These Snow Cone Machines Make It Feel Like Summer All Year Long — & One’s Just $25


When you’re craving a refreshing treat, there’s nothing like an icy snow cone topped with your favorite flavor. The best snow cone machines feature durable blades that make perfectly shaved ice in a flash and are super easy to use, whether you want to make a single cone or enough for an entire party. Also great: Most of them use regular ice cubes that you’ve probably already got in your freezer.

To choose the best shaved ice machine, you’ll want to consider where you plan to use it and how many cones you want to make at once. For groups or parties, there are several snow cone makers with built-in bins or bowls that easily hold big batches, but these do tend to take up a bit more space. The majority of options, though, are compact enough to plug in and sit on your countertop, and they're ideal for making individual cones or a few at a time. And for the most portability, choose a hand-crank machine that doesn’t require electricity.

You’ll also want to consider the accessories an order comes with, like party-ready kits with syrup, snow cone cups, and straw spoons, or reusable plastic snow cone cups. And, of course, there’s the style factor, with options ranging from adorable retro snow cone makers to a heavy-duty stainless steel machine, so you can get serious about your sweet tooth.

No matter which option is most tempting, these are the best snow cone machines on Amazon that will help you get through hot days with a delightfully cold shaved ice treat.

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The Overall Best For Most People

This Nostalgia snow cone maker is one of Amazon’s best-selling options, and it’s easy to see why. The cute, old-fashioned style is reminiscent of carnival days, and though it doesn't take up much counter space, the bin still has enough room to hold enough shaved ice for 20 8-ounce snow cones. The stainless steel blades create fluffy ice in no time, and you can use regular ice cubes in the machine, so there’s no need to make cubes in a special tray.

There’s also a side shelf to hold two snow cones while you add your favorite syrup and toppings, and the machine comes with two reusable plastic snow cone cups and a scoop. It’s available in periwinkle blue or ice white, and for a bit more money, you can get a party kit version with three flavored syrups, 30 snow cone cups, and 30 spoon straws.

According to a fan: “I bought this for my sons birthday party and I didn’t set high expectations for it because I knew it was small but i figured it would be good for one time use. This actually blew me away with how well it crushed the ice. The snow cones came out amazing and everyone was asking how I found the machine.”

The Best Budget Pick

If you want to spend less, this electric snow cone maker is compact, affordable, and super easy to use. The machine features stainless steel blades and a simple push-button operation on the top. Plus, there's a holder, so you can shave ice right into the snow cone cup, instead of having to transfer with a scoop. It makes about 2 cups of shaved ice before needing to be refilled — but you can use regular ice cubes from your freezer. When treat time is over, the machine easily disassembles for convenient storage. For about double the price, you can add a party kit with three flavored syrups, 20 snow cone cups, and 20 spoon straws.

According to a fan: “Grew up eating shaved ice and snow cones in the summer, and have struggled to find a machine to make them like i like—until now! Incredibly easy to use, easy to clean, and chops the ice incredibly well!”

A Fan-Favorite Set For Extra-Fine Ice

The Little Snowie Max snow cone machine is the priciest option on the list, but it's earned impressively high ratings, and reviewers rave about the fine, fluffy shaved ice it makes. It boasts a high-speed motor and a commercial-grade stainless steel blade that create tasty snow cones in seconds, and you can use regular ice cubes straight out of the freezer. Plus, the dome shaper attachment helps you get a smooth and perfectly shaped snow cone every time. And although the exact capacity isn't mentioned, one reviewer reports that the hopper holds enough ice for about six 8-ounce cups before needing to be refilled.

The standard machine comes with six powder sticks to make 6 pints of syrup, two mixing bottles with pour spouts, and eight shovel spoons. You can also opt for a "summer kit" that comes with all of the above, plus two reusable cups and a drip pan to keep your countertop clean, or a premium kit that comes with 12 flavored powders, eight reusable cups, and a drip pan.

According to a fan: “This is the best little machine in my kitchen! It’s so great that you can add regular ice and it literally shaved it to soft snow consistency. The sample syrups that came we’re delicious and contain no corn syrup, I will be ordering more of those. It takes 30 seconds to fill the cup with soft, delicious snow. I even added Watermelon margarita to was awesome, better than a fancy blended drink."

The Best Manual Machine

If you want a snow cone machine you don't have to plug in — say, for a backyard barbecue or trip to the park — opt for this manual snow cone maker that works anywhere. The shaving blade is adjustable, and reviewers note that the hand crank is easy to use and that the nonslip bottom keeps it in place while you churn. While you can use regular ice cubes with this option, it’s best to use the included three stackable molds to create ice that’ll fit perfectly in the machine. However, this is a true minimalist pick, and unlike the other snow cone makers on the list, there aren't upgraded versions that include syrups, cups, or spoons. You'll have to purchase those separately.

According to a fan: “The product is big enough that I can fit large mugs or medium bowls under the shaver. I like the hand crank, because that means I don't have to use batteries or worry about plugging the item in.”

A Large Capacity Snow Cone Machine

This commercial-grade snow cone maker is for anyone who’s serious about their shaved ice. The heavy-duty stainless steel machine has a high-efficiency motor that makes up to 143 pounds of shaved ice per hour, which means you can put this to work at any big gathering and rest assured it'll still be standing by the end of the party. But even though it's a workhorse, it's still relatively compact (about the size of a countertop blender) and easy to operate with the simple on-off switch.

You can use regular ice cubes with no special molds required, but you'll have to supply your own syrups, cups, scoop, and spoons.

According to a fan: “This machine worked great a picnic where we had to make snow cones for over 100 people. It shaves the ice very quickly and kept the snow cone line moving at a fast pace. We [originally] considered renting a snow cone machine, but the rental price was more expensive than purchasing this machine. I'm so glad we decided to invest in this machine instead. This was a great purchase!”

Another Cute Retro Option

This Nostalgia snow cone maker boasts similar features as the first pick on this list, but it offers a different irresistibly cute retro design. The red countertop snow cone maker uses a stainless steel blade to shave regular ice cubes and and holds enough shaved ice for up to 20 8-ounce snow cones. Plus, the handy side shelf holds two cups while you prep them with your favorite toppings. It also includes two reusable snow cone cups and a scoop, but you can also opt for an upgraded party kit that includes 30 reusable cups, three flavored syrups, and straws.

According to a fan: “My kids and I have been using this for 3 summers ( and in between) now and it's still going strong! It's super easy to use and it's cute too!”

Good To Have: All The Accessories

If your machine doesn't come with all the extras — or if you just want more — go ahead and stock up on this snow cone kit that comes with 25 cups, 25 straws, and three syrups: cherry, grape, and blue raspberry. It even comes with pour spouts that fit snugly on the bottles, so you don't make a mess while you're pouring.

According to a fan: "I was expecting exaggerated sweetness, and no real flavor but each flavor tasted great, and just the right amount of sweetness. Would definitely keep buying this"