If Your Skin Gets Oily Throughout The Day, You’ll Need These In Your Bag

by Kristin Collins Jackson

Oily skin may seem annoying when a shiny forehead seems to take center stage in your selfie, but its production actually plays an important role in our skin’s vitality. So instead of ditching your moisturizer, try keeping a pack of the best blotting papers for oily skin on hand to absorb excess oil throughout the day.

The oil our skin produces is a mixture of lipids produced by our sebaceous glands called sebum. We need it to coat our hair and the surface of our skin, because it protects us from harmful pollutants that we interact with on a daily basis. Unfortunately, too much oil production can lead to breakouts, clogged pores, and blackheads, something about half the adult population deals with.

According to research done by the Department of Dermatology in the U.K., genetics may cause some of us to be more oily than others, and menstrual cycles often trigger breakouts since hormones stimulate the oil glands, too. Even things like dirty cell phones or glasses play a role. Still, drying out the skin isn’t the solution, because it causes the pores to become tight and less efficient at protecting our complexions.

The good news is that blotting tissues can help maintain a healthy balance between too oily and too dry — so check out these eight highly-rated blotting papers that you can use to touch up unwanted shiny spots throughout the day.

Charcoal Blotting Tissues For Acne-Prone Skin

If you’re prone to breakouts and clogged pores, these charcoal blotting tissues are for you, because charcoal is a natural antiseptic. They're affordable and refreshing and absorb impurities without making skin feel dry. The paper is thicker than most, which keeps them from falling apart on moist skin and transferring dirt and oil from fingers onto the face. They come with 100 sheets, and at $7 a pop, it's an incredible deal that'll last you a long time.

Fragrance-Free Blotting Sheets For Sensitive Skin

No one wants to trade oily skin for irritated skin, so these natural blotting sheets are perfect for people with sensitive complexions. They’re free of fragrances and dyes and absorb oil with just one pat. Made from hemp, these papers also contain cannabinoids that feed our skin’s natural cannabinoid receptors, which help regulate our sebaceous glands, therefore balancing oil production. They come in a pack of three, each containing 100 sheets. Once you’ve experienced their efficacy, you’ll always want to have a backup on hand.

Lightly-Powdered Oil-Control Papers For Normal Skin

Sometimes oil build-up is simply caused by being in a greasy restaurant or talking on the phone — and these blotting papers are perfect for people with normal skin looking for a quick, light blot. Reviewers who live in humid climates say they're super handy, since they have a "powdery layer that soaks up all the oil." They're dermatologist-recommended, great for mattifying skin, and include 100 sheets.

All-Natural Japanese Beauty Papers Infused With 23-Karat Gold For Extra Oily Skin

When it comes to glowing skin, these blotting papers from prestige Japanese beauty brand Tatcha are worth a pot of gold. To prove it, the all-natural abaca leaf sheets are infused with 23-karat gold flecks to assist in removing excess oil. The sheets are super durable because they’re made from one of the strongest fibers (abaca), which is a close relative of the banana. Since they're powder-free, they're gentle on your skin but tough on oil by gently removing only the excess sebum. The packaging is also beautiful, and even though they're luxurious, they won't break the bank.

Double-Sided Rice Papers For Allergic Skin

These blotting tissues help remove extra oil without getting rid of your natural glow. They're great for people who have a cotton allergy, as they're made from natural rice. They have a double-sided function, too: a matte side, and a powder-coated side (that goes on translucent), depending on your level of shine. The adorable packaging is super compact, so one pack can easily fit inside a shirt or pants pocket.

Antioxidant-Rich Papers That Prevent Oil And Dirt Transferring From Your Finger Tips

This genius, mirrored compact is filled with 50 oil blotting papers packed with natural antioxidants. It's great for folks who take public transportation and don’t want to risk blotting with dirty hands, as it comes with reusable puffs to easily remove the paper without transferring oils from your fingers onto the sheets. Made from Chinese yams and infused with green tea, mulberry, and charcoal, these tissues gently remove oil without disturbing makeup, and the handy case they come in is amazing for travel.

A Set Of K-Beauty Blotting Tissues For A Bargain

These K-beauty blotting sheets come in a pack of two and are only $8, which is an incredible bargain. Many reviewers say they're a better alternative to similar, more expensive drugstore variations. Unlike many others, they don't have that powdery layer, so they're great for setting makeup and providing a clean, translucent matte finish. They also come in a super cute case, and can be used on all types of skin.

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