From Gel Masks To Cooling Patches, These Are The Best Treatments For Puffy Eyes

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No matter how regimented of a skin-care routine you follow, there will come a day when you wake up with eyes that look (and feel) puffier than usual. The causes for swelling are numerous and as common as enjoying too many cocktails (and too little water) the night before, not getting enough sleep, or simply experiencing seasonal allergies. While you can try to treat puffiness with eye creams, using one of the best face masks for puffy eyes is the better choice if you're looking for immediate results.

There are two primary types of face masks that can be used to treat puffy eyes. First are those gel-filled masks that resemble ice packs, but are designed specifically to sit around your eyes. To take down swelling, it's essential that you use these cold, so store them in your fridge or freezer. The gel beads many of these masks contain were designed to stay colder for long periods of time so that you can even preemptively treat swelling by wearing one to bed.

Your other option is under-eye patches, which are typically meant to be worn for about 15 minutes. Often infused with skin-softening ingredients that'll make your makeup glide on easier, under-eye masks are perfect for wearing while you get ready for the day, since you can walk around in them. Though there are tons of eye patches on the market, the ones that are best for puffiness will typically be made of made of hydrogel. To maximize their de-puffing abilities, store them in the fridge.

To stop swelling in its tracks, scroll on for six of the best face masks for puffy eyes.

The Best Gel Mask For Puffy Eyes & Skin

For an immediate fix, store a gel mask in your freezer and pop it on whenever you're dealing with swelling or puffiness. The PerfeCore cold pack eye mask comes with a fleece cover to prevent it from feeling too cold on your face, and it works in minutes to relieve swelling. The gel beads and fabric cover, which are made in FDA-certified manufacturing locations, are free from latex, BPA, and phthalates, so you can feel safe about letting it rest against your eyes.

Because this mask covers a good portion of your head, it also helps relieve migraines, headaches, and sinus pain, in addition to reducing puffiness under your eyes and on your cheeks. And though it does have eye slits, several Amazon users note that they're too narrow to allow you to see through them clearly, so you'll probably want to plan on wearing this while you lie down.

The Best Gel Mask For Puffy Eyes

For a mask that covers your eye contour area only, the Kimkoo gel eye mask has got you covered. Equipped with an adjustable band, it has wider eye slits so that you can actually see, while the mask itself is made with purified water and cold-resistant PVC that's free of toxins and latex. Designed to be stored in the refrigerator for two hours or more prior to use, you only need to keep the mask on for 8 to 10 minutes to calm puffiness.

Tie: The Best Under-Eye Patches For Puffy Eyes

These cult-favorite under-eye patches from French pharmacy brand Klorane feel amazing on puffy, tired eyes. Not only do they help reduce puffiness and swelling, but they also moisturize and brighten the under-eye area, so it looks (and feels) smoother and more refreshed. Made of a super soft material that firmly, but gently adheres to your skin, these hypoallergenic patches are infused with chamomile and cornflower, which are both soothing, and arnica, which has naturally decongestant properties. Reviewers say they work "like magic" and compare them to a "yoga class for your eyes." Store them in the fridge to amplify the cooling sensation.

"They totally work," one fan writes. "After twenty minutes of wearing these I noticed a visible difference in my lower eye area. There were zero signs of puffiness!" Another reviewer shares, "These eye patches are made out of the softest material and [have] a slight cooling effect ... I find that the dark circles under my eyes are less visible and it also soothes any redness."

Tie: The Best Under-Eye Patches For Puffy Eyes

These transdermal gel pads from Skyn Iceland instantly cool and soothe puffiness and irritation using a unique blend of ingredients. Hydrolyzed extensin locks in moisture and restores firmness, while the brand's Icelandic complex, which includes arctic cloudberry and cranberry seed oil, further hydrate, soften, and brighten skin. To really take down puffiness, Skyn Iceland uses botanicals like ginkgo bilboa leaf extract, which improves blood flow under the eyes, and other antioxidants to keep skin looking firm and plump. What's more, these eye pads, which come in a pack of eight, are free of harsh chemicals, parabens, silicones, fragrances, and dyes.

"They feel so good and cool on my eyes!" raves one reviewer. "When I take them off, my eyes are clearly less puffy and the skin is so smooth." Another fan writes, "Truly amazing! I usually get puffy eyes after eating salty, or just plain crying. Love this product, my eyes puffiness goes down in minutes, and I realize my undereye concealer seems to look better after using this!"

The Best Sleeping Mask For Puffy Eyes

If you prefer a closed-eye eye mask — maybe you get migraines and are hoping to shut out the light, or maybe you're just interested in soothing your entire eye area — the Unimi Eye Mask is for you. Equipped with an adjustable band, it uses gel beads on one side to keep the temperature nice and cold, and memory foam on the other, which feels soft and comfortable on skin.

In addition to reducing puffiness, this mask can also be used to relieve headaches and sinus pain. Reviewers also note that it does an excellent job at blocking out light.

The Best Cucumber Eye Pads For Puffy Eyes

For a fun option that's perfect for at-home spa days, try the Fran Wilson Nourish My Eyes eye pads. The pre-moistened pads are soaked with ingredients like chamomile, cucumber, and green tea extract to help soothe eyes and reduce puffiness, and antioxidant-rich ingredients like mulberry root and licorice leaf extract, which help fight visible signs of fatigue. Each jar, which should definitely be stored in the fridge, comes with 36 pads.

If you want to soothe your eyes while getting a head start on your makeup and hair, one Amazon user has the perfect suggestion. "I cut them in half and use them as under-eye pads, that way you can still see while using them — also, a good way to double the product."

Also Great: This Face Roller That Helps Reduce Puffiness & Soothe Skin

Neither a mask or an under-eye patch, this ice roller is a must-have for immediate de-puffing. An Amazon user-favorite, it boasts a rare 4.7-star overall rating with more than 2,000 reviews. Store it in the freezer and roll it over your face to soothe, calm, and de-puff skin; it can also help relieve redness and ease the sensation of sunburn. What's more, reviewers swear by this ice roller for helping relieve the pain associated with migraines, sinus infections, and allergies. Plus, it stays cold for a long time.

One reviewer writes, "I felt instant relief. The rolling motion even cleared my sinuses and I could breathe better right away." Another says, "I've used it for sinus pain, migraines, swollen neck glands, under eye circles/bags, inflamed acne, TMJ pain ... Not to mention, when used on my face, it leaves my skin feeling tight and wakes me up in the mornings. It also stays cold for forever, but it never sweats or leaves water behind. It's like magic."

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