Is This Centuries-Old Beauty Product The Key To Your Smoothest Skin Ever?

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Cold cream was purportedly invented in Ancient Greece, and people have been using it to remove makeup and soften their skin ever since. Granted, the formula has gotten quite a few updates since then — today, you can find it not only in its classic form, but also infused into lip balms, moisturizers, and body washes. So how to choose the best cold cream for you? Think about how you'll primarily be using it. For example, are you looking for a less drying way to remove your makeup? Or are you hoping to harness the powers of cold cream in a moisturizer? Whatever the case may be, you'll find six great options featured ahead — but first, some cold cream tips.

If you're using a cold cream makeup remover, leave it at that — don't let it sit on your face overnight in place of night cream. That's because cold creams typically contain ingredients that can A) dry out your skin in the long run, if left on or B) cause breakouts if you're prone to acne. If you're interested in a cold cream moisturizer, make sure you're buying a product that was specifically formulated for leave-on use. Also keep in mind that since most cold creams contain beeswax, they're not vegan-friendly.

With that in mind, scroll on to shop six of the best cold creams and cold cream-infused products to combat dry skin.

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The Cult Classic

Did you know that one jar of Pond's Cold Cream is purportedly sold every 15 seconds? This is a slightly updated take on the 100+ year-old beauty staple, because it has a subtle, refreshing, cucumber scent. It's intended for use as a makeup remover — not as a leave-on moisturizer — and it does that job wonderfully: It's even capable of removing stubborn waterproof mascara, all without leaving your skin feeling dry, greasy, or tight.

After tissuing it off, you'll be left with super smooth, baby-soft skin, but if you're prone to clogged pores, consider rinsing your face with water afterwards and/or following up with a chemical exfoliant.

The Best Value

Another classic drugstore cold cream, Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser costs about the same price as Pond's Cold Cream, but comes with double the product. It's also fragrance-free, if you prefer unscented skin care products.

Again, this is a makeup remover, not a moisturizer, so be sure to tissue or rinse it off before moving onto the next step in your routine.

The Best Cold Cream Cleanser For Your Body

If you have dry skin from head to toe, a cold cream body wash might be just what you need. Bioderma's ABCDerm Cleansing Cream, which was technically formulated for babies and young children, is a wonderful alternative to shower gels for adults (particularly people with dry, sensitive skin). The soap-free formula is enriched with moisturizing ingredients like glycerin, shea oil, and sweet almond oil, and has a delightfully creamy texture. You can actually use this on your hair, scalp, and face, too!

It comes housed in an enormous, 33-ounce bottle, so this one-time purchase will literally last you ages.

The Best Cold Cream Moisturizer

For a cold cream that's actually safe to leave on your skin, you want this one, from Avène. This thick, creamy moisturizer is infused with the brand's soothing thermal spring water, like all their products, and is ideal for people with very dry skin (it's also safe for use on babies and children). You can use this on other dry parts of your body, too, like your elbows and cuticles.

The Best Cold Cream Stick

If you're prone to perennially dry skin, keep this travel-friendly Mustela cold cream stick on your person at all times. Infused with a host of moisturizing, skin-strengthening ingredients like shea butter, ceramides, and several plant-based oils, it can be applied anywhere on your face — including your lips — to restore moisture and create a barrier against the harsh elements.

Mustela also makes a great, cold cream-infused moisturizer, which, like this stick, is safe for use on sensitive skin and babies.

The Best Cold Cream Lip Balm

If you just want a slim, tiny, cold cream lip balm to keep in your pocket, go for this one, also by Avène. Infused with vitamins, thermal spring water, plant oils, and beeswax, it'll help heal and prevent dry, chapped, flaky lips, making it an especially great choice for winter. It leaves your lips feeling soft and smooth, instead of greasy, so it layers nicely under lipstick, too.