These Wok Spatulas Are Comfy To Handle And Safely Whip Up Delish Wok Meals

by Ileana Morales Valentine
Elite Daily/Amazon

For stir-frying and more, a wok’s unique shape, with tall, sloped sides, is a standout for high-heat cooking. The best wok spatulas feature long handles for comfortably and safely stirring in the wok at those hotter temperatures, and they come in materials suitable for your type of pan.

Whether you have a metal or nonstick wok will help you narrow down which wok spatula works for your setup. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Metal is the traditional choice for wok spatulas, aka wok chuan. Usually made of stainless steel, this spatula is durable, nonreactive with acidic ingredients, and usually conveniently dishwasher-safe. If you choose a metal spatula with a wooden handle, it’ll be cooler to hold while cooking, but know you’ll need to wash it by hand. Also know that a metal spatula is not compatible with a wok with nonstick coating.
  • Wood is a lightweight and versatile option that won’t scratch nonstick pans. Keep in mind you’ll need to wash a wooden spatula by hand, and it can get stained over time. Bamboo is a popular option for its durability, affordability, and heat resistance, and it can be a more sustainable choice, too.
  • Silicone wok spatulas are some of the easiest to maintain because they’re dishwasher-safe. They’re also high-heat tolerant like metal and wood, but keep in mind this material isn’t as sturdy, so scraping food in a wok might take some more effort. It’s safe to use in a nonstick wok or pan.

Wok spatulas are distinct for their long handles to protect your arms from the high heat. Look for a spatula that measures about 14.5 inches, from end to end, which fits most woks well for stir-frying. A nice-to-have feature is a loop at the end of the handle for hanging the spatula for storage.

Now, here are the six best wok spatulas — each one is highly rated on Amazon. I've also included an award-winning cookbook that will help you get the most out of cooking with your wok.

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The Overall Best Stainless Steel Wok Spatula

The best stainless steel wok spatula measures 14.5 inches from end to end, and its ergonomic, bamboo handle is comfortable to hold with a grip that stays cool. This pick's design and performance makes it a clear favorite on Amazon with a 4.6-star rating and over 3,000 reviews. Wash this spatula by hand, and hang it when not in use using the hole at the end of the handle (or toss it in your utensil holder or drawer if you prefer).

A helpful review: “Solid real steel material. I feel like I need to buy a higher quality Wok to use this. Professional level quality and design for a good price."

The Best Dishwasher-Safe Stainless Steel Spatula

Now, if you want a stainless steel wok spatula but need the convenience of washing it in the dishwasher, this is the one for you. It's also a popular spatula with a 4.8-star rating and over 1,500 reviews. The 14.5-inch spatula is made solely of stainless steel, and it has a hole in the handle for hanging storage. Many reviewers said that, even though the spatula is all metal, the handles are "surprisingly" not that hot.

A helpful review: “For the longest time, I've been using a wooden slotted spatula in my wok and it was okay. But I've been seeing the professional cooks in Chinese kitchens use these wide spatulas and wondering if they'd make a difference. It turns out they do. It's amazing how much easier it is to make fried rice or stir fry with this tool. You wouldn't think so but it does. Flipping and stirring the ingredients is so much easier with this. Now, my wok is not non-stick coated so I'm not worried about scratching it. [...]”

The Best Wooden Wok Spatula

The best wooden wok spatula has an extra long 15-inch handle for stirring comfortably in a wok, and this pick won't scratch your nonstick wok or pan. Be sure to wash this spatula by hand and you can coat it with mineral oil every now and then to keep it in tip-top shape. It has a convenient hole in the handle for hanging.

A helpful review: “This is my favorite tool for wok cooking since it doesn't scratch my seasoned finish and is contoured nicely for the curved walls of a wok. Nicely crafted and exceeded my expectations!”

The Best Bamboo Wok Spatula

Here's a bamboo wok spatula with an angled end that works especially well for stir-frying, and reviewers report it's especially durable and comfortable to cook with. The long, 15-inch spatula should be washed by hand, and you can hang it from the hole in the end of the handle for storage. This pick also happens to be the most affordable on the list.

A helpful review: "This 15-inch bamboo spatula makes stirring easy and very convenient. Its longer length keeps the intense heat away from the user's hand and the curved edge nicely fits the contour of the wok."

The Best Silicone Wok Spatula

This silicone wok spatula is another dishwasher-safe option; its wide silicone end is tolerant of high heat (up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit) and its stainless steel handle adds stability to the spatula. The ergonomically designed handle has a loop on the end for hanging. This pick's overall length is a little bit shorter than others at 14 inches.

A helpful review: “[...] having just purchased a new no-stick wok, I wanted a good utensil to work with. I was not disappointed. Plenty sturdy to get good movement of ingredients. Showed no issue with the high heat of the oil and wok. Nice.”

The Best Wok Spatula and Ladle Set

A ladle is also a useful tool suited to tossing food in a wok, and this is the best wok spatula and ladle set. These stainless steel tools have a unique black hue from a titanium treatment that increases their resistance to high heat, resistance, and oxidation. This is a a durable set, and the beautiful pear wood handles offer heat insulation and a good grip.

The spatula is 15 inches long and the ladle is 14.2 inches long, and both have holes in the handle ends for hanging. With their wooden handles, it's best to wash these by hand.

A helpful review: “I use them together in my wok to stir and flip the food about. At first I wasn't sure that I would even need the ladle, but it's surprisingly good for getting food out of my wok.”

Nice To Have: A Wok Cookbook

Get motivated to try new recipes with your wok and spatula using this gorgeous hardcover cookbook as your guide. With 125 recipes, like moo shoo pork and scallion and ginger lo mein, it's easy to get inspired; the author also offers essential information on caring for your wok and techniques from old-world cooking. This cookbook gives you a true understanding of the wok's versatility, and it won an award from the International Association of Culinary Professionals.

A helpful review: "An excellent book with detailed and engaging recipes, wonderful stories and easy to understand explanations. The explanation of “wok hay” was particularly fascinating, as I have experienced that taste in my travels, but never understood what actually created it. Stunning book."