Get A Deeper Clean Out Of Your Face-Washing Routine With These 5 Handy Exfoliating Brushes

If you're looking to get an even deeper clean out of washing your face, you might want to consider investing in an exfoliating brush. These pulsating devices work the dirt and oil out of your pores much more effectively than your hands ever could. But we've come a long way since the original Clarisonic was released over a decade ago. Now, the best exfoliating brushes for your face come in a variety of shapes, sizes, speeds, and textures, so you can find the perfect one for your skin's specific needs.

There are a few key differences between exfoliating brushes that mostly have to do with personal preferences. Some brushes have bristles that resemble a regular brush, which tend to be a little more rough on your face. Some skin types will actually benefit from these types of heavy-duty brushes, though — particularly those that are extra oily. Silicone facial brushes, on the other hand, don't have any bristles at all. Instead, they rely on gentle little tightly-packed nubs to exfoliate, and are therefore a better option if you've got sensitive skin. Silicone facial brushes are also considered more hygienic, since the material is much more resistant to bacteria buildup. But a lot of people still prefer the squeaky-clean feel that bristled brushes leave in their wake.

Below, you'll find five of the best facial cleansing brushes on the market. Just remember to replace the brush head sporadically to avoid bacterial or fungal growth. If you don't, all that buildup can actually cause breakouts, so be sure to exfoliate consciously by keeping your brush clean.

A Budget-Friendly Kit For Beginners

If you're just dipping your toe into the pool of exfoliating brushes, then this kit from Olay is a perfect place to begin. It contains everything you need to get started — a three-speed exfoliating brush with bristles, a replaceable brush head, a foam head for microdermabrasion, an exfoliating polish to use with the foam head, and a regular cleanser to pair with the standard brush head. Truly, you're getting two types of brushes and tons of skin care extras — for just $30, nonetheless.

The OG Exfoliating Facial Brush

You can't talk about exfoliating brushes without talking about the Clarisonic, which put these devices on the map over a decade ago. The brand's Mia Prima 1-Speed Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush is pretty standard, simple brush: It has one speed, one button, and the cycle lasts just one minute. The Clarisonic is actually the number-one recommended cleansing brush by dermatologists, who love this version for its patented oscillating technology. Its bristles are gentle enough to be used twice a day on super oily skin, but many sensitive-skinned reviewers say they use theirs without issue, too, so really, it's a matter of trying it out for yourself and seeing how your skin reacts. Pair it with the cleanser of your choice and feel free to bring it into the shower with you.

A Silicone Facial Brush With An Ergonomic Handle

As far as silicone brushes go, this option from PMD is a must-have for folks with highly reactive, sensitive skin. This little brush delivers over 7,000 vibrations per minute, eliminating every trace of dirt and oil in just one cleanse. Its mix of teeny bristles — which are really more like nubs — allow you to get into the nooks and crannies of your T-zone to ensure you're getting the deepest clean possible. This cleansing brush is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, waterproof, and odor-proof, and the best part is, its silicone head never needs to be replaced.

A Mini Silicone Brush That's Great For Travel

Most exfoliating brushes are big and bulky, which is part of the appeal of Foreo's Luna Mini 2 Facial Cleanser. Its small, round design makes it ideal to pop in your toiletry bag and take on the road. Foreo's brush is ergonomically-designed, so it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, even though it doesn't have a handle. It has eight speeds, which allows you to customize the intensity of each cleanse, and a single charge is good for up to 300 cleanses, so you shouldn't have to replace the battery too often.

A Brush With Charcoal Bristles For An Even Deeper Detox

Proactiv's Charcoal Pore Cleansing Brush stands out from other devices for one big reason — its soft bristles are infused with activated charcoal, which add another layer to its deep-cleaning abilities. Its shape is also unique: It has a slightly contoured handle and an angled head that sits easily against your face, reducing the need to twist and turn your wrist. And with two speeds, you can customize your cleansing experience every time. The brand claims that its products work best with this specific brush, but you can use it with your favorite cleanser, too.

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