These Are The Ultimate Mascaras For Extra-Long Lashes

A great mascara is a staple in most makeup routine. But finding your dream mascara can be tricky, since everyone has a different standard for what constitutes as truly life-changing when it comes to lashes. If it's the best mascara for long lashes you're after, there are a few tips to follow to help narrow your search.

Obviously, the formula matters, but because mascara is applied so closely to your eyes, new formulas are highly regulated (which can get costly), so there's actually not a whole lot of innovation going on. In general, look for a formula that has polymers and/or fibers towards the top of the ingredient list, as they'll add more length, whereas a wax-heavy formula is more suited for adding volume.

The brush is where things get fancy, and the design can help determine exactly what kind of lash look you'll get. The two main types of mascara wands are wire brushes and plastic-molded brushes, and both models are able to be customized exactly how the manufacturer wants. Without getting too exhaustive here, wire brushes are made with nylon fibers twisted around the wire, making them great at pumping up lashes. Plastic-mold brushes tend to be better at lengthening and separating because there's greater design control over the bristles, but regardless of the type of brush, the thinner and more finely spaced the bristles, the more lengthening power you'll get. A smaller brush (or one that's tapered at the end) will also help give you more control when it comes to coating every last lash.

Without further ado, find six of the best lengthening mascaras, below.

A Go-To Lengthening Mascara With A Loyal Following

This mascara is one of Benefit's best-selling products, and it's earned itself quite a devoted following over the years. The They're Real! Lengthening Mascara features staggered plastic-mold bristles that help to add length from the very root of your lashes to the tips, while also adding volume. For precision application, Benefit added a domed tip on their brush that allows you to reach your tiniest inner corner lashes, too.

Amazon users write that it creates "long, separated lashes without clumps," and many note it's worth the higher price. One reviewer raves it created lashes so full and long, "People have even asked if I have on fake lashes!"

A Lengthening Mascara With A Two-Position Wand

This new mascara from L’Oréal features a two-position wand that allows you to apply it more easily and accurately, and its design was actually inspired by makeup artists who have been using this trick for years. Hold the L’Oréal Paris Unlimited Lash Lifting & Lengthening Mascara brush straight to elongate lashes, then switch to the bent position to lift lashes from root to the tip. Bending the wand also helps to reach smaller lashes at the inner and outer corners, and since the brush is tapered, you can ensure every little lash gets coated without the risk of smudges or clumps.

The Best Mascara For Long Lashes & Sensitive Eyes

For anyone with sensitive eyes, this Neutrogena Healthy Lengths Mascara was ophthalmologist-and dermatologist-tested and deemed safe for eye sensitivities and contact lens wearers. With a slightly different formula than most, this mascara uses rice protein to lengthen, and vitamin E and olive oil to condition and strengthen your lashes.

"It makes my eyelashes look so much longer without clumping at all," writes on Amazon user, adding, "It doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes either."

The Best Mascara For Long Lashes, According To Amazon Users

Mimicking the way your lashes grow in layers, Maybelline's Lash Sensational Mascara uses a brush with ten layers of bristles that are finely spaced apart to reach every single lash. The curved brush also helps add volume, and Maybelline recommends applying the mascara at the base of your lashes and turning the brush upwards as you go to maximize your lengthening potential.

Over 800 five-star reviews on Amazon rave about the fanned-out effect this mascara gives lashes, with one user referring to it as their "holy grail mascara." The reviewer went on to explain, "I don’t have very many lashes, and they are thin, but this made me look like I had hundreds and hundreds of long, thick lashes."

A Cult-Favorite Japanese Fiber Mascara That Lengthens & Curls

In-the-know beauty buffs will have heard of the mythical powers of the Japanese-made Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara. And Amazon reviewer confirm that it's pretty much unbeatable when it comes to lengthening and adding a curl that holds (no matter how many layers you pile on). If a waterproof lengthening mascara is on your list, fans of this one swear it doesn't budge through sweat, rain, or swimming.

"I didn't know my lashes were capable of reaching the heights they have using this product," raves one reviewer. "My lashes are on the shorter and straighter side, but after just a couple swipes of this mascara, my lashes are literally as long as the pair of falsies I have."

A Mascara Primer To Amp Up The Lengthening Factor Even Further

Though not a mascara in itself, this white primer helps prep your lashes to make the most of your mascara of choice. Apply a coat of the Lancôme Cils Booster XL Mascara Enhancing Base, and the product's micro-fiber and conditioning vitamin E formula instantly add length and thickness to your lashes. The wand features a triangular-shaped brush that allows you to reach even your tiniest corner lashes, and the white base helps to intensify the color of your mascara, whether you're after the blackest black or want to try a neon-bright hue.

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