These RFID-Blocking Passport Wallets Are The Key To Extra Security While You Travel

If you worry about identity theft while traveling, RFID-blocking wallets can help you relax and enjoy your trip. The best RFID-blocking passport wallets will prevent any thief with an RFID-reader from discreetly swiping your personal information. The technology is basically the same in any wallet you find, so you don't need to worry so much about researching the RFID system itself. However, there's a lot of variation among other details like material, storage space, and style.

In terms of material, you'll want something strong and durable. Unlike your everyday wallet, a travel wallet endures a lot of wear and tear, so look for tough fabrics like leather or rip-stop nylon. If the material features a water-resistant treatment, that's even better.

When assessing storage capacity, make sure it has enough space to fit your passport, as well as other essentials such as credit cards, cash, and additional travel documents. It's also a big plus if you're able to show your passport without having to remove it from the wallet completely.

As far as style goes, this largely comes down to personal preference, but it's something you should think about while you shop. Do you want a minimalist wallet you can keep in your purse or pant pocket, or would you prefer a more elaborate neck pouch that can be discreetly tucked under your shirt?

To help you make a decision, I've made a list of the best anti-theft wallets with RFID-blocking technology. There's a selection for each style of wallet to help you find something that fits your preferences.

The Overall Best: A Minimalist Wallet Made With Genuine Leather

Constructed from 100 percent leather, this high-quality RFID blocking wallet offers just enough space to store the essentials without being bulky or cumbersome. Available in three colors, it's sleek and compact with soft material and a simple but chic design. Yet even with its slender profile, the wallet features seven interior slots — one custom-fit for your passport, two for cash, and four for credit cards. The vertical design of the passport sleeve also means that you don't have to remove your passport entirely to show it to airline officials.

The Runner-Up: A Water-Resistant Zip-Around With Detachable Strap

This water-resistant RFID-blocking passport wallet is made with tough rip-stop nylon that not only protects your valuables from identity theft but also from rain and other wet elements. The zipper itself, which is made with sturdy zinc alloy, is fully waterproof. Inside, you'll find credit cards slots, a coin holder, a cash sleeve, a pen slot, and a passport pouch. The versatile wallet has a removable strap and comes in 12 color choices.

The Best Clutch

If you prefer a clutch-style RFID-blocking wallet — one that will hold a passport too — this sleek, polyurethane leather option is a great choice. With slots for credit cards and a money sleeve, in addition to the dedicated passport pouch, the design allows you to keep your things protected while still looking stylish. Reviewers say that it holds everything without getting that bulky, overstuffed look. It comes in five different colors and it's big enough to fit your phone, too.

The Best Waist Pouch

For those who like to carry a traditional money belt for traveling, this one comes with RFID-protection and a sleek passport sleeve. It's made with strong, snag-proof zippers and tough rip-stop material that's fully abrasion-resistant and water-repellent. The waist is super stretchy, so it fits comfortably without feeling restrictive, and it has double bands to keep it in place. Storage-wise, this pouch features two large pockets with zippers, two small mesh pouches inside, and a big mesh sleeve on the back.

The Best Neck Pouch

With more than 1,800 reviews and 4.5 stars on Amazon, this hugely popular RFID-blocking neck pouch is your classic traveler's money bag. On top of incorporating RFID-blocking technology into the fabric to keep you safe from identify theft, it's worn around your neck and can be tucked under your shirt for extra security. The design is slender, so you can wear it next to your body without it feeling bulky or popping out of your shirt, and the durable material is lightweight and breathable with an adjustable strap. Inside, it has two zippered pockets, Velcro closure, and a convenient ID window for boarding passes. Best of all, it comes in six color options.

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