If You're Looking For A Way To Dress Up Your Bedroom Decor, These String Lights Are The Answer

by Masha Vapnitchnaia

Adding a strand of tiny glowing light to your bedroom decor is an easy and inexpensive way to take the cozy factor up a notch, as well as helping you wind down before sleep. Though there are tons of beautiful, twinkling garlands to choose from, the best string lights for bedrooms will feature a warmer glow and can be turned on and off with a remote, ensuring that you won't have to leave the comfort of your bed to activate them. They will also come in the length you need and with the most optimal power source for your space.

The style you choose for your abode will largely depend on how you want to display them. A string with a copper wire base is perfect for molding and shaping around a headboard or a frame. A strand that has several color options is your best bet if you like to change things up. For creating a cascading effect, look for curtain-style lights that come with plenty of vertical strings to cover your window space. For those who want something less traditional, look for uniquely shaped bulbs.

Once you know the decor look you're after, don't forget to measure how much length you'll need for your lighting project, as you might need to buy one or two extra strands. And if you're going with a pick that needs to be plugged in (either via an electrical outlet or a USB port), make sure to factor in the distance to the power source. Battery-operated bedroom lights will always give you the most flexibility, but you'll be spending more overtime, having to replace the batteries when they run out.

There are also some convenient light settings to look for, including a dimmer function or special modes where you can pick from slow fade or steady glow. Many also have a timer setting that you can program.

Now that you're ready to glow for it, with indoor string lights for your bedroom that is, you'll find a list of the best illuminated decor pieces on Amazon below.

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These Globe-Shaped String Lights

Length: 33 feet

Power source: 3 AA batteries (not included)

Battery-powered lights, like these gorgeous ones, are handy for adding a soft, warm white glow when there's no outlet near by. What's even handier is that the string of round lights comes with a remote control that you can use to adjust brightness, or choose one of eight lighting modes, including sequential, twinkle, and "slo glo." There's also a timer function that will leave lights on for eight hours and turn them off for 16, in a daily cycle so you won't accidentally leave them on all day.

Reviewers love: "These are SO cute and perfect. I paired them with my tapestry and I was able to wrap them around it TWICE! I like that these lights are adjustable in the light setting and brightness. I wanted a light source when I read late at night or watch tv at night. These are PERFECT!!!"

These String Lights With Ton Of Brightness & Color Options

Length: 33 Feet

Power source: USB

These Tesyker LED lights come with a remote control that can be used to select one of 16 colors, five brightness settings, and four lighting modes, like smooth and fade. There are also three timer settings to choose from. The small, fairy lights are kept secure with 4 wires, so they won’t get tangled or break easily during installation. This pick has a ton of Amazon fans, too, with hundreds of five-star reviews.

Reviewers love: "I absolutely love these lights so much! I love the timer feature because it turns on and off on it's own. This feature is great if you have a specific time you want to be in bed, this somewhat reminds you! I love how it has so many options for the colors and dimming features. Would 100% recommend this item!"

The Best Curtain-Style String Lights

Length: 9.8 by 9.8 feet (width by length)

Power source: Outlet

Hang these Brightown curtain lights over your window to create a shimmering, nighttime glow. The curtain has 12 strands of LED lights, which are available in warm white, as well as pure white and multicolor. It comes with a remote that lets you control brightness, set a timer, and choose between eight modes, like wave and twinkle without leaving your bed. This popular pick has more than 2,100 reviews on Amazon, with many customers commenting on how easy it is to install. Many recommended positioning the top horizontal strand first, before unwrapping the vertical ones.

Reviewers love: "Absolutely love them! Easy to install, and love the different settings. Have them installed behind my bed with a sheer curtain in front of them. They look amazing in the dark!"

A Set of Flexible String Lights You Can Use To Display Your Photos

Length: 66 feet

Power source: USB

The bendable, copper wire of this set of lights lets you shape it however you want to frame mirrors, wind around plants, or a headboard. The warm, white light can be set to one of eight modes, including twinkle and slow fade with the included remote, which also has buttons to set a timer and adjust the brightness.

Reviewers love: "I was looking for a string of lights to hang my Polaroid pictures on, and these are exactly what I was looking for! The copper wire is super cute. The string is so long, such a good deal for the price. The lights aren't super bright, but that's kind of the point with warm white twinkle lights I think. The remote works well and all the different settings are fun. Would definitely recommend!"

A Set Of String Lights With A Soothing Crystal Glow

Length: 10 feet

Power source: 3 AA batteries (not included)

Strung together with natural, raw amethyst this strand of LED lights will turn your bedroom into a tranquil oasis. The strand is made with flexible, copper wire that you can mold into any shape. There are a dozen modes including breathing, twinkling, and star flash that you can change with a remote as well as two and six-hour timer settings. These are the only lights on the list that also let you control the speed of the changing lights.

Reviewers love: "So beautiful. The settings have very attractive options. Speed & brightness is also customizable. Battery-powered rather than plugin, these are easy to display anywhere! I put them over my window, and there's no ugly, excess cord in the way!"

These Twinkling Star-Shaped Lights

Length: 49 feet

Power source: Outlet

These star-shaped lights emit a warm glow that will bring the cosmos right into your bedroom. The remote control gives you eight settings, including a twinkling option. You can also set a timer that will keep the lights aglow for six hours, and off for 18. For a truly celestial experience, you can connect several strands together.

Reviewers love: "These star-shaped lights are great! The string is really long for the price, for one thing. There are about 8 different settings for patterns of flashing lights or solid lights. The plastic stars are also quite thin, which makes them very lightweight, so the tiny 3M removable hooks held them up perfectly."