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The 6 Best Dry Shampoos For Fine Hair

Dry shampoo is one of those genius beauty inventions you find yourself wondering how you ever lived without. And while its ability to breathe new life into blowouts and extend the length you can go between washes is undoubtedly appreciated, if you have fine hair that often gets greasy, you probably have a special love for or dependency upon dry shampoo (I'm speaking from experience here). But since every formula is different — some add volume, some don't and can weigh your hair down — you want to be sure you're using one of the best dry shampoos for fine hair.

Before choosing a new dry shampoo, think about your specific hair type, and what you're trying to achieve. Those with grease-prone hair will want a formula with extra oil-absorbing capabilities, while finer hair that's often pulled into a top knot or styled in braids should opt for a loose powder that provides hold.

From my own struggles with fine hair, I've found that no matter which dry shampoo I'm using, application is what matters the most. For volume and added texture, apply it on dry, freshly washed hair to soak up oil before it even gets a chance to start spreading. The added grit will also help your fine hair hold curls or waves (or an updo) better.

My second rule for applying dry shampoo is to apply it just before you go to bed without blending it into your hair (if you're following this approach, be sure to use an untinted formula). Even if your hair was getting greasy before you went to sleep, leaving the dry shampoo in place overnight helps absorb excess oil and gives your flat hair a bit of volume without much effort — and it'll save you a wash in the morning if you're tight on time.

If you've not found your dry shampoo match yet, here are seven of the best dry shampoos for fine hair to consider.

1. The Classic

This tried-and-true classic from Batiste achieves the trifecta when it comes to finding a solid dry shampoo: efficacy, affordability, and a pleasant fresh scent. It's a classic, reliable pick for thin hair that tends to get oily quickly, but it doesn't feel heavy or exacerbate the look of greasiness. In addition to keeping your hair fresh between washes, you can also use it to enhance day-old styles or add a touch of texture to thin hair that tends to fall straight and limp. The bergamot, lily, and rose scent adds a lovely touch, too.

Batiste's dry shampoo is also offered in three tinted shades: Brilliant Blonde, Beautiful Brunette, and Divine Dark.

2. The Best Budget Dry Shampoo For Fine Hair

For an under $5 option, Dove's Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo was designed with fine, flat hair in mind. It's a pretty straightforward dry shampoo: It makes hair look (and feel) cleaner by absorbing excess oil, and it also adds volume and makes hair easier to style. The dry shampoo has a clean scent, but reviewers do note you have to really work it in to avoid white residue.

3. The Best Powder Dry Shampoo For Fine Hair

If you prefer a loose powder formula, BlowPro's Faux Dry Shampoo is a salon-favorite for all hair types. This sulfate-free and paraben-free formula is especially helpful for fine hair because it uses a blend of amaranth, lupine, and wheat to add volume at the roots of your hair, while micronized cornstarch works to absorb excess oil.

This is a great option for people who find aerosol formulas sticky or too overpowering — plus, being a non-liquid, it's especially handy for travel.

4. The Best Dry Shampoo For Fine, Oily Hair

For hair that's particularly oily, Klorane's cult-favorite Dry Shampoo With Nettle has got you covered. Traditional ingredients like cornstarch, rice starch, and silica absorb excess oil and help clean the hair of dirt and odor, while nettle offers even more oil-regulating abilities. A longtime favorite of beauty editors, Klorane's dry shampoo is particularly beloved because of its barely-there feeling once blended in; it never feels sticky or greasy, and a little goes a long way.

5. The Best Dry Shampoo For Fine, Short Hair

For anyone with fine hair that's also short, R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste is a two-in-one product that eliminates oil and works like a styling paste. You can use it on both dry and damp hair for extra volume, and, like all of R+Co's products, it's formulated with ingredients that are actually good for your hair. Volcanic ash and zeolite absorb excess oil and help balance the scalp, while coconut oil adds definition, argan oil nourishes, and sunflower seed extract protects and repairs your hair from oxidative stress.

6. The Best Dry Shampoo For Texture

This may not be a dry shampoo in the traditional sense, but if you're looking for a fine hair multitasker, Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray is worth the splurge. Part dry shampoo and part texturizing spray, the formula uses zeolite crystallines to absorb excess oil and eliminate odors, a copolymer blend that helps your hairstyle last longer, and hydrolyzed wheat protein to add body and shine. Oribe's professional-favorite texturizing spray is formulated with good-for-hair ingredients like watermelon, lychee, and edelweiss flower extracts that protect hair from oxidative stress that leads to dryness, damage, and color fading, too. Plus, like everything else Oribe makes, it smells delicious.

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