These Boot Dryers Are Quick & Powerful — & Here's Why You Need One

Whether you're into skiing, hiking, or other outdoor activities, you know that wet boots are uncomfortable, not to mention prone to odor. The best boot dryers will work quickly and efficiently, drying your shoes thoroughly before the bacteria that causes odor has time to build up.

Before selecting a boot dryer, it's important to make sure your shoes are dryer-safe by reading the label or checking with the manufacturer. Most dryers will work with common materials like leather, rubber, and neoprene, but double check to ensure you don't ruin your favorite hiking boots.

Once you know your boots are compatible with the dryer, look at how many boots or gloves it can handle at once and how long they'll take to dry. The latter factor will vary depending on the material of your boots, but some dryers will note a time range to give you a general idea.

Another thing to check is what type of drying technology it uses. Most boot dryers operate with either forced-air or convection drying. The latter system relies on a fan, which means it's extremely fast and often dries boots within an hour or two. Convection systems, on the other hand, take longer but they're significantly quieter since they don't involve a motor.

Other features to consider include portability and whether the dryer has a timer or automatic shutdown mechanisms. To help you make a decision, I've compiled the best boot dryers on the market to keep your feet dry, comfy, and odor-free.

The Best Overall

Capacity: Two boots

What's great about it: With more than 2,100 reviews, this highly versatile Peet boot dryer is one of the most popular items of its kinds on Amazon. It's safe to use on a wide variety of materials, including leather, rubber, vinyl, and canvas, so it's suitable for most hiking boots, athletic sneakers, gloves, hats, and other accessories. It uses convection technology that's almost completely silent, according to reviewers, and dry time range from three to eight hours. Best of all, it comes with an impressive 25-year warranty.

What fans say: "I plugged this in at first and was like, 'why is it not making any noise?' I searched for a power switch for a solid five minutes before grabbing the manual. It truly is silent!!!! And it truly works great!!! [Dries] the interior of soggy winter boots and sweat shoes extremely well!"

The Best Budget Dryer

Capacity: Two boots

What's great about it: Built with 200 watts of drying power, this affordable boot dryer is surprisingly powerful given the price. The low-cost machine is safe for most standard shoe materials including leather, canvas, neoprene, rubber, and others. Like the other selection, it has a convection system that's almost 100 percent silent, and it's built with a timer that works in intervals up to 99 minutes. Although a few customers have complained that the timer is finicky, it has good reviews overall, making it a solid pick for folks on a budget. Another perk: it folds up for compact storage when not in use.

What fans say: "This thing is amazing! I was looking for a compact boot dryer for in our RV as on our first camping trip our boys ended up getting every single pair of shoes wet that we took along. This dryer is nice and compact and it [dries] shoes faster than any boot dryer I've ever used. ... I'm in amazement comparing it to our standard boot dryer that takes 12+ hours to dry wet shoes."

The Best For Skiing And Snowboarding

Capacity: Two boots

What's great about it: I personally keep this DryGuy boot dryer in my snowboarding bag and use it almost every time I go to the mountain. Although it works for nearly all boot types, it's specifically designed with ski and snowboard boots in mind. It has rotating drying ports that let you place heavy ski boots flat on the ground so they don't topple it over. With a dry time of one to two hours, it uses a forced-air system, heating up to 105 degrees and shutting off after three hours for safety. Lightweight and compact, this dryer works for gloves, hats, and other kinds of shoes, too.

What fans say: "Used to dry ski gloves and ski boots. Laid it on its back to dry the boots as boots are heavy and awkward, but performed very nicely. Liked the timer feature. Set it and forget it."

The Best Wall-Mount Dryer

Capacity: Four boots and four gloves

What's great about it: Unlike the freestanding designs, this mountable boot dryer, which weighs only 3.5 pounds, can be conveniently attached to the wall so it's out of the way and you always know where it is. On top of emitting fast-drying warm air, the small contraption uses a technology called Aroma active carbon that absorbs smells and reduces odor build-up. The forced-air system showcases high-low heat settings and an automatic timer. As a bonus, it comes with a glove dryer, too.

What fans say: "This is the best boot dryer I've ever used or seen. Produces a strong flow of hot air capable of quickly drying boots or gloves. Uses about 450w on high and 300w on low. ... HIGHLY recommend this dryer."

The Best For Travel

Capacity: Two boots

What's great about it: Constructed with a sleek, portable design and equipped with a 12-volt car charger, this travel boot dryer is perfect to store in your gym bag or toss in your luggage. Instead an upright design, the device features two separate drying units you can stick inside your shoes or boots. The drying technology is a unique combination of convection and forced-air, offering heat up to 99-degrees that speeds up drying time while remaining fairly quiet. And like the other selections, it's safe to use on most shoe and boot materials.

What fans say: "These are amazing! I work outside all year long and I use them for my work boots in the wintertime to warm them up during my lunch break and in the summertime these help to dry my boots when we've been working in the rain or from sweat. The car charger is awesome to have so that I can use it on my lunch break and makes it incredibly convenient. My boots are always dry in the mornings before work as well."

The Best Large Capacity Option

6 boots

Capacity: 12 boots

What's great about it: Safe for use on most materials, this six-pair boot dryer is pricier than the others on the list but may be worth the investment if you do a lot of fishing, skiing, hiking, or other outdoor sports. Its forced-air system has a high-end, self-regulating heater with dual fans that provide 200 cubic feet per minute of airflow. With durable hardware that you can use to mount it securely to the wall, it makes a convenient addition to any garage or gear room. It's also a fantastic choice for folks with big families or who spend time at ski cabins or vacation homes.

What fans say: "We totally love this product."

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