The Absolute Best Dry Shampoos Under $15

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If you're addicted to dry shampoo, you've probably already realized that replenishing your collection with fancy, $30+ bottles isn't exactly a sustainable habit. Luckily, drugstore brands make some of the best dry shampoos out there. Like their premium counterparts, the best drugstore dry shampoos sop up oil at your roots and scalp without weighing down your hair, leaving behind a greasy residue, or making a dent in your wallet, since they all cost less than $15.

On the downside, most budget dry shampoos tend to deposit some amount of white residue onto your hair. To avoid that, shake the can vigorously, hold it as far away from your head as your wingspan will allow, then massage the spray into your scalp as though it were actual shampoo. If there’s any remaining residue, you can run over it with a boar bristle brush until it’s fully absorbed.

The five best drugstore dry shampoos featured below are all available on Amazon, so you don’t even need to leave your house to buy them (let alone your bed). Scroll on to shop them now.

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The Overall Best

Batiste's cult-classic dry shampoo does everything a good dry shampoo should: It doesn’t feel sticky or wet, it gives your hair some body, and it makes your hair feel as clean and soft as if you’d shampooed it. Any white residue brushes away pretty quickly, too. You can’t go wrong with the Original formula, which has a clean, slightly floral scent. But if you want to switch it up a little, try one of the brand’s many fragrances (like Cherry, Tropical, or Neon, an intriguing synesthetic experiment), or a pigmented version to match your hair color.

Best For Moisture

If your hair is dry or dehydrated, spraying dry shampoo on it can be about as appealing as dry-swallowing a large pill. This OGX dry shampoo is as close to a metaphorical gulp of water as you can get with a dry shampoo, thanks to the addition of nourishing argan oil. Reviewers confirm this doesn’t make their hair feel brittle, and since the spray is on the lighter side, it won’t weigh down thin or fine hair. There’s a coconut oil version too, which delivers the same moisturizing properties but has a more tropical scent.

Best For Sensitive Scalps

Dry shampoos can be a little intimidating for people with sensitive skin, but this one from Aveeno is very gentle. The formula contains colloidal oatmeal, rose water, and chamomile, which all work to soothe itchy, irritated scalps while refreshing oily hair. (One Amazon reviewer even said it was gentle enough to use when they developed shingles on their scalp.) And the mist is fine enough that it doesn’t leave behind any sticky, irritating buildup, so you can use it everyday until your next bonafide hair wash.

Best For Volume

All dry shampoos basically double as volumizers, but this one from Dove is formulated specifically to give limp, flat hair some Dolly-worthy body and lift. The one linked here is an updated version of Dove’s original, fan-favorite dry shampoo, and some reviewers say this works better: They claim it leaves behind less white residue than the original formula, and it makes your hair feel super soft. It bears the same scent as a bar of classic Dove soap, albeit more concentrated, so there’s that comforting, nostalgic factor, too.

Best For Texture

This Aussie dry shampoo gives your hair a matte, piece-y finish, just like a texturizing spray would. But unlike a texturizer, it’ll absorb all the oil and sweat in your roots — so your hair will look like it’s on its third consecutive no-wash day, but it won’t feel like it. (Or smell like it.) Useful if you’re styling it in a way that requires some hold, or if you just like the bedhead thing.