These Are The Best Cheap Body Washes You Can Buy For Under $7 A Bottle


Body wash is one of those utilitarian beauty products that you shouldn't have to spend a ton of money on. Many of the inexpensive formulas are equally as good as their prestige counterparts, so when it comes to shopping for the best cheap body washes, you just need to know what to look for.

Like with any other kind of beauty product, the most important thing to keep in mind is your skin type. Those with dry skin, for example, will want to reach for moisturizing, cream-based formulas instead of gels or foams. Keep an eye out specifically for ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and ceramides, and avoid anything with alcohol or sulfates. If you're looking for something that'll help treat body acne, try a formula with AHAs or BHAs (like salicylic acid), which helps promote healthy skin cell turnover.

Another thing to keep in mind is the environment around you. If you live somewhere cold, or it's winter, you'll want to choose a richer, moisturizing formula, since chilly temperatures are known to dry out skin. On the other hand, those who live in hot, humid climates might want to go with something lightly exfoliating, since sweat and oil tend to clog up pores.

Below, six great, affordable body washes for every skin type, budget, and household.

The Best Cheap Body Wash For Most Skin Types

When it comes to affordable beauty products, it doesn't get much more reliable than the classic Aveeno Active Naturals Moisturizing Body Wash. The nice thing about this formula is that it contains colloidal oatmeal, which is known for its soothing properties that help relieve itching, severe dryness, and irritation. In addition to being moisture-replenishing and pH-balancing, this all-star active ingredient helps keep your skin's natural protective barrier healthy over time. That means, with continued use, you'll lose less water and your skin will become softer and more hydrated. Plus, since it's hypoallergenic and only mildly fragranced, this soap-free, dye-free, and paraben-free formula should be safe for use on sensitive skin (though if you're looking for an even safer bet, scroll down to number five).

A Near-Identical Formula That Comes In A Four-Pack

Looking to stock up for the whole family? This 18-ounce body wash from Amazon's own brand is a dead ringer for the Aveeno formula, just above — but it comes in an even more affordable four-pack, which, for $17, comes out to about $4 each.

The Best Cheap Body Wash For Oily, Bumpy, And/Or Acne-Prone Skin

Bacne happens to the best of us — so when body bumps hit, reach for this exfoliating body wash from Mountain Falls. This is another option that comes in an affordable multi-pack, so at $18, you're getting four 8-ounce bottles for about $6 each. The formula is quite impressive considering its low price tag. It contains grapefruit extract, which acts like a chemical exfoliant, but there's also salicylic acid, a BHA, to clear up existing blemishes and prevent future breakouts from forming. And though it appears to contain those now-banned "microbeads," never fear: these are not made with polyethylene, which means they dissolve and are perfectly eco-friendly.

If you're not looking to drop a bit of extra money on a long-lasting value pack, you can buy a single bottle for just $3, here.

The Best Cheap Bar Soap For Oily, Bumpy, And/Or Acne-Prone Skin

Another great, affordable option for treating bacne and bumpy skin is this bar soap that contains sulfur and salicylic acid, two of the most effective known acne-fighters that exist. It'll also help treat anything fungal or bacterial, so use it everywhere from on your feet to reduce odor, to on your face to curb oil production and banish whiteheads.

The Best Cheap Body Wash For Highly Sensitive Skin

If you're looking for a body wash that will nurture your sensitive skin, then reach for a formula that's made for the delicate skin of a baby. That's right — Baby Dove Body Wash may be formulated for babies, but it works just as well for adults. It's hypoallergenic, pH-balanced, and moisture-replenishing, which is important for any skin type, oily or dry. The creamy, fragrance-free formula comes in a convenient (and huge!) 20-ounce pump bottle, which is always a plus for any in-shower product.

The Best Cheap Body Wash For Eczema And Itchy Skin

Can't stop scratching? Then say hello to Curel's Itch Defense Body Wash. It's formulated specifically for folks dealing with eczema, since its= helps minimize flaking and itching — two of the main symptoms. In fact, it even claims to prevent itching before it even begins. The soap- and fragrance-free formula contains ceramides, which are essential to maintaining a healthy protective barrier, as well as jojoba and olive oils to keep skin smooth and moisturized. It comes in a 10-ounce bottle and offers instant relief with every wash.

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