These Comfy Shorts Are The Easiest Way To Prevent Chafing While Wearing A Dress

Whether you're planning to wear a short and breezy summer skirt or a long and formal evening gown, having a pair of lightweight shorts underneath will help keep your thighs from rubbing together and causing you discomfort. Generally speaking, the best shorts to prevent chafing under dresses will have the following qualities:

  1. Breathability: This is important because when you're wearing shorts under skirts, your legs tend to get hot and sticky. Having breathable, well-ventilated material like certain types of polyester or nylon will ensure you stay dry and don't overheat. Plus, these fabrics will be moisture-wicking, too, so they will absorb sweat well.
  2. Stretchiness: If the shorts you're wearing underneath your dress feel restrictive, it will inhibit your ability to relax and have fun. You want something with spandex, elastane, or another stretchy material to allow full range of motion.
  3. Softness: Given that these shorts will spend a good portion of their time in contact with your inner thighs, having extra-soft material is critical to your comfort. A hint of cotton is a fantastic option for this, as is nylon or polyester.

Beyond the materials, the shorts should be form-fitting with an elastic band or other mechanism to keep them in place. The last thing you want when you're rocking a cute dress is to be tugging at your waistband all day to keep them up.

With these considerations in mind, here are the best shorts to prevent chafing under dresses. Take a look to find the best fit for you.

The Best Overall

What's great about them: Reviewers say these seamless women's slip shorts are lightweight and exceptionally breathable. They won't make you sweaty if you wear them under a dress, yet they're thick enough to provide great anti-chafe protection. The smooth shorts, which come in black, beige, and white, are made from a soft nylon material that has a hint of spandex thrown in for extra stretch. The combination gives them the silky feeling of a slip without being flimsy or easily tearable.

What fans say: "Great for under dresses and skirts. Long enough so there's no thigh chafing, but not a bulky layer in the heat. No compression, just smoothing for no panty lines. Would def order again!"

  • Available sizes: Small to XXX-Large
The Best For Longer Dresses

What's great about them: With more than 2,200 reviews, these popular women's undershorts are well-liked on Amazon. They come down a little further on your legs than the first pick, so they're perfect to wear with longer skirts and dresses. The fabric is a breathable blend of cotton and spandex, which is not only lightweight but incredibly soft, too. Best of all, they come in tons of colors, and the tag-free design makes them less likely to chafe.

What fans say: "I've never been able to wear skirts or dresses in the summer, because I just can't stand the pain and irritation of my legs rubbing together. I've tried using things like baby powder and body glide, but ultimately this is the only thing that has worked for me. The elastic doesn't dig into my apple shaped body- which is a huge deal to this mama of 5."

  • Available sizes: Small to XXXX-Large
The Best For Short Dresses

What's great about them: If you wear lots of short dresses and skirts, these lightweight women's shorts will work well underneath them, because they won't show through or come down below the hem. They feature low-profile elastic that doesn't feel tight or dig in, according to reviewers, yet it keeps them up. On top of that, the nylon-spandex blend is stretchy and breathable, and they come in 15 different colors.

What fans say: "Bought this to wear under my homecoming dress and it was great! The material is breathable, stretches nicely, is sewn properly so no thread tags hanging everywhere after washing etc. Washed these a few times and they hold up great, haven't shrunk etc. Absolutely love this purchase and wear them around the house at night, great for lounging. Was worried that they may be cheap but they're extremely durable!"

  • Available sizes: X-Small to XXX-Large
The Best With Lace

What's great about them: For folks who prefer lace-style women's undershorts, this cute three-pack is a fantastic option. Constructed with a mix of rayon, spandex, and nylon, the shorts are soft and lightweight, with an excellent ability to stay in place without slipping. The elastic band at the top, which features lace trim, holds the high-waisted shorts up without leaving marks, and there's a lace hem on each of the legs, too. They're offered in a variety pack, with color choices that include beige, black, and white.

What fans say: "I love, love these. I always look for shorts to wear under dresses, and I'm often disappointed by shorts that are either, too long, too short, too thick, uncomfortable or ride up. I am so glad I purchased these, they are [none]-of the above. They are thin, comfortable and breathable -- I am a size 12-14 in jeans, and 8-10 in dresses - I ordered the XL-XXL because I personally like for my clothes to fit with a little bit of room. These fit perfectly"

  • Available sizes: Small-Medium to X-Large-XX-Large
The Best Sheer Shorts

What's great about them: If you only need the chafe protection and aren't concerned about coverage, these sheer women's undershorts offer a great alternative that's thinner and more lightweight. The see-through shorts are made with a blend of 75 percent polyamide and 25 percent elastane, making them both sturdy and flexible. The 1.5-centimeter waistband keeps them from sliding down, while the 3-centimeter thigh band keeps them from rolling up. They have a liner constructed from 100 percent cotton that wicks moisture and feels soft against your skin. What's more, you can choose from beige or black colors.

What fans say: "Better fit and comfort than initially expected, definitely anti-chafe and I was still able to stay cool throughout the day."

  • Available sizes: Small to X-Large
The Best High-Performance Shorts

What's great about them: These extremely popular women's shorts, which boast 2,500-plus reviews on Amazon, are made for working out but are thin enough to comfortably wear under dresses, too. They're great if you sweat a lot or tend to get hot, thanks to the extra moisture-wicking, quick-drying fabric (which comes courtesy of the polyester, spandex, and nylon blend). They have pockets you can use to stash small items and a firm elastic band at the top. As a bonus, when you're not wearing them under dresses, you can use them for yoga or other workouts.

What fans say: "I often wear skirts and dresses when I am out for a night of dancing. I love these shorts because they have pockets, so I can keep small items like my phone, lip balm, expandable tampons, and credit cards right there on my hip without them falling out. They don't create a crazy weird bulge as long as you wear something that doesn't hug your upper thigh. I can go hands-free for the night, instead of carrying a purse or clutch around with me."

  • Available sizes: X-Small to XXX-Large

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