Give Your Furry Bestie The Freedom To Explore With These Retractable Dog Leashes

by Tiana Crump

Dogs love to explore. It doesn't matter if it's a familiar route you take every day around the block or a long walk at the park. While most standard leashes restrict your furry pal's freedom, they're not the only option. The best retractable dog leashes allow you to choose when to let your pooch explore and how far while maintaining control of the walk.

Most retractable dog leashes have built-in mechanisms that let you extend the leash to various distances and lock it into place, giving your dog the ability to walk freely when the time is right. Then, when it’s time to move on, you can call them over, and press a button to retract the leash.

When you're choosing the best retractable dog leash, you’ll want to make sure the leash is compatible with your dog's weight and size. If you plan on taking long walks or hikes, find a leash with an ergonomic handle that's comfortable to hold as well. And owners who live in busy areas would also be smart to choose a model that offers more control features like the option to set a safety distance by dial.

For the best leash for you and your furry pal's adventures whether they're in the neighborhood or on the go, here are the best retractable dog leashes Amazon reviewers swear by.

The Best Retractable Dog Leash, All Things Considered

The TaoTronics retractable dog leash is the perfect choice for daily walks and bathroom breaks. This durable nylon tape-style leash offers up to 16 feet of distance with a convenient one-hand locking and recoiling system. You can easily control your dog and provide slack for exploring when needed. There's also a cute bone-shaped dog waste dispenser attached to make cleaning up after your pet a breeze with a free roll of plastic bags already packed inside. The grip is designed to be ergonomic with an anti-slip handle making it comfortable to use when you and your pet want to go that extra mile. Unlike a lot of other leashes, this one works for small dogs through dogs as large as 110 pounds making it incredibly versatile.

With all the features most people would need at a great price, it's the best choice for most people and the more than 1,500 Amazon reviewers who have given it five stars seem to agree.

A Heavy-Duty Leash With A 360-Degree Tangle-Free Cord

If your dog a little on the wild side, the Tug 360-degree tangle-free leash is a great option with more than a thousand five-star reviews. This retractable tape-style leash can handle plenty of pulling and has a shock-resistant outer shell for the occasional drop. Available in small, medium, and large versions, the large can handle dogs up to 110 pounds.

With its 360-degree cord flexibility, you can extend and retract from any direction without getting tangled. It's an excellent choice for dogs that like explore every which way but straight. Plus, your pet gets up to 16 feet of freedom, but you can also lock the cord at a shorter distance with a quick roll of your thumb. The grip is also anti-slip with an ergonomic shape for taking long walks comfortably.

The Best Retractable Leash For Evening Walks

The Flexi neon leash is ideal for evening or late night walks and more than 1,500 Amazon reviewers agree. This retractable leash features stickers that can reflect headlights from up to 160 yards away and a sturdy neon leash for easy visibility in dim or dark conditions.

The cable can be extended up to 16 feet and there is an easy-to-use brake and lock feature. There are three sizes offered, with the largest suitable for dogs up to 110 pounds. Owners of smaller dogs can find a safer tape-style, rather than cord-style, leash from the brand for their pets as well.

The Best Retractable Leash For Extra Control During Walks

If you live in a crowded area or just need more control, the Dial-A-Distance retractable dog leash is it. Although it's a little more expensive than the others on this list, it gives owners the option to dial and set a specific safety distance between 0 and 15 feet that the leash will always stop at during the walk so if you're approaching a crowded area, you can set it to 2 feet and not have to worry about accidentally pressing the unlock button or losing control. It's a tape-style leash suitable for dogs up to 70 pounds.

The Best Portable Retractable Leash For Traveling

The Happy & Polly retractable dog leash is a mini portable leash that's perfect for traveling with your pet or for outdoor adventures when you don't want a heavy strap getting in the way. It's only 3.6 inches by 3.2 inches and can easily fit into your back pocket. Instead of the traditional hard handle found on most retractable leashes, you get a bungee-style cord that you hold or wrap around your wrist. It also features a fish-shape brake and coil rope system that quickly retracts when you tug. However, there's no locking button. This leash extends up to 4.59 feet in distance, so your dog has some wiggle room but not too much. It is best for dogs between 44 and 88 pounds who are well trained.

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