The 5 Best Dildos For Women

Dildos are amongst the more underrated sex toys out there, which is why a lot of women don't have one in their arsenal. It makes sense — many women are looking for a clitoral stimulation in order to get off during penetrative sex. Since dildos don't provide that, you might be thinking "what's the point?" But dildos can actually be a great toy to have on hand for solo play, especially if you're looking to experience the coveted blended orgasm. To attempt to achieve one of those during solo sex, you need one of the best dildos for women.

A blended orgasm is exactly what it sounds like — an orgasm that comes from both clitoral and G-spot stimulation. If you're masturbating, and not having partnered sex, it can be difficult to figure out how to pull one of these off. That's where the dildos on this list come in. They're all ergonomically designed to stimulate your G-spot, and if you incorporate a vibrator, or just use your fingers to stimulate your clit, you can receive the best of both worlds.

Ahead, find five of the best dildos that are available on Amazon right now, from ejaculating dildos to thrusting vibrators to extra-large, hyper-realistic penises.

Best No-Frills Dildo

Dildo newbie? With a 5.5 insertable length, the Tracy's Dog Jelly Dong Crystal Dildo is a great place to start. You can snag it for under $10, so you're not going to break the bank before you decide whether you like it or not. This one is decidedly no-frills — though purple, it has a pretty realistic design with veins and an ergonomically-designed head. The jelly construction makes it a more comfortable choice for people who find most vibrators too hard, while multiple reviewers report how strong the suction cup is. It also comes with a small bottle of lube as a bonus, which you'll likely need.

One reviewer writes, "Perfect for sticking on the shower wall! Overall a great starter dildo as the size is not intimidating and also lifelike to the average-size," while someone else notes, "The ridges on top make for a pleasant ride, while the smooth underside is great for hard thrusting."

Another fan says, "Well, what can I say, it's amazing. It can be used all over. In the shower, on a chair, on the wall, it's endless."

Best Extra-Large Dildo

If you're looking for some extra oomph, this huge silicone dildo from Nabini is for you. Measuring in at 10.6 inches in length and almost 2 inches in width, this dildo is not for beginners. It's equipped with a strong suction cup and designed with textured veins for added stimulation, making it the perfect life-like substitute for an extra-large partner.

"Definitely not for beginners. I recommend using a very good lube as well. When I got this, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to handle it but boy does it feel so good in me. One of the fastest orgasms in my life," shares one reviewer.

"Looks intimidating but feels GREAT!" says another. "I’ve never had a toy this big and didn’t think I would be able to get much of it in at first. Boy was I wrong! That lube made it slide right in and fill my insides like I have never had before."

Best Uncircumcised Dildo

Want to take the realism to another level? Say hello to the Tracy's Dog realistic dildo, which offers 6.3 inches of insertable pleasure. It's a dildo with foreskin that retracts, so if you find that sexy, this toy is for you. It's also helpful for folks who want to practice oral sex on penises with foreskin before you try it out on someone in real life. The medical-grade silicone feels incredibly lifelike, and the suction cup feature means you can use it just about anywhere.

"This thing is so lifelike, you won’t be disappointed," says one reviewer. "The level of detail from the veins, grooves, scrotum and head are just amazing ... The skin texture of this toy is scary realistic. It moves and bends like a guy about 75% aroused. It’s not too soft or too fake hard rubber feeling like other dildos. Sticks to mirrors, floors, and shower walls with no problem. Cleans easy in the shower or sink ... Highly recommend."

Best Ejaculating Dildo

Want as real-to-life of an experience as you can get? Then give this Fondlove ejaculating dildo a try. With an insertable length of 7 inches, it can be filled with any warm or cold liquid so it can "cum" wherever you want — but water or lube are probably your safest choices. It's shaped like a regular penis, with an ergonomically-designed head that hits your G-spot, and it's made of premium silicone and equipped with a strong suction cup, making it an all-around amazing option.

One fan of the dildo writes, "This product is so life like it's amazing! Real feel, thick, girthy, great suction for sticking to wall."

Another fan says, "Some squirting dildos make you use a sort of syringe to squirt, which can be hard to manage solo, but the bulb makes it really easy to just squeeze it with one hand, or maybe kneel on it and squirt with no hands at all!"

For Those Who Can't Give Up Their Vibrations...

If the idea of bobbing up and down on a dildo seems like way too much cardio for you, then you need this Tracy's Dog thrusting stimulator. More of a vibrator than a dildo, it's unique in that, using a remote, it actually thrusts into you instead of you having to do the work yourself. That provides a hands-free experience that's much more relaxing than what other dildos offer. It has four speeds and three different vibration patterns, so you can have a unique experience whenever you use it. Like the others on this list, it also has a strong suction cup base.

"The sensations this gives is unlike any other I've experienced using sex toys," says one reviewer. "Something about the [way] this thrusts [is] better, deeper than my thrusting rabbit dildo! The material and quality is fantastic, definitely a luxury toy."

Another writes, "This is my absolute favorite purchase. I was a bit unsure at first, but the thrusting action is on point and better than I had imagined it would be. Brilliant [fist] clenching, sheet squeezing, orgasms every time I've used it so far."

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