The 58 Most Interesting Secret Santa Gifts Under $15 On Amazon

With the fun and guessing of Secret Santa comes a flurry of head-scratching over how to find the perfect gift at a reasonable price. As ever, Amazon stands ready to help with a veritable sleigh-full of options, including these interesting gifts that are less than $15.

All over the world, people are preparing for the holiday tradition of Secret Santa. Many times, there's not only one person on your surprise-gift list, but you're frequently charged with finding gifts for a family member, a work colleague, buddies in various friend circles, and other acquaintances that are both clever and come in at a particular price point cost-effective. Such are the demands of this particular Kris Kringle.

This list is studded with gifts that are perfect for everyone — like this foot pumice that provides a nourishing cleansing treatment plus a spa-level exfoliation in one bar. Then there's also this popcorn popper that's made from silicone to turn any popcorn into microwave popcorn without the need for oil.

You'll also find that this list is situationally versatile: It's equally as replete with gifts that are great for BFFs, like this organic lash-strengthening mascara, as it is with treats for the folks on your list whom you need to consult your org chart to remember exactly who they are, including this bamboo serving tray that is the perfect gift for Just. About. Anyone.

Basically, this list is the secret to successful Secret Santa shopping. So pull up your smartphone or your laptop and get going.

The Contoured Mask That Keeps Out The Light

Available in six colors, this eye mask is contoured to the curves of the face to keep out all ambient light so the wearer can enjoy peaceful sleep. Also ideal to provide a respite from the pain of migraines and other headaches, this mask is lightweight and crafted from foam that's covered with a polyester interlock fabric that's comfortable against the skin. Adjustable straps mean it fits most head sizes.

A Guide To Making Delicious Scents At Home

For the crafter or the beauty enthusiast, this book will open up a whole new world of experiences in crafting delicious perfumes at home. The author provides precise, step-by-step methods for creating artisanal, natural blends using local plants and common household ingredients without chemicals. Easy-to-follow guidance make this book a terrific resource to introduce a fun and relaxing new hobby to a family member or a friend.

Perfect For Travelers, These Storage Bags Are Also Great For Blankets And Linens

There are so many uses for these bags that I'd be hard-pressed to say what they're most well-suited for. Travelers love them for getting more into their luggage, as the included vacuum pump compresses clothing in the bags to fit more compactly while packing — naturally, they also perform the same function when switching clothing over during the change of seasons. They're even swell for your fashion-loving friends, keeping moths away from those expensive cashmere sweaters.

Pamper Hard-Working Feet With This 2-In-1 Bar

Give the gift of silky-smooth feet with this bar that both cleanses and exfoliates. One side is a nourishing, emollient soap packed with shea butter, aloe, and vitamin E, while the other side is a synthetic pumice stone that gently sloughs off dead, dry skin to restore feet to spa-fresh condition. It's long-lasting and will keep their dry hands and elbows soft, too.

Save The Earth With The Gift Of Stainless Steel Straws

Everyone knows plastic straws are passé, but don't give just any old Earth-friendly straws — give these stainless steel straws with the mermaid-tone finish. This set includes four straight straws and four with a bend, and they come in a convenient carrying pouch. They wash easily in the dishwasher, and they come with two brushes for nitty-gritty scrubbing.

The Magnet That Answers — Once And For All — The Most Often-Asked Kitchen Question

There's no more guessing with this magnet that makes the most commonly-asked question in the kitchen a thing of the past. Everyone in the house knows whether the dishes are clean or dirty thanks to the easy-to-read indicator display. It's also adhesive so it adheres to those stainless-finish dishwashers that aren't magnetic.

This Towel Wrap Helps Hair Dry Faster And More Conveniently

Hair dries faster and there's less breakage with these purpose-made hair wraps that are crafted from superfine microfiber. A button and loop closure keeps them secure while it's in use, and they're not overly bulky, unlike the towels we all use at home. Not only do they dry hair quickly, but they keep it up and out of the way while applying makeup and getting dressed, and they're perfect for travel, too.

The Lights That Turn Any Room Into Party Central

Fun-loving Secret Santa recipients will get a real kick out of these LED strip lights that light up red, green, and blue — or any mix of those colors to make any room instantly festive. With over 16 feet of entertainment that's controlled by a remote, they can spice up everything from a cubicle to a studio apartment to a playroom or a living room. LED lights mean they're energy-efficient, have a long lifespan, and are eco-friendly, too.

A Wireless Charger That Powers Up Your Electronics

It's impossible to have enough chargers, and this wireless one works like a dream when it comes to compatible smartphones. It features surge protection to ensure that delicate electronics remain stable, plus a temperature control system that keeps everything cool. It comes with both a micro-USB charger and a lightning charger for convenience.

