Bye Bye, Body Wash: These Shower Oils Will Kick Dry Skin To the Curb For Good
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If you keep getting out of the shower with tight, itchy skin, put down the body wash — I don’t care how satisfying that lather is! — and pick up one of the best shower oils on this list. Unlike that offending body wash, these shower oils don’t contain sulfates, soap, or other harsh detergents that can strip your skin of its natural oils. Rather, they rely on other oils to pick up excess sebum and surface-level grime, while leaving the oils your skin needs intact (and not clogging your pores). Along with cleansing and moisturizing, the oils in these cleansers create a protective barrier over your skin that helps it retain moisture — so you’ll probably still feel as comfortable and hydrated hours later as you do the minute you slather them on.

Shower oils are inherently good for anyone with dry, sensitive skin, though some of these shower oils are formulated specifically for people contending with more severe skin conditions, like eczema, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis. Some of these shower oils are gentle enough to be used on your face, too, in lieu of a face-specific oil cleanser. Personally, I also like using a shower oil as a shaving lotion — it makes your legs feel so much silkier than a traditional shaving cream does.

Scroll on to shop five of the best shower oils you can get on Amazon. No big deal, but they may just kick your dry skin to the curb for good.

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The Overall Best Shower Oil For Most

Safe for use on your face and body, Bioderma Atoderm shower oil is a mainstay in French pharmacies, but it’s highly recommended by dermatologists (and Amazon reviewers) everywhere. A unique formula including vegetal biolipids, vitamin B3, and a patented natural complex nourishes, reinforces, and helps protect your skin barrier — so your skin will feel moisturized both immediately and over time. This ultra-gentle cleanser is free of irritants like soap, parabens, sulfates, and alcohols, though note that it does have a light fragrance. With this order, you'll get a massive, 33-ounce bottle for just $20 — considering how long it'll last you, it's a steal.

Winner: Best For Dry, Itchy Skin & Eczema

This hypoallergenic oil cleanser is formulated for babies with eczema, but it’s equally beloved by adults with eczema. The 98% natural formula contains a blend of glycerin, avocado extract, and sunflower seed oil to create a hydrating barrier over delicate skin, and it doesn’t contain any fragrance, alcohol, or other additives that can trigger flareups. Just like the Bioderma oil, you can use this on your face and body. And it’s approved by the National Eczema Association, so you know you're in good hands with this one.

Runner Up: For Dry, Itchy Skin & Eczema

Whether your skin is itchy because of a skin condition like eczema or atopic dermatitis, or simply due to run-of-the-mill dryness, this Avène shower oil can help. Like all Avène products, it's formulated with the brand’s thermal spring water, which has been used for its soothing and calming properties for centuries. Thermal water also contains a postbiotic complex that rebalances your skin’s microbiome, so your skin will be better able to protect itself against irritants over the long-term.

Other highlights: It’s pH-balanced, so it won’t strip your skin, and it’s hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and suitable for use on both your face and body. That said, it comes with less product (13.5 ounces) and costs more than the Mustela shower oil featured above (which comes with 16.9 ounces of product), which is why it fell into the runner up spot here.

Best Almond Scent

This L’Occitane shower oil is a perennial cult-favorite, possibly because it smells exactly like an almond pastry. Beyond conjuring the warm, comforting aromas of a French bakery right in your shower, it’ll also make your skin feel silky-smooth, thanks to a combination of grape seed oil, vitamin E, and sweet almond oil, which is rich in omega fatty acids. Pairs gorgeously with the brand's almond milk body butter, or the Illuminating Almond Milk Veil Body Lotion for something lighter weight.

Best Coconut Scent

If you like your scents to skew tropical, this Kopari shower oil is your guy. This decadent formula contains coconut oil, avocado oil, and squalane for hydration, and hibiscus and passionfruit for their antioxidant benefits. This works up into a foamy lather, rather than the milky emulsion you’d get with most other shower oils, but without the use of harsh sulfates. A great choice if you’re missing the “sudsiness” of other (less moisturizing) body washes. Note that the brand also makes a coconut-y body lotion to match.