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Gardening Pros On Amazon Agree: These Hats Will Keep You Cool & Protected Under The Sun


Anyone with a green thumb knows that tending to your garden can sometimes require long hours of labor under the sun. To stay protected throughout, the best gardening hats have a UPF rating of 50+, a brim of at least 3 inches, and design features that help you stay cool and comfortable.

Above all else, when you're spending time outdoors you want to be sun-safe. A hat with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating of at least 50 will ensure it can block out 98% of the sun's rays, but for more facial protection, look for one with a brim of at least 3-inches. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, that amount of coverage helps to "shade the face, scalp, neck, shoulders and upper back, along with easily overlooked places like the tops of the ears and back of the neck."

A floppy, oversized sun hat tends to be popular because it's both practical and stylish, but it may hinder tasks that require peripheral vision, like pruning. In those cases, a hat with a narrower brim will work well (bonus if it comes with flaps to protect your neck).

Of course, with the sun beating down, breathability will also be key. Many options come with mesh panels to make that possible, though ones with only a moisture-wicking liner will still help mop up sweat. Adjustable straps, from your crown to your chin, are also helpful to ensure the right fit so you can stay focused on the task at hand — even in windy conditions. Because when you're wearing gardening gloves , the last thing you want to do is drop those gardening tools to readjust your hat.

Ahead, you'll find the best hats for gardening — all conveniently on Amazon.

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A Breathable Hat With A Neck Flap & A Wide Brim

In addition to offering protection for your neck and your face (it has a 4.7-inch brim), this water-resistant, polyester UPF50 sun hat also has excellent ventilation: there are two mesh panels at the top, and another two on either side of the neck. Plus, it's adjustable in two spots — around the circumference and via a chin strap — giving you even more ways to achieve the perfect fit. It's amassed more than 1,700 five-star ratings on Amazon and comes in four colors, including light gray, and khaki.

One helpful review: "I have a few similar hats for doing gardening. Most of them are just bit too heavy for me. This one is very light that I almost forgot I am wearing it, and very secure even when I tilt my head down. It protects my head and quite breezy at the same time, I don't even feel sweat on my face."

Or This Affordable, Full-Coverage Sun Hat

For a few dollars less than the pick above, this UPF50+ gardening hat is also a hit with reviewers — it has more than 1,900 five-star ratings. At 2.5-inches, the brim is notably the shortest one on this list, but you'll still get proper coverage thanks to the addition of a removable neck panel and a removable face panel, both of which have mesh air vents for breathability. There's an adjustable elastic strap around the crown and a chin strap. You can choose from light khaki (featured), army green, dark gray, and dark khaki.

One helpful review: "I wore the hat in my gardens all weekend. Love the fact it is real lightweight and well vented. Would recommend it to anyone."

A Fan-Favorite Straw Hat That You Can Roll Up

For an option that will look just as stylish when you're tending to your garden as it will poolside on a sunny day, this Furtalk UPF50+ straw hat is a classic choice. With an ample 3.6-inch brim and a handful of neutral colors to choose from, it's earned more than 5,700 five-star ratings from Amazon customers who also praise it for its ability to be easily rolled up and thrown in a bag. There's a removable chin strap and it comes in two sizes, but you can also resize it using a Velcro strap built into the internal sweatband.​ ​

One helpful review: "Hat is even prettier than the picture. It’s lightweight and comfortable and protects me from the sun when I’m gardening or in the pool. My scalp is finally not getting sunburned! Great for traveling; no problems with wrinkles after being in a suitcase for two days."

A Convertible Hat With A Charming Floral Print Lining

With a 7.5-inch brim, this extra-wide polyester UPF50+ gardening hat offers the most shade of any picks on this list, but what makes it even cooler, is that you can unbutton the outer edge to instantly transform it into 4-inch bucket-style hat instead. Though there is no way to adjust the fit, it does come with a chin strap. And in lieu of ventilation panels, there's a moisture-wicking cotton lining that will help keep sweat at bay. Besides the deep blue flower version (featured), there are four more adorable prints to choose from.​ ​

One helpful review: "Absolutely the best convertible hat I've ever had! Well made and great fabric on both sides...The design of the hat has beautiful buttons that offer a flush fit to go from fishing hat/safari size to a great beach or gardening size that will cover face, neck and shoulders..."

A Sun Hat With A Handy Mosquito Net

If your garden has its share of flying pests, you'll be glad you had this UPF50+ Ushake mosquito hat to keep your face protected without interfering with your sight. There's a hidden compartment inside the hat to store the polyester mosquito net, so it can be pulled down whenever you need or easily rolled right back up when you don't. The nylon and water-resistant sun hat itself has a 3-inch brim, as well as small, ventilation holes around the crown to keep you cool. Besides dark gray (featured), you can get it in khaki or green, and each comes with an adjustable chin strap.

One helpful review: "I used the hat so many times already - for sun & gardening. I was happy to h ave the mosquito netting when the mosquitoes came buzzing around me. Easy to let the netting down, easy to continue weeding without the bother of buzzing around my face after that. Love it!"

A Cute Cotton Visor With An Oversized Brim

Don't like to feel too constricted by a hat when you're working outdoors? Try a fan-favorite oversized UPF50+ visor instead. This one boasts an impressive 3,000 five-star Amazon ratings and has a 4.8-inch long bill that still offers plenty of coverage for your face while keeping your crown breathable (and/or giving you plenty of space to put up a ponytail or bun). The visor is made from moisture-wicking cotton and has an adjustable closure with an elastic buckle at the back, as well as a chin strap. It's available in five colors, including pink and blue (featured), rose, white, and black.

One helpful review: "I love this visor hat! The extra wide brim is perfect for sun protection on my morning walks. It's protective from the sunshine and I can still keep my head up to see where I'm going without the sunshine getting in the way. There is a neck strap that you can add, for windy days. The back is secured with a stretchy band that has a clasp and can be adjusted. I can put my hair up and still have sun protection."

A Water-Resistant Baseball Cap With Mesh Panels & A Clever Foldable Design

If you prefer a traditional baseball cap style, this one has so many features that make it excellent for gardening. Besides an ample 3.6-inch long bill and a UPF50+ rating, the polyester cap has mesh ventilation panels to keep you cool, but one of its real stand-out elements is its three-panel bill, which allows it to fold down into a compact shape that you can keep in your pocket. There's a handy adjustable buckle on the back and there are 14 colors to choose from. Note: this is the only pick without a chin strap, but given its style and stretchy construction, it should stay on even in windier conditions.

One helpful review: "LOVE the wide brim, the vented sections, and how easy it is to adjust the sizing. And it is SO comfortable! Most hats tends to get itchy and uncomfortable on the forehead but this stays super soft and does a great job wicking away sweat."