5 Kiss-Proof Lipsticks To Wear On New Year's Eve, So Your Pout Stays Perfectly On Point

by Stephanie Montes

Finding someone (good) to kiss on New Year's Eve is hard enough — don't spend the remaining days of 2018 searching for a lipstick that won't rub off when you actually do find the right one. Lucky for you, I wear a lot of lipsticks and enlisted the help of my husband to test (and find) the best kiss-proof lipsticks for New Year's Eve. Ahead you'll find the longest-lasting lipsticks that are better than any date you'll find this New Year's Eve. Or even better, if the date turns out to be really good, you'll take comfort in knowing that smeared makeup won't be the third wheel. You're welcome in advance!

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color

This popular formula promises 12-hour wear, but a single application has lasted me far beyond that. I once wore Fenty's first-ever product on a date night with my hubby, and not only did it not rub off during the kissing, but it also lasted through my BBQ dinner, too. Not even a full plate of ribs was a match for the Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored ($24; Plus, despite it being a liquid lipstick, it won't dry or feather as the day goes on — even without a lip liner. Score!

Fenty Beauty

Rimmel Provocolips Lip Color

This drugstore gem promises 16 hours of kiss-proof, transfer-proof, food-proof (and obviously kiss-proof) wear. This two-step Rimmel London Provocolips Lip Color ($7; comes complete with a highly-pigmented liquid lipstick and a super-hydrating topcoat to lock in both moisture and color all night long — and it’s only $5, to boot. Now that’s something to cheers to!

Rimmel London

NARS Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil

I tend to shy away from matte lipsticks because of how high maintenance they can be. It's always a whole thing: You always need a lip liner to ensure a crisp edge, and a lot of them are drying (which sucks because my lips stay dry). But I will say this for them: They stay on forever! Thankfully, this NARS Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil ($27; goes on creamy without an ounce of shine, is packed with tons of pigment, eliminates the need for a lip liner (with its pencil shape), and will last you well into 2019.


Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

I still can't figure out how they packed so much pigment in a single bullet, but I'm not complaining. A single swipe of Urban Decay's Vice Lipstick ($18; gives you enough color to last even the longest NYE kiss. Plus, it's packed with aloe vera, jojoba and avocado oils, which makes the formula so comfortable to wear, you'll forget you're wearing it... which is fine, because you can keep your mind on the task at hand: making the first kiss of 2019 a really good one.

Urban Decay

Tom Ford Lip Color

Ask any makeup artist for a lipstick recommendation, and you'll almost always hear them say Tom Ford Lip Color ($55; It's among the most hydrating, longest-lasting lipsticks out there. A few swipes of this super-pigmented, satin-finish lipstick will stay on long after the confetti has settled and the champagne has been consumed.

Tom Ford