A Mud Mask That Reduces The Appearance Of Pores

This gentle mud mask minimizes the appearance of pores — and the salts and minerals will help even out skin and get rid of any excess oil. Reviewers love that it feels soothing on the skin, thanks to the additional aloe.

These Solar Lights For The Porch

Perfect for anyone who has a balcony, fence, or porch — this two-pack of lights have a motion sensor that turns them on when the sun sets. They also can withstand wind, rain, and snow.

An Adjustable Rolling Pin For Easy Baking

An adjustable rolling pin is great for precision baking — and comes in real handy for things like pizza or pie crust. The additional measurements on the side will ensure holiday (and year-round) baking will be a breeze.

An Exfoliating Scrubber For Relaxing Showers

This silicone body brush has little nubs for a deep clean, a rich lather, and gentle exfoliation. It'll easily increase blood circulation, and will provide a nice massage when you want to unwind in the shower.

The Stackable Shelves That Double Your Kitchen Space

This two-tier shelf will really increase your cabinet space — stack them on top of each other or put them side by side to organize your kitchen space better. One reviewer wrote: "My glassware sits on it perfectly without shifting or wobbling."

A Handy Popcorn Maker For Leveling Up Movie Night

A perfect gift for just about everyone on your list — because who doesn't love popcorn? — this silicone popper turns traditional kernels into microwave popcorn that can be popped up without the use of oil. The bowl is BPA-free and whips up about 15 cups of crisp popcorn with very few unpopped kernels. Ideal for cooking up a quick and delicious treat, it collapses to just over 2 inches for convenient storage and is available in 10 colors, too.

A Game That's Fun And Family-Friendly

Sushi is finally friendly for all ages, but it's not in the form of a meal, it's in the form of this game that encourages players to build the best combination of sushi dishes and make the most maki over the course of the game to score points. Billed as "reinforcing probability, visual discrimination, and strategic thinking," it's also a great way to bond and just plain old fun. Who knows, if you have a picky eater as your Secret Santa recipient, maybe it'll get them to try the real thing, too.

This Reasonably-Priced Holiday Gift Set Comes From A Trusted Name

Everybody loves Burt's Bees, so when you give a present like this gift set from the brand, I feel like you get that extra little "halo effect" that accrues from giving something that comes from choosing something from a name that's so trusted and valued in the marketplace. Plus, this set includes a little something for need and every part of the body: Deep cleansing cream, hand salve, body lotion, foot cream, and lip balm. All five products are made with natural ingredients.

The Hand Cream Selection For That Hard-To-Buy-For Co-Worker Or Family Member

Did you get the co-worker you don't know at all or a family member who's impossible to buy for? You're in luck — just hit "Add to Cart" on this hand lotion set with six selections that are all formulated with shea butter. Each selection has a different fragrance, ranging from traditional Lavender to more modern Ocean.

This Hot Tea Variety Pack Is Sure To Earn You A Chai Five

If you choose a discerning tea lover from the Secret Santa hat, this chai tea sampler from Vahdam is an ideal gift. These selection of chai blends includes straightforward mixes as well as fun blends like their renowned turmeric-spiced chai.

These Bath Bombs Look Like Geodes And Are Packed With Relaxing, Detoxifying Ingredients

Not only are these bath bombs vibrant and gorgeous, but they're also jam-packed with epsom salts and Dead Sea salts to detoxify the body and help soothe away joint and muscle pain — so they're beautiful and smart, too. Graced with a variety of scents, they're also formulated with shea butter and coconut oil to soften the skin. The cherry on top is biodegradable glitter that gives them an otherworldly luster.

The All-Natural Mascara That Both Builds Up And Strengthens Lashes

Crafted from sunflower and chamomile oil to moisturize and strengthen hair, this mascara gives lashes an all-natural boost. It's free from all the bad stuff like parabens, dyes, and gluten, so it's safe for all but the very most sensitive eyes. Plus, it's water-resistant, long-lasting, and won't clump.

A Caffeinated Shaving Cream

This caffeinated shaving cream is packed with natural caffeiene — and aloe and spearmint essential oils — to provide a real morning wake-up call. Use it on the face — but reviewers say this is great for underarms and legs, too, saying it reduces irritation.

