These Fluffy Bronzer Brushes Will Give You A Sun-Kissed Look All Year Long


Your bronzer brush is just as important as your bronzer when trying to achieve a sun-kissed look. The best bronzer brushes have fluffy bristles for smooth, lightweight coverage over your foundation. Some are even retractable, which is convenient for applying bronzer on the go.

While shopping, you'll have to first consider whether you use powder or liquid bronzer most regularly. Most of the bronzer brushes listed below work best with powder — but many customers have used them with liquid or cream makeup, too. However, it's usually easier to apply liquid bronzer with a beauty sponge instead of a brush. It's all about preference, though.

Bronzer brushes are typically designed with plush, feathery tops that help achieve even coverage over foundation, leaving behind a subtle hue. Some are made with angled bristles, however, which makes it easier to contour with bronzer or fill in specific areas.

As you can see, the best bronzer brushes help you achieve a glow at any moment. Scroll on for my top six picks, courtesy of Amazon.

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The Overall Best Bronzer Brush With Thousands Of Glowing Reviews

This brush by Real Techniques is designed with a large plush head that helps evenly distribute powder, and it has gotten thousands of raves on Amazon. The rounded synthetic bristles are incredibly soft, so they're able to leave a smooth finish over your base makeup. They're also packed together tightly, and reviewers have noted that they don't shed. The brush can be used with other powders too (including foundation and setting) — and while it isn't advertised as a liquid applier, some customers still use it as one: "Even though it's a powder brush, I also use it for liquid foundation!"

According to fans: "This works great for face bronzer. Nice large fluffy brush provides a flawless application. Great price and nicely made. Great brush."

A Travel-Friendly Option: This Bronzer Brush With Retractable Bristles

Letting your makeup brushes loose in your suitcase is a quick way to crumple the bristles and get hard-to-clean product everywhere, making a travel-friendly brush like this one a must-have for any avid explorer. The brush head is retractable, so it's easy to keep it safe while in transit, and this one is eco-friendly since the holder is made from recycled aluminum and plastic. The bristles, on the other hand, are made with natural bamboo and cotton fibers — and reviewers claim that they don't shed. While this brush is recommended for powdered bronzers, many customers also use it for liquid foundation. One person wrote, "It’s soft and gentle on my sensitive skin and works well with liquid, cream or mineral powder."

According to fans: "I purchased this brush to use for my bronzer and I am happy with my purchase so far! The brush comes with a top which I think helps protect it and keeps it cleaner."

The Budget Bronzer Brush For Less Than $5

At less than $5, this bronzer brush is the most affordable one on this list. The ever-so-slight point at the top of the synthetic brush head can help you contour around your cheekbones precisely, but it's still round enough for covering wide areas. This brush is also meant for powdered makeup — and at the time of publication, no reviewers have mentioned using it for liquid yet. However, many customers have raved about how well the bristles stay in place, claiming that the brush is "so soft and does not shed."

According to fans: "I use this brush for bronzer and I think that it’s the perfect density and picks up a lot of product as well. You won’t be disappointed! It’s so cheap too!"

An Angled Bronzer Brush For Precise Contouring

If you're planning on adding bronzer to tighter areas or creating a contour, this brush designed with angled bristles is a great choice. The slanted shape fits into the hollows of your cheeks, and it's especially great when adding powder to your jawline, nose, or neck. The bristles are made from synthetic fibers, and they can be used to apply both liquid and cream makeup, too. On top of that, this brush shouldn't shed, because it has undergone a seven-step process to prevent that from happening.

According to fans: "These work nicely for blush, contouring, and bronzer. I would say they are comparable to more expensive brushes."

This Unique Bronzer Brush With A Flower-Shaped Top

This option stands out from the rest because the brush head isn't totally rounded. Instead, it's shaped like a flower — but the bristles are still soft, synthetic, and ideal for applying powdered bronzer and blush. According to the brand, the bristles are also tightly packed and won't shed — but if you'd rather opt for a standard rounded brush, that's also available. At the time of publication, no customers have written about using either of these brushes with liquid makeup, but they have raved about how well it works with powder — "loose powder," specifically.

According to fans: "The rose shape is so pretty, that I didn't want to use it at first. It performs beautifully."

A 2-Piece Brush Set For Your Bronzer & Foundation

This two-piece set comes with a flat-top kabuki brush that's perfect for blending both liquid and powder foundation, as well as a soft and fluffy bronzer brush for tinted powder. Some reviewers mentioned using the bronzer brush for liquid makeup, too — but a majority use the kabuki brush for that. At $10 for both, it's still a great deal. The synthetic bristles built into both brushes are compact — and according to reviewers, they won't shed easily.

According to fans: "These are beautiful and well-made. The brush heads are super soft. The foundation brush applies my foundation like a dream, great and even coverage. The powder brush is perfect for blush, bronzer, etc."