Waterproof Blankets
These Cozy, Waterproof Blankets Are Perfect For Spending Time Outdoors This Fall

by Andrea Hannah

No matter where you are or what you're doing, it's always good to have a large, durable blanket on hand. And if you're heading to the beach or hanging out in chilly, wet weather, only one of the best waterproof blankets will do.

While it may seem like a waterproof blanket wouldn't be that comfortable, there are actually plenty of soft waterproof blankets that feel comfortable and keep moisture at bay. The key is to look for a double-layered blanket. One side should be made of waterproof material (or treated with a waterproof coating), and the other should be made from a soft fabric, like micro-fleece.

You also want to consider where you're planning to take your blanket. For example, a waterproof blanket for a picnic at the beach should be easy to shake out and clean, and it doesn't necessarily need to provide warmth. But a blanket you take on a camping expedition should be made out of a warm material like fleece — even better if it's insulated for extra warmth in cold weather.

If you aren't sure exactly which waterproof blanket is the best, I've got you covered. Here's a round-up of some of the best choices out there to help you narrow it down.

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The Best Overall, All Things Considered

You truly can't beat this extra-large blanket for just about any outdoor gathering. For one, it's a whopping 79 by 79 inches, or big enough for four adults to comfortably sit with plenty of space for snacks in between. It's also made from fleece with a special sponge padding, as well as a waterproof backing, making it an excellent choice for picnics at the beach or on dewy grass.

The best part about this blanket, though, is how easy it is to travel with. Just roll it up and attach the Velcro flap to create a "handbag" that weighs just over 2 pounds. This blanket also comes in a 79-by-59-inch size, if that's better for your needs.

According to one reviewer: "Love it! It's compact, taking up very little space in my beach bag, easy to spread and stake in the sand, and also easy to refold and clean. Even on a breezy day, the stakes held the mat securely to the sand. I highly recommend this item and would definitely buy one again."

The Best For Camping

If you're going camping, be sure to snag this waterproof blanket set, which includes a double-layered blanket and two inflatable pillows and a pump. The blanket features a waterproof backing on one size and quilted fleece on the other to keep you toasty warm on chilly nights. The entire set can be rolled up and tucked away in a small duffle bag, making it super easy to take with you to any campsite. The blanket itself measures 75 by 57 inches, which is smaller than the previous pick.

According to one reviewer: "I placed down [this] blanket on the moist soil to test its advertised waterproofing. At first glance, the fleece on which I was laying on still felt dry and did not pick up any moisture at all. As I peeked under the blanket, I was very surprised to see that the waterproof layer had completely blocked the dirt from even penetrating this first layer. I would high recommend this."

The Best For Cold Weather

This all-weather blanket is a must for the chilliest nights. At 79 by 58 inches, it's large enough for multiple people to snuggle under, and the double-layered, waterproof construction provides plenty of protection from the elements. One side features a polyurethane coating that easily repels water, and the other features insulated fleece that traps in heat to keep you warm all night long. This blanket even comes with a waterproof bag for easy storage.

According to one reviewer: "They truly are waterproof and kept us warm and dry for [soccer] playoffs. Wonderful size, was able to wrap mine completely around me and sit in it. Convenient to carry and store, as the roll up into a small ball that is held in place by the elastic strap. If you are needing something to keep you warm, besides alcohol in your hot chocolate... THIS IS IT!!"

The Best For The Beach

Over 1,000 Amazon reviewers have tried out this lightweight blanket and it's earned a 4.5-star rating overall. It spreads out to 55 by 60 inches, yet when you roll it up it fits snugly in a tiny bag the size of your palm. The bag even comes with its own carabiner so you can clip it onto your beach bag. Plus, this blanket is made from waterproof and puncture-resistant materials, so you can feel confident that it won't get shredded by beach debris or soak through from waves.

According to one reviewer: "This worked great for that one beach trip—it repels water and it is easy to brush off sand. The corner pockets are great because you can anchor it without stakes."

The Best For Pets

Not only will this super thick blanket protect your furniture, but your pets will love snuggling up with it, too. One side consists of water-resistant fabric that can hold up to everyday wear and tear, while the other side is made from luxe, fluffy sherpa fabric. The inside of the blanket is also treated with a waterproof coating so if anything does leak through one layer, it won't make it all the way through the blanket. Plus, you can get it in multiple colors to match your decor, and it even comes in large enough sizes to cover your entire couch. Unlike the other blankets on this list, this one is available in four sizes, including the 60-by-50-inch blanket featured above.

According to one reviewer: "My puppy has accidents and this traps the urine and prevents it from getting on my furniture. It's a good price too! The material is soft. I'm very happy with this blanket and will be ordering more!"