These Yoga Shorts Have Handy Smartphone Pockets

With their comfortable high waist, these yoga shorts already have more than a little extra going for them, but it's their side pockets that stand out the most: They provide just enough space to tote along your smartphone and your keys, some cash, and a debit card — leaving your hands free for working out, riding your bike, or just generally looking stylish, whatever it is you're up to. These shorts are made from a breathable polyester-nylon blend with a touch of spandex so they flow through all those savasanas perfectly, and they're available in 20 colors.

  • Available sizes: S-XXL
Electronics Are Always On With This Handheld Power Bank

Give the gift of constant communication with this power bank that weighs in at only 4.4 ounces but delivers one full charge to just about any smartphone. With that small footprint, it's ideal for travel and can be thrown in a purse or backpack for use on an everyday basis; plus, it's also an LED flashlight so users are not only always in touch, but they're never in the dark, either. It's compatible with most devices.

The Big Blanket That Comes In A Little Package

While it's almost 5 square feet when unfolded, this blanket compacts into a little pouch that weighs just over half a pound and can easily be thrown into a backpack or carry-on to ensure cover and/or comfort anytime, anywhere. Made from rip-stop nylon that's water-, wind-, sand-, and puncture-resistant, it has built-in stakes to hold it down as well as corner pockets that can be filled with whatever is laying around (sand, rocks) to keep it on the ground.

This Travel Pillow Is Built Into A Hoodie

For the frequent traveler, this travel pillow will be a welcome and unusual gift — because it's more than just the standard neck-surrounding memory-foam travel pillow. It's enhanced with a hoodie that keeps the pillow in place and helps the user's head stay cozy and warm. The hood can also be pulled over the eyes for light blocking and privacy while traveling.

Odor-Removing Bags Use Bamboo Charcoal To Make Everything Smell More Pleasant

Powered by bamboo charcoal, these bags can be used in drawers, in shoes, where pets rest, around litter boxes, in the bathroom, and anywhere there's odor to absorb and remove unpleasant scents naturally. Great for green living enthusiasts, they're completely chemical-free and non-toxic, and they're long-lasting, too: Their effectiveness can be restored after a few months of use simply by leaving them out on a bright sunny day to "recharge."

This Sprayer Attachment Cuts Cleaning Time In Half

A versatile all-purpose gift, this sprayer attachment is tipped with a reversible sponge/scrubber disc that cuts through common cleaning chores in half the time. Cleaning the dishes is a breeze with The Scrubbie hooked up to either a trigger-style or pull-down sprayer — because water running right through the attachment enables the user to apply leverage and scrub right through the water, cleansing constantly while using pressure.

The Gadget That Bath Lovers Will Flip For

The bath lover on your list will fall deeply in love with this gadget that makes it possible to overfill the tub by a few inches and enjoy a fuller soak. It adheres with suction cups over the drain overfill release but has an overfill of its own so users can't go crazy and flood the whole bathroom. This device fits over most common drains, and while it's mildew resistant, it's top-rack dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

If They Love Pampering Their Hair, This Mask Makes A Terrific Treat

Glorious tresses are made even more delightful with this mask that features argan oil to hydrate and deeply condition, leaving hair shiny and silky-soft. This formulation is completely paraben- and sulfate-free, so it's gentle on the hair as it nourishes and enriches its strength. Plus, it promotes natural growth and makes even the most overprocessed hair more manageable.

An Inexpensive Coffee Pot That Makes Delicious Cold Brew

So here's what I think is a genius Secret Santa idea if your all-in budget is $20. Get them this cold-brew coffee pot for $12 and then a small bag of locally ground gourmet coffee. Seriously, who wouldn't flip out over that? This pot is made from shatterproof borosilicate glass and has that stainless steel fine mesh filter you want for a quality brew. The lid is airtight for freshness in the fridge for up to two weeks, and the whole thing cleans easily in the dishwasher.

A Folding Travel Umbrella For Your Forgetful Coworker

Don't be fooled: This travel umbrella may look like the one that's laying on the floor of your coat closet right now, but it's not. Nope, when you use the one-button retract feature on this little wonder, it folds up in reverse, keeping the wet surfaces on the inside so there's not water all over you, your car, your floor, and on and on. Isn't that the coolest? Available in a panoply of styles, it's also engineered with 10 ribs to withstand the most blustery of days and blocks 95% of all UV rays, too.

The Strap That Enhances The Practice Of Beginners And Yogis Alike

Crafted from a high-quality cotton blend, this strap is designed to help everyone from aspiring yogis to devoted practicioners stretch further into poses and get more out of both mat and upright work. Its 10 soft and stretchy loops allow for placement of hands, feet, and extremities in a variety of configurations, as guided by 120 minutes of online workouts to which the user also receives access. Plus, it comes with a pouch for travel.

