From Lasers To Epilators, These Are The Best Hair Removal Devices On Amazon

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If you choose to remove hair on your face and/or body, you're probably already aware of the many different methods of doing so: waxing, shaving, plucking, threading, lasering, et cetera. But we're well into the 21st century now, and you no longer have to shell out tons of cash on waxing appointments and professional laser treatments to get the job done. From shavers to epilators to teeny tiny facial razors, many of the best at-home hair removal products work just as well as their pricier, in-salon counterparts. Ahead, a roundup of the eight most effective, user-friendly picks.

Before you get to shopping for your new grooming products, keep in mind that at-home hair removal is often a delicate business. That means, if you're going to try out a hi-tech tool like a laser or an epilator, or use something a little bit less straightforward than a razor (such as a waxing kit or hair removal cream), it's imperative that you read the instructions thoroughly. Most importantly, make sure you're aware of the areas on which you can and can not use said product to avoid irritation or injury.

With that in mind, scroll on to discover eight of the best hair removal products you can use at home, whether you're looking to touch up your eyebrows, trim your bikini line, or laser off your leg hair.

The Best Razor

A razor is a razor — right? People who say that obviously haven't tried the Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor. It has five "curve-sensing" blades that deliver a closer, more comfortable shave, and it's cushioned by a creamy serum that helps moisturize skin and prevent razor burn. But what really sets this razor apart from the rest is that it has a built-in bikini trimmer on the other end. The trimmer is battery-powered, so you can use again and again (as long as you replace the batteries every once in a while), and the razor can be replaced (you can buy refills here), which means this one, $15 purchase will wind up lasting you ages. The entire razor/trimmer is waterproof, too. As far as easy-to-use, multi-tasking grooming tools get, it doesn't get much better than this.

The Best Electric Shaver

Another great choice for shaving, this Panasonic Cordless All-in-On Women's Electric Shaver can be used all over your body as a razor or trimmer. It has four, stainless steel razor blades and a pop-up trimmer, and it's waterproof, so you can use it wet or dry. It's powered using a rechargeable battery — one charge will give you about an hour of power — and it also comes with a charging stand. The pivoting head of the razor curves along with the contours of your body, which delivers a seamless, pain-free shave every time.

The Best Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal creams are a great option for folks looking to remove large areas of hair in one fell swoop. This classic Veet Leg & Body Gel Hair Removal Cream dissolves hair from the root: all you do is apply it, and after five minutes, the area on which it was applied will be completely smooth and hair-free. The formula, which is enriched with moisturizing vitamin E and soothing aloe, is safe for use on sensitive skin. And even better, it leaves behind a tropical, passion fruit and vanilla scent, instead of that telltale chemical scent other hair removal creams have.

The Best Waxing Kit

If you're brave enough to deal with an at-home wax, then you'll love this Femiro Hair Removal Home Waxing Kit. This kit comes with just about everything you could need to give yourself a wax in the comfort of your own home: an electric heater, four different packs of wax beads in different scents (cream, rose, chamomile, and original), and 20 wax applicator sticks. The cool thing about this wax is that it doesn't require strips to be removed; instead, once it's dried, you simply yank it off — along with your hair. You can use the wax pretty much anywhere you want, including your face, and it's specially formulated to cut down on pain, making the removal process less of a nightmare than an in-salon wax.

The Best Epilator

Epilators work by pulling hair out the root using teeny, tiny tweezers, which means your skin will stay hair-free for much longer than if you simply shaved or waxed. It's also a virtually painless method of hair removal. The Braun Silk Epilator is one of the most popular epilating devices on the market, and it comes with a ton of extras: a shaving head, a trimmer, a massage cap, a charger, and even a cleansing brush that can be used to exfoliate your face. It's super simple to use, and it's waterproof, so you can even take it into the shower.

The Best Facial Hair Razors

Facial razors are great for, yes, removing unwanted hair on your face, but also for grooming your eyebrows. The angled blades of these Schick Silk Touch Ups make it easy to groom hard-to-navigate areas (like in between your eyebrows and your upper lip), and each pack comes with three razors and their own safety caps. But even if you don't have much hair to remove on your face, these mini razors can also be used for dermaplaning, aka exfoliation. By gliding these across your face, you'll be removing any dead skin, fuzz, and flaky patches in the process, leaving behind super-soft skin (which also makes your makeup glide on easier and look smoother).

The Best Facial Hair Trimmer

Similarly to the Schick Silk Touch-Ups, this Panasonic Facial Hair Trimmer is great for removing hair on smaller areas of your face. It also comes with two eyebrow comb attachments, so you can groom your brows at home. The cordless device is battery-operated, and it's designed with a pivoting head to follow the contours of your face for easy, precise hair removal every time.

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