies, this classic Pyrex glass pie plate is a great option. Pyrex has long been a trusted household name when it comes to any sort of kitchen glass, particularly oven-safe dishes, which makes it no surprise that it has a 4.8-star overall rating on Amazon, after more than 1,000 reviews. The dish is made of oven-safe tempered glass, which is clear so you can keep an eye on browning. Feel free to place it in the fridge, freezer, or even microwave, in addition to the oven — just be careful to avoid extreme shifts in temperature if you want the plate to last. Amazon reviewers report that the pie plate is also easy to clean, which makes sense since it's safe to put in the dishwasher.

The kitchen staple should last for many years, but it comes with a 2-year warranty just in case.

Positive Amazon review: "Basic Pyrex workhorse. Durable, predictable, easy to clean, even baking and a good value. Every kitchen needs at least one."

A Borosilicate Glass Pie Plate With A Lid

If you want a 9-inch glass pie plate that can handle shifts in temperature, this pie plate from OXO Good Grips is made from thermal shock-resistant borosilicate glass, which the manufacturer states can safely go from the freezer to a preheated oven without cracking. The plate has a generous rim, which several Amazon reviewers have pointed out as a convenient handle for easily grabbing the dish and is safe to clean in the dishwasher. The pie plate is also a great place to store or transport your finished pie since it comes with a vented lid. If you don't need the lid, however, you can also buy a non-lidded version in packs of one or two.

If you love the pie plate so much that you want more bakeware just like it, OXO Good Grips also sells other types of baking dishes (such as a loaf pan) individually and in sets.

Positive Amazon review: “I have the glass pie plate w/ locking lid and it's exactly what I was looking for. The dish is deep, the lid is vented so condensation won't drip onto the pie and it snaps firmly into place without breaking off bits of crust. The lid is tall enough for a pie that's decorated with high whipped cream or fruit. The dish and the lid both feel study. Very happy with this."

A Heavy-Duty Aluminum & Steel Pie Pan

This durable, 9-inch aluminum steel pie pan may look basic, but it has a lot going for it — just ask the more than 1,400 Amazon reviewers responsible for its 4.8-star overall rating on the site. The baking surface is treated with a silicone-based, BPA-free nonstick coating and features a corrugated pattern on the bottom, which helps circulate air for even baking and makes it easier to release the pie from the pan. The sturdy pan is designed to last, with an aluminized steel construction that should be resistant to corrosion, heat, and general wear, and the manufacturer backs that up with an impressive lifetime warranty. The only downside? You'll have to wash the pan by hand, though Amazon reviewers suggest that the nonstick coating is effective enough to make hand-washing extremely easy.

Grab this pan individually or as a two-pack. You can also scoop up a stoneware version if you'd like.

Positive Amazon review: “As a beginner pie baker, I really appreciate this pan! I chose it based on reviews from experienced bakers, and they didn't steer me wrong. My pies have baked beautifully in it and have been so easy to remove from the pan -- no sticking to the pan. The pan is also super easy to clean. I am so pleased with this pan -- it's helping me really enjoy baking and I am looking forward to making more and even better pies!”

A Decorative Ceramic Pie Dish

If you’re willing to spend a bit more on a decorative ceramic pie dish, this Emile Henry pie dish comes from a well-respected brand in ceramic bakeware. Available in Burgundy Red, Blue Flame, Charcoal, Oak, and White, this attractive 10-inch plate is made from resilient ceramic that can handle oven temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit — which means it’s also broiler safe. Unlike tempered glass, the ceramic dish can go from the fridge or freezer to a hot baking temperature without cracking. The heat-resistant glaze is dishwasher safe and should hold up well against fading and scratches. Multiple Amazon reviewers report that this dish excels at even baking and appreciate the ruffled edge that makes shaping the crust a cinch, even for pie-baking beginners.

Positive Amazon review: “This is my second Emile Henry pie pan & this ruffled edge beauty is on another level. Pies come out of the oven looking absolutely beautiful! Got so many compliments. Perfectly baked lattice top & no soggy bottom! Was nervous about cutting & serving slices from this shaped pan, but it was a breeze. Very easy clean up, no sticking at all. Lovely rich red color. Very impressed with the size, weight & construction. Baking more pies than ever since I’ve purchased two Emile Henry pans.”

A Set Of Mini Pie Pans

If you want to bake small personal pies, you need this four-pack of 5-inch pie pans. Made from durable steel with a nonstick interior coating, the hardy metal construction frees you from worrying about issues with shattering or durability. The nonstick coating makes for easy cleaning, which is good because they aren't recommended for the dishwasher, though some Amazon reviewers report that they have successfully run them through the dishwasher anyway. While the pans are small, they’re 1.25 inches deep, and a number of reviewers suggest that together, the four pans hold about the same amount of filling as a 9-inch pie pan.

Positive Amazon review: “These pans are just the right size for a single serving. I have made fruit, cream, and meat pies in these little pans and every time they have worked wonderfully. Surprisingly I have found them to be non-stick - pies of all types just slide right out of them. Will buy more.”

A Springform Pan For Deep-Dish Pies

If you like deep-dish pies, this 9-inch springform pan makes baking and serving them a cinch. This metal pan is made from steel that’s been treated with a double-layered nonstick coating and is safe for oven temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It has 2.8-inch high sides, which makes it ideal for holding lots of pie filling, but it's also a great tool for cheesecakes, lasagnas, and more. When you're done baking, the stainless steel springform buckle is easy to release so you can pop the pie right out.

Grab this pan in a 7-inch or 9-inch size, and in either a black or gold color. It comes with 50 round pieces of parchment paper for lining the bottom, too. The manufacturer recommends washing it by hand.

Positive Amazon Review: “Comes apart, goes back together very easily, definitely non-stick, cleans easily, Raspberry pie with Nilla wafer crust did not leak.”

A 40-Pack Of Disposable Pie Pans

When you can’t be bothered with washing up or need to bring a pie somewhere, these disposable pie pans are just the answer. They come in a 40-pack for less than $20, which is a total steal. Made from 100% aluminum, these tins are a little flimsy as most disposable ones are, but they come with recyclable plastic lids, stack easily, and are freezer safe. They’re great for pies and other baked items, though one downside for pie baking is that these pans don’t leave much room for tall pie crusts, though they’re deep enough for most pie varieties. Happy Amazon reviewers comment on how convenient these pans are for bake sales and potlucks. With a 4.6-star overall rating on Amazon after over 2,000 reviews, it's safe to say they're customer-approved.

Positive Amazon review: “These held up great to Lemon meringue ice cream pie, French silk pie, pumpkin [chiffon], and Dutch apple crumb pie without any issues with weight, or seepage.”