The One Korean Beauty Product That's Probably Missing From Your Skin Care Routine

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Whether you're traveling, in need of a mid-day refresh, or prepping your face for the rest of your skin care routine, face mists have a ton of uses. And though hydrating mists from brands like Evian and Avène have long been the go-to choice for many, Korean beauty brands have packaged some impressively nourishing formulas in these nifty little spray bottles. The best Korean face mists do much more than temporarily hydrate your skin; some tone, others brighten, and many are loaded with nutrient-rich ingredients and vitamins that rival those found in your favorite serums and creams.

To get the most out of your face mist, you'll typically want to apply it on your skin after cleansing and before moisturizing. Applying moisturizer on a damp face is recommended since the moisture helps the product absorb better, which makes face mist a step you should rethink skipping. There are a few exceptions to this rule, however — usually with mists that set makeup, contain SPF, or are formulated to lock in your other skin care products — so make sure to read the directions first.

Below, you'll find five great Korean face mists to incorporate into your beauty routine, from toning and brightening formulas to acne-fighting sprays and skin barrier-strengtheners.

Best Face Mist That Hydrates, Brightens, & Tones

For a face mist that pretty much does it all — tones, brightens, hydrates, and soothes — try Missha's Time Revolution The First Treatment Mist. Made with skin-rejuvenating fermented yeast, this essence-in-mist was formulated to be used two ways: after cleansing, to tone and balance your skin before moving on to moisturizer, or after applying your makeup for an added glow. It also works a great mid-day pick-me-up to revive dry or tired skin, while some fans report that it leaves their faces "smooth as silk."

Best Moisturizing Face Mist

Very dry skin types will love this soothing face moisturizer in mist form from Dr. Jart+. From the brand's popular Ceramidin line is this cream-mist that nourishes and moisturizes skin using a blend of moisture-replenishing ceramides and the humectant xylitol. Use it to create an extra barrier of moisture in stale plane cabins or when you've got your AC or heat blasting. Sensitive skin types can enjoy this non-irritating formula, too.

Best Energizing & Refreshing Mist

Dealing with dull, tired-looking skin? Then you need Innisfree's Tangerine Vita C Mist. The refreshing formula is like a glass of orange juice for your face: it revives and uplifts skin that's lost its vibrancy, whether from a lack of sleep or a too much wine. It smells equally as refreshing as it feels, which can help energize not only your skin, but your mind, too.

Best Face Mist For Acne-Prone Skin

Tea tree is one of the most effective ingredients for treating and preventing breakouts because it has natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. LJH formulated theirs in spray form to help soothe blemishes and disinfect congested pores, while witch hazel, an astringent, cleanses and tones skin. Use this facial mist after cleansing, instead of toning, while oily skin types can use it throughout the day to help soak up shiny spots.

Best Strengthening & Protecting Face Mist

COSRX's Low pH PHA Barrier Mist works to strengthen your skin's natural protective barrier, which helps prevent moisture from evaporating throughout the day (or night). This is one of those face mists that you're supposed to apply as the last step in your routine, to seal all of your other products in. It's also a wonderful mid-day refresher, as it hydrates and softens your skin. Plus, the fragrance- and oil-free formula is safe for all skin types, including oily and sensitive.

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