If You Have Blonde Hair, These Are The Dry Shampoos To Use

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Dry shampoo may not have been part of your hair routine for as long as actual shampoo has been, but in its swift rise to the top, it has certainly earned a place on the essentials list. Not only can it help a days-old blowout last longer, but a good dry shampoo also absorbs grease, adds volume, and even leaves your hair smelling fresher. There's just one catch. They don't always blend in with your hair color. That's where this guide to the best dry shampoo for blonde hair comes in.

While finding a dry shampoo for blonde hair is definitely easier than it is for darker hair tones, it still has its own set of complications. You don't want something with a full-on white cast that's going to dull golden blonde hair and take it into gray territory, but you also don't want to use a blonde-tinted dry shampoo that will give platinum colors a yellow finish. That's why, as a general rule of thumb, platinum and icy blonde shades will want to look for a dry shampoo with a violet tint, while warmer blonde tones (think honey and caramel) will want to go for golden or yellow tints. When in doubt, you can always opt for a totally neutral dry shampoo that applies clear.

Whether you go for a tinted option or one that's completely colorless, applying dry shampoo remains largely the same. You'll want to shake the can before you use it and hold it 6 to 10 inches away from your head as you spray it at the roots. Let it sit for at least two minutes before brushing it out or hitting hair with a blow-dryer. But if your hair is especially oily, you may want to apply your dry shampoo at night (and very generously), allowing it to work its oil-absorbing magic while you sleep.

Now, scroll on to discover five of the best dry shampoos for blonde hair.

The Best Tinted Dry Shampoo For Platinum Blonde Hair

You're all about the color-depositing purple shampoos and conditioners when it comes to washing your hair, so why not add the same yellow-neutralizing powers to your dry shampoo? This Moroccanoil dry shampoo does just that with its unique formula that contains violet undertones to enhance platinum and lighter blonde hair colors. Also taking into consideration the fact that bleached hair is more fragile, Moroccanoil added argan oil to the formula to help restore moisture, and the dry shampoo even offers UV protection from the sun (which can also dry out and discolor blonde hair). Beyond its color-friendly formula, this dry shampoo contains rice starch to absorb oil and odors so your hair looks and smells clean even if you're going on day four without a wash.

The Best Tinted Dry Shampoo For Warmer Blonde Tones

If your blonde hair is on the golden, honey, or caramel side, Batiste's dry shampoo in Brilliant Blonde will blend in seamlessly. The brand has been at the forefront of dry shampoo innovations for ages, offering dozens of options when it comes to tints and scents. In this formula, rice starch absorbs oil and odor, as a blend of bergamot, white peach, and vanilla leaves hair smelling slightly sweet. Though Batiste also says it works on platinum blonde tones, several users noted that the tint was too yellow for cooler blonde shades. But for all you warmer-hued blondes, this dry shampoo also doubles as root cover up. "The blonde version helps cover my roots when they've grown out a bit and I haven't been able to get highlights yet," commented one Amazon reviewer.

The Best Volumizing Dry Shampoo For Blondes

For limp blonde hair that could use a lift, dry shampoo is as much of an essential for adding volume as it is for getting rid of grease. The R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo sprays on clear and doesn't leave any residue behind. This luxe option has the best scent of any dry shampoo I've yet to try, thanks in part to notes of bergamot, lotus flower, and tonka beans. Silica is the main oil-absorber here, but R+Co loaded up this formula with several other high-performing ingredients which can actually improve your hair's health. In addition to adding volume, rice protein strengthens hair, imparts shine, and reduces tangles; then, provitamin B5 thickens, conditions, and further volumizes hair, while vitamin E smooths out frizz and enhances shine.

The Best Dry Shampoo For Damaged Blonde Hair & Sensitive Scalps

If all that bleach has taken a toll on your hair and scalp, you'll want a dry shampoo that contains soothing ingredients (but also, give your hair a break from hot tools and styling products in favor of some nourishing masks, OK?). The Klorane Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk, a cult-classic French pharmacy buy, is soothing and moisturizing, thanks to oat milk's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Other ingredients, like corn starch and rice starch, help cleanse hair of excess oil without drying out your scalp and hair in the process.

The Best Dry Shampoo Powder For Blondes

You don't have to use a spray-on dry shampoo to get hair that's refreshed and slightly volumized minus any stark white residue. Verb's dry shampoo is a loose powder formula that lets you squeeze a more concentrated amount of dry shampoo right where you want it. Tapioca starch absorbs oil, glycerin helps soften hair and retain moisture, and a combination of fruit extracts, including goji and bilberry, provide hair-protecting antioxidants. Plus, since it doesn't come in an aerosol bottle, it's TSA-approved for travel.

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