For All Of The Fluff & None Of The Fuss, These Are The Best Down Comforters

When you're picking out the best down comforters, there are three main variations you're likely to come across: regular, organic, and down alternative. Understanding the pros and cons of each option will be key to choosing the right comforter for your needs.

Regular down comforters

Warm, soft, and super fluffy, down comforters are typically evaluated based on two metrics: weight and fill power. Generally speaking, the higher those numbers, the warmer the blanket. The downside is that real goose down can be a problem for vegans and people with allergies.

Organic down comforters

While they tend to be more expensive, organic down comforters offer all the benefits of regular down, plus they're more suitable for folks with allergies or sensitive skin. The exterior is best when made with 100 percent organic cotton (or a lyocell blend), and the filling should be hypoallergenic, ethically sourced goose down.

Down alternatives

Though they typically aren't as warm as the real thing, down alternative comforters are usually cheaper, vegan-friendly, and machine-washable. They're also a good choice for people with allergies to down. The biggest downside is that their warmth-to-weight ratio is much lower, so you'll need a thicker, heavier blanket to get the same amount of insulation.

Once you've decided on what type of comforter you want, also think about the stitching and construction. With real down comforters, baffle-box designs are best because they prevent the filling from bunching and creating cold spots. It's also great to have double stitching for extra durability.

Given all of that, take a scroll through the best down comforters below and prepare for the blissful nights to begin.

The Best Overall

What's great about it: With more than 1,000 reviews on Amazon, this well-liked goose down comforter offers a fantastic blend of warmth, comfort, and breathability. It boasts 50 ounces of white goose down with 750 fill power, and the outer cover is made with 100 percent Egyptian cotton. It features baffle-box stitching to prevent the feathers from clumping, as well as loops to anchor it to a duvet cover. On top of that, the fabric is sewn with double-stitching for durability, and it is fully hypoallergenic.

What fans say: "I absolutely love this comforter, it is perfect! I live in Wyoming and it is heavy enough to keep me warm in the winter, but it is great for summer! And it was great no feathers coming out! I looked and looked for the best price goose down, and I went with this one because of the reviews and I can honestly say they were right!"

  • Available sizes: Twin, Queen, King, California King
The Runner-Up

What's great about it: Compared to my previous selection, this white goose down comforter is slightly more lightweight (at 37 ounces instead of 50) and a bit less fluffy (with 600 fill power instead of 750). However, with that tradeoff, you shave $40 off the price, making it a great option if you don't need quite as much warmth and want to save a little money. Like the first pick, the cover is made from 100 percent cotton and fans say it's super warm and breathable. It's also hypoallergenic and features piped, double-stitched seams.

What fans say: "So comfy and lightweight! Perfect for Texas weather, the down isn’t hot in the summer yet in the winter it keeps you nice and toasty. I love the quality of this duvet, and it’s super fluffy!"

  • Available sizes: Twin, Queen, King
The Best Organic Down Comforter

What's great about it: Whether you have extra-sensitive skin, you want to be more eco-friendly, or you simply prefer organic linens, this cotton and goose down comforter is a great choice. The hypoallergenic cover is constructed with 100 percent organic, unbleached cotton that Amazon users say is "luxuriously soft." The inside is stuffed with responsibly harvested white goose down that weighs 47 ounces and has 650 fill power. It has a baffle-box design to keep feathers evenly spread, and the whole thing is purified with an environmentally-friendly ECO treatment.

What fans say: "I'm in love with this comforter. I prefer to leave the windows open at night even when it's very cold outside, and this warm yet extremely soft comforter allows me to have a great night's sleep in a cooler room. Unlike some other comforters, it doesn't weigh heavily on the body. It has a truly luxurious feel that adds to a great sleeping experience."

  • Available sizes: Queen, King
The Best Down Alternative Comforter

What's great about it: If you're on a budget and want the feeling of down without the big expense, this synthetic down alternative comforter is a great way to go. The enormously popular blanket has more than 9,400 reviews on Amazon, many of which tout its impressive ability to be soft and comfortable at such an affordable price. It's made with reversible microfiber on the outside and hypoallergenic down alternative on the inside. The breathable blanket features durable edges and sewn-through stitching.

What fans say: "It's so fluffy! As soon as I got it I threw it in the dryer with some dryer sheets and when it came out it was fluffier than before. I threw it on my bed and my dog immediately jumped up on it and hasn't left since. He enjoys it and so do I."

  • Available sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Oversized Queen, King, Oversized King, California King
The Best Splurge

What's great about it: If you love the feeling of crawling into a soft, cozy comforter and feel like spoiling yourself, this high-end goose down blanket is the ultimate in luxury bedding. The exterior has a 305 thread count and is woven with a blend of organic cotton for breathability and TENCEL lyocell (a renewable fiber derived from wood pulp cellulose) for softness. Inside, it showcases extra-fluffy, white goose down that's 650-plus fill power and ethically sourced from mature Hungarian geese. It is exceptionally hypoallergenic (double-washed and quadruple-rinsed) and designed with even, non-bunching baffle-box construction.

What fans say: "The quality of the manufacturing is obvious as soon as you look at it. The outer fabric is soft and luxurious to touch and the quality of the stitching is remarkable. It’s also very light but feels breathable. I’m as warm as I want be be under it but don’t feel sweaty... Everything is well-distributed, there are no thin spots at all and best of all you cannot feel the usual spikiness some feathers have ... It sounds corny but it actually feels like it is filled with a cloud or something."

  • Available sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, Oversized Queen, King, Oversized King

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