These Are The Best Socks For Snowboarding — And You Can Find Them On Amazon

While they'll cost you a bit more than your everyday cotton socks, the best snowboard socks are worth every penny; made with high-quality materials and superior construction, they'll keep your feet warm, dry, and cozy all day long.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, your snowboarding socks should be thin and sleek. Thicker socks will actually make you colder by letting moisture build up, and they also tend to bunch up more, which is a recipe for blisters and chafing.

A proper fit is equally important. Your socks should be tall enough to reach the top of your boots so you don't have to tuck your base layers inside. They also need to be snug — once you're on the hill, you won't be able to pull them up if they start sliding down.

Lastly, the material should be moisture-wicking and breathable. Your feet are going to get sweaty, so the more moisture you can transport away from your skin, the quicker the material will dry. Look for materials like nylon, polyester, and spandex, and try to avoid cotton, which absorbs moisture and is slow to dry.

To help you find the best socks for the slopes, I've put together a list of some great options that will keep you warm and comfortable from your first run of the day to your last.

The Overall Best Snowboard Socks

What's great about them: These knee-high snowboarding socks offer an exceptional combination of price and quality. Featuring a complex blend of polyester, LYCRA, combed cotton, nylon, and Merino wool, the fabric is moisture-wicking with anti-microbial properties that reduce odor from forming in your boots. Best of all, they are fully machine-washable.

What fans say: "Well made, padded in all the right places and super comfortable. Fits well under snowboard boots and keeps your shins protected while keeping your feet dry and warm."

  • Available sizes: One size
The Most Lightweight Socks

What's great about them: If your feet tend to get sweaty when you snowboard, these lightweight ski socks are a great way to keep them dry while reducing odor. They're made with an impressive 62 percent Merino wool count, plus a mix of nylon and LYCRA for a comfortable, stretchy feel. The socks are easy to move in and fit snugly at your shins.

What fans say: "My feet sweat a lot and then get cold. These socks keep them toasty warm. And they are very well made, with nice flat seams. Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty."

  • Available sizes: Small, Large
The Most Comfortable Snowboard Socks

What's great about them: Designed with a special flat-stitched toe seam, these high-tech snowboarding socks do a great job keeping your heels from rubbing and chafing on the slopes, even if you're a more aggressive rider. The elasticity also helps keep them in place, adding to the anti-blister features. Made with a blend of spandex, nylon, and acrylic, these socks are super soft with cushioning and extra padding in the arches and ankles.

What fans say: "Kept my feet warm and fit in my ski boots nicely! Also very cute!"

  • Available sizes: Small/Medium, Medium/Large
The Best Compression Socks

What's great about them: Compression socks are a great choice for people who tend to get sore feet after a long day of riding; they encourage blood flow in your feet and ankles, reducing delayed onset muscle soreness. With more than 100 five-star reviews on Amazon, these Pure Compression socks are made with a soft, Merino wool blend and offer a snug, secure fit.

What fans say: "I have tried five different types of compression socks and these are the best. I skied for 5 hours in deep heavy powder. My feet stayed warm and dry. The compression prevented foot cramping and calf cramping. They were so good that I was able to hike in the mountains the very next day without foot or calf fatigue."

  • Available sizes: Small to Large
The Best Budget Socks

What's great about them: Constructed with 37 percent nylon and a hint of LYCRA, these budget-friendly snowboarding socks keep you warm without being thick and bulky. The ankles showcase extra cushioning for executing deep turns on the slopes, and they have no-slip cuffs to prevent bunching. With a high cotton percentage, they won't excel at moisture management but if you're on a budget, these socks are a great pick.

What fans say: "Very warm and cushiony socks perfect for skiing/snowboarding. My toes were always warm, and the thicker parts of the sock provide ski [boot] protection from wear and tear on the shins and heels and calves. Highly recommend for any outdoor winter activity!"

  • Available sizes: Medium, Large

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