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The Absolute Best Deep Conditioners To Repair & Strengthen Bleached Hair


If you're someone who bleaches their hair, you've probably realized that it's time to invest in a harder working conditioner. But even out of all the self-proclaimed "heavy duty" conditioners out there, some still work harder than others. The best deep conditioners for bleached hair will typically be labelled as damage-repairing and strengthening, in addition to moisturizing and/or hydrating. Similarly, any conditioner that says it's meant to help revive over-processed hair should do the trick. As far as formulas go, there are many beneficial ingredients to look out for, but some of the most notable include keratin, shea or cocoa butter, proteins, or any type of plant-derived oil, like argan or coconut.

Ahead, you'll find seven of the best deep conditioners on the market, from salon-favorite formulas to under-$5 drugstore finds. Each one will help strengthen, soften, and nourish your bleached hair, though some have other benefits, too, like the ability to cancel out yellow undertones or protect your hair from heat damage. Scroll on to shop them now.

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Editor's Pick: The Best Luxury Deep Conditioner To Repair Bleached Hair

Enriched with cocoa seed butter, hydrolyzed keratin, and Brazilian Blowout's Brazilian Super-Nutrient Complex, this pro-favorite deep conditioner/hair mask works overtime to smooth, strengthen, and repair hair that's been chemically treated (as in bleached).

A personal favorite, I used this in place of regular conditioner every time I washed my hair during my bleaching days, and it always felt immaculately soft afterwards. With consistent use, my breakage and split ends were no longer perceptible, my hairline became much smoother, and my color remained vibrant and shiny between salon visits. As a bonus, the açai-infused mask also happens to smell delicious.

The Best Deep Conditioner To Brighten Bleached Hair

To keep your bleached hair a cool shade of silver, as opposed to yellow or orange, you're going to want to use a purple shampoo or purple conditioner, like this one, about once a week (or less frequently, depending on how brassy your hair tends to get). This is an especially great choice because in addition to neutralizing yellow undertones, it also works to smooth and soften hair that's become fried from bleach.

You may still want to pick up another deep conditioner from this list to use whenever you shampoo your hair, but this is still a great product to have on hand for occasional at-home toning sessions.

The Best Deep Conditioner To Keep Bleached Hair Vibrant & Strong

Though this deep conditioner from Pureology won't tone your hair, it will help you maintain a bright, fresh-looking color between salon appointments, so hopefully you won't have to go in for touchups as often. The brand says this mask offers an impressive 21 different benefits, including (but not limited to) restoring, strengthening, and nourishing hair that's become damaged from bleach or dye. Even better? Its ability to protect your hair from heat damage (up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit) and prevent your color from becoming altered by the sun, thanks to the UV rays in the formula. The 100% vegan formula also has detangling, shine-enhancing, and frizz-reducing benefits, in addition to several more.

The Best Deep Conditioner For Curly Bleached Hair

Any of the masks on this list can (and should!) be used by people with curly hair — but this deep conditioner was created specifically for coils and curls (the brand notes that it'll be particularly beneficial for 2C-4C textures.) Infused with several mega-moisturizing oils, rich, plant-derived nut butters, and strengthening ingredients like hydrolyzed keratin and vegetable proteins, this heavy-duty mask will keep fried-out, over-processed, or generally dry, damaged hair in tip-top shape. Expect softer, more moisturized hair in the immediate and, with consistent use, less breakage. It also smells (and feels) delicious enough to eat, with its coconut-y scent and whipped, creamy consistency.

The Best Deep Conditioner Under $5

Yes, you can find some greet deep conditioners for under $5! Personally, I love all three Rapid Reviver deep conditioners from L'Oréal's Elvive line, but this one, which was designed specifically to repair damage and prevent breakage, is probably the best choice for bleached hair. It works its magic in just one minute, so you don't even have to leave it in long if you're in a rush. Use it every time you shampoo your hair, in place of conditioner, and you'll be on your way to smoother, stronger-feeling hair in no time.

Another Great Drugstore Pick

Another foolproof drugstore pick, Neutrogena's Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner is sold in a three-pack, so you'll be stocked for ages. With ingredients like olive, sweet almond, and meadowfoam seed oils, it works to leave brittle, dried-out hair smooth, manageable, and soft. Like L'Oréal's deep conditioner, this one only needs to be left on for one minute to do its job.

The Best Deep Conditioner Packets For Travel

Always on the go? Then throw a few of these HASK deep conditioners in your gym bag, carry-on, and toiletry kit so you always have a few on hand. HASK makes so many great conditioners and hair masks that you honestly can't go wrong with any — but I personally love this one, which uses argan oil as its star ingredient, for its ability to strengthen severely damaged hair in the long term, and soften it in the short term. For bleached, brittle hair, the brand's keratin hair mask would work wonderfully, too.