This Camera Lens Kit Makes Phone Photos More Fun

Make selfies and other phone photos more fun and interesting with this camera lens kit. The kit includes three lenses: A 198-degree fisheye lens, a 120-degree wide angle lens, and a macro-lens that helps the user capture extreme close-ups. The lenses clip on to mount and silicone pads on the clip provide stability. The whole set comes with a black bag for storage and travel.

They'll Never Know They're Cleaning With These Mop Slippers

Great as a funny Secret Santa gift or for a white elephant swap, these slippers do double duty as microfiber dust mops worn on the feet. Available in five colors, they're crafted from soft chenille microfiber loops that attract and cling to dust and hairs. Worn on the feet with elastic straps that fit most sizes of shoes, they can also be fitted around mop heads and are super-absorbent for use mopping as well as washing cars, windows, and much more. They're machine-washable, too.

Beauty Mavens Will Love This Setting Spray

If your Secret Santa is living the glamorous life, choose this setting spray from Rimmel that goes on either over or under makeup to provide a flawless finish. It includes a dash of cucumber extract that soothes and revives the skin while giving makeup a longer and more precise hold. Lightweight and non-comedogenic, it dries quickly and isn't tacky or sticky.

For Makeup Wizards, This Sponge Makes It Easy To Change Colors In A Flash

No matter how bold the pigment, makeup artists can apply a full face and switch colors fast and frequently thanks to this sponge that removes all remaining color on the brush quickly and effectively. There's no water involved, and no chemicals, just a charcoal filter that's super-effective at attracting and trapping the extra colors to let further creativity fly.

These Mesh Wash Bags For Easy Laundry

If your Secret Santa designee is a practical type of person, how about these mesh wash bags? They exemplify the type of thing that we all know we should have — I mean, I know I should be washing my smalls in mesh bags — but probably haven't made the time to buy for ourselves. The set includes two large wash bags and two standard-size wash bags, sure to meet their every need.

They'll Be Able To Get That Grout Super Clean With This Power Scrubber

It's like the electric toothbrush for all the up-close cleaning work you can never master — and this device is battery-operated to get into all the tight spaces, too. This gadget has four interchangeable heads for every cleaning challenge, and is suitable for surfaces in every room in the house. Grips on the handle make it easy to hold and operate.

These Liners Mean They'll Never Wash Their Oven Again

Avid cooks or bakers will love these oven liners that are crafted from Teflon-coated fiberglass to keep spills and stains up off of the oven floor. They scour off quickly and easily so they're almost infinitely reusable to prevent waste, and eliminate the need for those toxic and foul-smelling harsh chemical oven cleaners — and all the work that goes along with them.

A Clothes Shaver That's Perfect For Styling On-The-Go

Engineered to provide over 50 minutes of use on a single charge, this clothes shaver has an oversized head and three blades that work hard to keep clothing and even upholstery looking fresh as new. While it's ideal for use on home goods, its petite size makes it perfect for keeping clothes looking like they just came off the rack while traveling.

An Ironing Mat For Freshening Up Anywhere

Made from thick polyester-cotton, this ironing pad can withstand heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and is the perfect solution for travelers who need to freshen up their clothing on-the-go. I mean, travel irons and steamers are a dime a dozen — but did you ever think of what everyone was using those hot, hot instruments on top of? This pad also comes with a silicone iron rest to protect surfaces from the iron itself.

The Receptacle That Keeps Vehicles Clean

Leakproof and designed to attach to the center console, this car garbage can holds 1.5 gallons of refuse to keep vehicles clean. With a durable vinyl lining and mesh outer pockets for storage, it has a unique top with flanges that makes sure all the trash stays inside. It's available in four different fabrics, too.

These LED Strip Lights To Detail A Car With

Available in six different colors, these strip LED lights are backed with super-strong double-sided 3M adhesives and designed to mount inside a vehicle. Powered through the car's cigarette lighter, they provide a festive touch for any vehicle, with 36 lights that stay cool to the touch and have a built-in fuse. They're suitable for use in the footwell area or under the seats.

The Travel Bag That Compresses Clothes For Convenient Storage

A convenient way to get more out of carry-on luggage, this packing folder compresses whatever is put into it — shirts, pants, whatever — making it easier to fit more into carry-ons or checked luggage. A thoughtful gift for the business traveler or anyone planning a big holiday trip, it's made from polyester and has four wings that embrace and pull the packed-in clothing tighter together, all without it wrinkling.

