Cut The Cord With These 6 Powerful, Wireless Vibrators

Back in the day, before sex toy technology really took off, the majority of vibrators only worked if they were plugged into a wall. If you wanted to get yourself off, you had to locate an outlet (and possibly an extension cord) and stay tethered to that one spot through the entirety of your masturbation session. Though corded vibrators still exist, and are known to be pretty powerful, keeping one of the best wireless vibrators in your goodie drawer is crucial if you're looking for a toy you (or you and a partner) can writhe around with, travel with, or bring in the shower.

It's important to note that one person's favorite vibrator might not be another's, so don't just choose the first toy you come across. There are rabbit vibrators, wearable vibrators, wands ... the list goes on. But no matter what your sex toy preference is, you'll find the best in its category listed below.

Also, here's a fun tip. There's an easy trick to test if your new vibrator is powerful enough for you without using it on clit or in your vagina — a move that would likely render the toy ineligible for return. Turn the vibe on and place it on the tip of your nose. It's one of the only spots on your body that's as sensitive as your clit. If it feels powerful enough on your nose, you'll be good to go.

If you're ready to cut the cord, scroll on to discover five of the best wireless vibrators on the market.

Best Wireless Wearable Vibrator

The other benefit of a wireless vibrator? You can wear them out in public, like with Paloqueth's Waterproof G-Spot Vibrator. It's great for partners who like to engage in discreet public play, since the partner with the vagina and clitoris can wear it under their underwear. It's powered by a magnetic charger and lasts for 90 minutes per charge. Some other highlights include a waterproof, silicone construction, nine vibration functions, and an included remote control, which works from up to 3 meters away.

Best Wireless Egg Vibrator

For a truly hands-off vibrator experience, reach for a vibrating egg, like this one. The Odeco Vibrating Silicone Bullet Egg slips inside of your vagina and is outfitted with a remote control, making it the ultimate option for wireless masturbation. The egg is ergonomically shaped to hug your G-spot, and seven adjustable vibration modes ensure you'll get rocked to orgasm regardless of how you like to be stimulated. Its remote control works up to 30 feet away, so it's fun for partnered play, too. And since it's made of silicone, it's safe to use in your vagina.

Best Minimal Wireless Vibrator

If you don't care for all the bells and whistles that many of the most popular vibrators offer, you'll love the minimal design of the Fillboss Wireless Vibrator. It's just a simple buzzer equipped with seven vibration modes that's ergonomically shaped to hit your G-spot and your clitoris. It's also water-friendly, and only requires a simple USB to be charged. Because of its simplistic design, this is a great vibrator for beginners, too. Sometimes you just want an orgasm, you know?

Best Wireless Mini Vibrator

The best things often come in the smallest packages, especially if you're talking about the Adorime Wireless Remote Control Vibrator. This mini vibe sits right up against your clitoris, providing surprisingly powerful stimulation with the help of a remote control. It's waterproof and can slip inside your underwear for an on-the-go orgasm, and it offers 10 different vibration modes.

Best Wireless Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit vibrators, like the Paloqueth G-Spot Vibrator With Rabbit Ears, are a great option if you're looking for a blended orgasm (which is when you orgasm from simultaneous clitoris and G-spot stimulation). It's whisper-quiet, made of soft silicone, has multiple vibration speeds, and is ergonomically-designed to hit both your G-spot and your clit comfortably.

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