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The Best False Eyelashes For Beginners & Pros — & They're All Under $20


Achieving long, thick lashes doesn't have to require investing in pricey mink falsies or booking an appointment with a lash extension specialist. With the help of the best drugstore eyelashes, you can get the fluttery lashes of your dreams for just a few dollars. Choosing a pair of false eyelashes is relatively straightforward; it mostly just comes down to personal preference. If you love a dramatic look, go with a pair of long, densely packed lashes. For something more subtle, choose a soft, natural-looking set or individual lashes, which are easier to customize.

Putting the false lashes on is where it gets tricky, and the technique definitely requires a fair amount of practice to get right (especially if you're going the individual route). Before you even get your glue out, start by removing your lashes from the tray and measuring them up along your lash line to plot where exactly they'll sit. To get the right fit with a band of lashes, you might have to trim the inside corners if it's too long for your eyes. Once that's set, use a pair of tweezers (or a lash applicator if it's included with your falsies) to hold the lashes and apply a thin layer of glue across the band. Let that sit for about 30 seconds until the glue gets tacky, then line the band along your natural lash line and firmly press it into place as the adhesive dries.

Don't forget that your falsies are only as good as your glue, and you can find the best false lash glue options, here, plus tips for how to properly remove them so you can get several uses out of each pair of false lashes. Though some of the picks on this list come with their own small bottles of glue, if you plan on using falsies frequently, you might want to consider investing in a bigger tube to keep on hand.

The next time you want to take your eye makeup to the next level, choose from the best drugstore eyelashes on this list.

Best Natural-Looking False Eyelashes

For a faux set that makes it look like you were naturally born with long, curly, voluminous lashes, there's the KISS Lash Couture Faux Mink Collection. The lashes can be reused up to 10 times when properly cared for (aka remove the glue each time and place them back onto their tray), and they come in a pack of three, so you're fully stocked for weeks at a time. The darker band gives the lashes a more defined look once you apply them, and even though they're called mink lashes, they're faux mink and completely cruelty-free.

Best Dramatic Drugstore Eyelashes

For when you want your eyelashes to take center stage, the Eylure Dramatic False Lashes No. 126 were made for drama (as its name implies). The brand is a staple in Boots pharmacies across the UK, and this particular style creates more volume and length with a mix of spiked lashes of varying lengths. Eylure notes that the handmade lashes can be reused up to five times, and they've included a miniature version of their latex-free glue with each pair for 18-hour hold.

Best Drugstore Lash Variety Pack

Back in my ballet days, I always wore Ardell when it came time for onstage performances, as much for the fact that they were affordable as they were straightforward to apply. This natural variety pack includes four of the brand's best-selling lash styles (120 was my go-to), which feature a range of volumes and lengths to experiment with depending on how much (or how little) drama you're going for. Ardell's Invisiband technology allows for a lash band that's practically nonexistent, so all four of the styles will blend in seamlessly with your own lash line for a natural-looking appearance.

Best Kit For Beginners

If you're giving false lashes a try for the first time, this KISS Ever EZ Lashes Starter Kit comes with everything you'll need (including an angled application tool and a tube of glue). The lashes in the kit are lightweight and have a more natural-looking finish, and they're reusable, too. Meanwhile, the latex-free glue is suitable for more sensitive eyes, and it provides an impressive 24 hours worth of hold.

Best Individual Drugstore Eyelashes

Once you've mastered the band of lashes, you can create a more customized look with individual lashes. The Ardell Individual Trios set groups individual false lashes into banded sets of three, meaning you can use them to fill in sparse gaps along your natural lash line, enhance the outer corners of your lashes, or apply them on top of strip lashes to amp up the drama even further. The shorter length means they'll match your own lash length more closely, but Ardell also makes these in medium and long varieties, too. The lashes have a curled look, and they're even waterproof. But since the band on these little guys is much smaller, when applying your glue, it's especially helpful if you use a pair of tweezers to make things easier.

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