The Best Brushes For Applying Foundation, Because You Might Be Using The Wrong One

by Kristin Collins Jackson

It’s hard enough finding a foundation that checks off all the boxes — like color, coverage, staying power, price, and ingredients. But once you’ve found the perfect match, the hunt is on to find one of the best foundation brushes to go with it. It’s easy to be overwhelmed: There are just as many options for makeup brushes as there are foundation choices. Different brushes for our eyes, lips, cheeks, and face fill the shelves, and amongst everything, there are specific foundation brushes for each type of coverage.

It might be tempting to use the natural brushes we were born with — our fingers — but, for most formulas, they're no match for a great brush. Applying your makeup with a brush (and a little technique) provides a more even finish and allows you to blend multiple types of coverage in a way your fingers never could. Because they give you more control, foundation brushes can also help you apply less product to your face. And, for those with dry skin, applying foundation with a brush is a better option since your fingers actually absorb the moisture from your makeup and your face, whereas a brush won't.

These seven quality foundation brushes make it easy to get the finish and coverage you prefer.

A Cruelty-Free And Vegan Brush That Offers Light, Streak-Free Coverage

This kabuki foundation brush can be used for liquid, mineral, and powder foundation. It’s the right choice for anyone seeking a vegan, cruelty-free option, and the long, thick handle is even made from sustainable wood. The length of the handle is great for getting in the creases of the nose and under the lips, and the brush is soft, which makes it perfect for buffing and stippling.

A Cult-Favorite Brush That Lays It On Thick For Maximum Coverage

If you’re looking to invest in a foundation brush that will give you maximum coverage for all your makeup, this Clarisonic brush is a great choice. It’s amazing for blending creamy foundations with powder bronzers, and reviewers love its ability to contour. The antimicrobial bristles make applying foundation a gentle process that keeps your look streak-free. It's super easy to clean, which is important if you want to use one brush for everything.

A Soft, Dense, Flat-Top Brush That's Great For Blending

This is a great foundation brush for blending different types of foundation with bronzer, concealer, and blush. It’s long enough to get into the creases of the face, and the bristles are soft and dense, making blending an effortless task. Reviewers are absolutely in love with the flawless finish this brush provides, and it doesn’t hurt that the synthetic bristles don’t require loads of foundation to evenly apply the product. This is a wonderful option for makeup lovers that are regularly using multiple products.

An Oval Brush That's Perfect For Powder

This foundation brush is a must-have for powder lovers. The oval bristles are made of rounded fibers that provide maximum, even coverage. Even the curved-back handle is designed to make blending as simple as possible. It’s easy to maneuver throughout the angles of the face and has an anti-slip grip.

A Double-Sided Brush For Foundation And Concealer

This foundation and concealer brush gives you two brushes for the price of one. Both are cruelty-free and vegan, plus the bristles are made from high-quality synthetic bristles that are gentle on the skin. Reviewers love the soft, durable texture of this brush and are super impressed that it’s easy to clean without any shedding.

A Curved Brush That's Designed To Evenly Apply Foundation On Your Nose, Jaw, And Neck

The curved bristles on this unique looking brush are designed to offer seamless shading and even application on typically tricker coverage areas, like the nose, jawline, and neck. It works great with powder, liquid, and emulsion foundations, and the handmade bristles are made of high-quality synthetic nylon that won’t irritate the skin or fall out. This brush even comes with its own case so you don’t need to worry about altering the shape or getting the brush dirty when it's stored in your bag.

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