These At-Home Nail Dip Kits Will Give You A Manicure That Won’t Budge — No UV Lamp Required


As someone who loves a good home manicure, I know how hard it can be get perfectly polished nails that don’t end up chipping almost immediately. But the best at-home nail dip kits will give you a gorgeous DIY manicure that actually lasts, thanks to highly pigmented colors that are easy to apply and all the tools you need to get the job done.

If you're new to nail dipping, an all-in-one dip powder kit is probably your best bet, since each manicure requires a base coat, nail powder, activator, and top coat. There are other kits that only include nail powders, which is great if your home manicure set-up is mostly complete or if you're willing to buy certain products separately. And keep in mind: you’ll want to prep your nails first by filing and pushing down cuticles, which is why I’ve included a kit with all these tools, as well as a nail dip polish remover.

Next comes the really fun part: choosing nail colors. Whether you love classic reds, neutral shades, or an inky black mani, each of these nail dipping powder kits comes with a range of pretty colors. And f an extra eye-catching manicure, go for super sparkly glitter or glow-in-the-dark neon powders that’ll be impossible to stop staring at.

Whether you want a classic look or an on-trend pop of color, these are the best at-home nail dip kits on Amazon that can give you a salon-quality manicure that lasts for up to three weeks — or even longer.

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The Best All-In-One Kit

With hundreds of reviews from at-home manicurists, this nail dipping powder kit provides everything you need if you’re new to nail dipping and looking for a shiny, long-lasting mani. The kit includes six pretty nail powders — including a deep pink, a lavender, and silver glitter — along with a base coat, activator, and top coat. There’s also a replacement nail polish brush, a dust brush to remove excess powder, and a clear case so you can neatly store the entire set between each super chic manicure session.

According to at-home manicurists: “I love this powder. Easy to use, long lasting, and beautiful. Highly recommended to anyone who likes to do their own nails.”

The Best Budget Kit

For a more wallet-friendly manicure, this affordable nail dip kit comes with six colors, including red, deep pink, and white, along with base and top coats and an activator. There’s also a brush to remove excess powder, as well as a bottle of brush saver to clean the brush and help prevent buildup. Plus, you can store everything in the clear carrying case. While this option doesn’t have as many reviews, it’s a good way to try nail dipping without spending a lot on your first kit.

According to at-home manicurists: “This is my first time to use this dipping powder, it is easy to apply and quickly to dry, they don't need LED lamp, i think it's very convenient.”

The Best For Glitter Nails

For a party-ready manicure, this glitter nail dip kit features eight super sparkly nail powders in festive shades of purple, orange, pink, gold, and more. While this set includes a range of fun nail colors, it doesn’t come with base and top coats, an activator, or a dust brush, so you’ll want to stock up on those essentials, too.

According to at-home manicurists: “Really pretty glitters! The dip is packed with glitter so you really don’t need more [than] 2 coats.”

The Best For Neutral Nails

If you love neutral nail colors, opt for this versatile dip nail kit that comes with six shades you can rock equally well at the office or on a dinner date. The kit comes with a base coat, top coat, activator, and a bottle of brush saver. However, this kit doesn’t come with a dust brush.

According to at-home manicurists: “Beautiful, neutral colors that work with all skin tones. Kit has just about everything you need to create salon-quality manicures at home.”

The Best For Dark Nail Colors

Dark manicures look great with your fall wardrobe, but this nail dip kit comes with four moody colors that are so chic, you'll probably want to wear them year-round. With shades like black and dark mauve, the kit also comes with base and top coats, activator, and brush saver — but you’ll need to supply your own dust brush.

According to at-home manicurists: “The dip colors are super pretty, and the black is an inky black [...] I'm in love with it!”

A Set That’ll Make Your Nails Glow In The Dark

Have some fun when the lights go out with this fluorescent nail dip kit that features five super fun colors that glow in the dark, like neon orange, yellow, lime, and two shades of blue. There's even an earth-toned rust color that shape shifts into neon green in the dark. However, this kit only comes with the dips, and none of the required nail polishes or dust brush, so you'll have to stock up on those separately..

According to at-home manicurists: “If [you’re] not used to using dip powder it’s challenging at first. It’s friggin awesome once you know how to use it and looks absolutely beautiful in daytime and at night.”

Also Great: A Top & Base Coat Set With A Nail Powder Activator

Not all nail dip kits come with the required base coat, activator, and top coat, but this handy nail coating set includes all three essentials. Use them with your favorite nail dip powder to get a shiny manicure that’s resistant to chipping and fading.

According to at-home manicurists: “I love that the bottles are clear, so I can see how much is left, and there's virtually no odor. It's easy to use and I love the shine!”

And One More Thing: A Kit For Prepping Nails & Removing Polish

When your nail dip manicure starts to grow out, remove the color safely and easily with this powder nail polish remover kit. It comes with 420 cotton pads and 10 nail clips that make it easy to soak your nails in acetone polish remover. There’s also a nail polish dispenser bottle, a three-pack of nail files, cuticle tools, and a nail brush — everything you need to clean and prep your nails for your next manicure.

According to at-home manicurists: “Perfect kit to remove my dip powder nails. Price friendly too.”