These Racks Keep Caps Organized And Tidy

With elastic strap holders that adjust to fit over any door, these cap holders are the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys wearing or collecting baseball caps. Capable of accommodating up to 32 caps in total, they install easily without tools and are ideal for storage in small spaces like apartments and dorm rooms. Perfect for other items like hats of other types as well as scarves, belts, and much more, they're also a versatile gift.

The Handheld Sewing Machine That's Ideal For The Person Who's Always Prepared

For the person who has everything or who's literally always prepared — you know, that one person in your group with the backpack or handbag that has everything in it — there's this handheld sewing machine. Suitable for use on everything from silk to leather, it comes equipped with nine bobbins of thread in varying colors and operates on four AA batteries.

The Dental Floss Made From Silk

The person who truly has everything surely needs this dental floss that's 100% pure silk. It's eco-friendly, too: Coated with vegan candelilla wax, the floss itself is compostable, and it comes packaged in a reusable glass container that's super cute and can be repurposed for all kinds of small goodies. A generous 33 feet of floss will last for a good long time, too.

The Scalp Massager That's Delightful Used All Over The Body

If you've never tried one of these scalp massagers before, you definitely should order one for your Secret Santa and one for yourself, because they're soooo soothing. The 2-millimeter wires are tipped with acrylic beads to ensure that your hair doesn't snag, and they provide the same type of scintillating massage you get at the salon, but without the pressure. Available in five colors, they're a terrific all-purpose gift, and are also great as back scratchers.

An Easy Way To Keep Your Countertops Dry

This silicone mat keeps countertops dry whether you're resting a spoon on the countertop or drying a few glasses. It's also heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can use it as a resting place for hot dishes or even your straightening iron.

This Serving Tray Is Beautiful And Useful

Crafted from renewable, sustainably-harvested bamboo, this tray is perfect for serving breakfast in bed or eating a snack or late dinner on the couch. At this price, you can get two — one for your Secret Santa and one to grow on — or get one and stock it with a bag of gourmet pancake mix, a bottle of Vemont's finest maple syrup, and a few other goodies for the perfect thoughtful treat.

This Wooden Foot Massager Is Great For Stress And Pain Relief

Made from beautiful, high-quality wood, this massager has eight independently-moving rollers with carved nubs that provide soothing acupressure release as they manipulate the feet. It promotes blood flow to the feet with a treatment that's both invigorating and relaxing. Plus, the base is reinforced with non-skid pads so it won't move around while in use.

The Soap That Provides A Natural Defense Against Unwanted Odors

Formulated with all-natural tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil, this soap provides an effective, chemical-free cleansing of the bacteria that causes unpleasant odors, and establishes a barrier against them coming back, too. These oils also limit the body's natural production of oils — and it comes in a peppermint and an oatmeal variety, too.

The Perfect Gift For Lovers Of Oddball Kitchen Gadgets

I can't tell you how much time I spend thinking "If only I had a device that would cut my small, soft foods uniformly for me." Well, now there is: This egg slicer makes even egg slices, and it does the same for mushrooms, strawberries, kiwis, and much more. A non-slip base makes it equally as comfortable for use over a bowl or on a countertop.

A Spa Bath Pillow To Make Easing Their Cares Away So Much More Comfy

Made with more than 2 inches of foam padding, this bath pillow has two panels to support the user's back, neck, and head while they recline in the tub. The pillows are backed with suction cups so they don't slip around when in use, and their waterproof, nonporous surface is easy to keep clean and mildew-resistant. It works great in the hot tub, too!

A Terrific Treat For The Avid Cyclist, Stationery Or In Motion

Suitable for just about every smartphone and just about every bike, this mount is made from high-quality, durable metal and plastic that's augmented with a silicone web that provides extra protection for sensitive devices. Users can access the entire phone screen to monitor their ride, listen to music, or even take and make calls thanks to this innovative design. It's sturdy, safe, and perfect for gift-giving.

This Kitchen Gadget Is Ideal For Avocados

Peel, pit, and slice avocados all with this three-in-one tool that's a real asset in the kitchen for anyone who loves avo toast, Mexican food, or just enjoys a little of the green fruit on, you know, everything. Safe enough for kids to use, it has a blunt cutting tool that enables peeling through the skin, and the round end reaches into the bowl of the avocado to scoop out the fruit. It's flexible, too, to help grab the pit with the small serrated section.

The 12-Hour Hand Warmer From A Trusted Name In Flame

Did you choose someone who has big New Year's Eve travel plans or who loves the outdoors? Get them this hand warmer from Zippo, the lighter folks. It provides 12 hours of constant warmth and is cased in a silicone sleeve to make it easy to handle. It refills easily, too, for ongoing use.

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