These 5 Sensational Bullet Vibrators Are Proof That Size Doesn't Matter

Good things come in small packages — and that sentence has never been truer than when you're talking about bullet vibrators. These tiny toys pack a serious punch, delivering intense vibrations to both your clit and your vagina. They're especially great for travel, because the majority of them fit in the palm of your hand and run on just one AA battery. A bullet is a mainstay in any sex toy collection — but a good one can be hard to come by — which is where this guide to the best bullet vibrators on the market comes in.

The beauty of a bullet is, because it's so teeny, it's super versatile. Yes, it stimulates your clit, but it's also wonderful to use around the opening of your vagina — an erogenous zone that doesn't typically get stimulated on its own. Bullet vibrators are also great for breast stimulation, and can be used on partners with prostates, too. Just place the bullet against the perineum — that length of skin right between the genitals and anus — and let it rip. It'll deliver a vibrating sensation that will drive your partner wild.

Ready to dive in? Ahead, find the best bullet vibrators that you can get on Amazon.

The Most Powerful Bullet Vibrator (10 Speeds!)

For a vibrator guaranteed to satisfy anyone, you'll want the Umania Bullet Massager. It boasts 10 separate vibration speeds, making it a true "one size fits all" vibrator. It can slip inside of your vagina for some major G-spot stimulation, while also massaging your clitoris to completion. The cool metal exterior offers some unexpected temperature play — and it also makes it easier for lube to slip and slide over this teeny toy. For some extra spice, play around with the different speeds while you're playing.

Best Remote Control Bullet Vibrator

A remote control vibe can heighten your pleasure and can fun to use with a partner — and this one is loaded with features. The remote is wired to the device but the cord is a generous 1-meter in length and it has seven different vibration modes which Amazon reviews claimed were very powerful. It's also 100 percent waterproof so you can use it in the shower or bath and is made of body-safe silicone. Another big plus is that this vibe doesn't need batteries, its one of the rare rechargeable bullet vibrators on the market!

A Cheap Bullet Vibrator With A Pointed Head For Targeted Pleasure

Double your pleasure with the Pink Lust mini bullet vibrator. This two-pack ensures that you can keep one at home and bring the other with you when you travel. But the fact that it comes with two isn't the only thing that makes this choice great. These bullets have a pointed tip, which direct your vibrations exactly where you want them — in this case, your clit or your nipple. The bullet is extremely quiet, too, and has the added benefit of being waterproof, so you can use it in the shower.

A Bullet Vibrator With Changeable Heads

As far as bullet vibrators go, the Adorime Bullet Vibrator with three silicone finger sleeves gives you the most bang for your buck. It's really four different vibes in one, thanks to the trio of silicone sleeves you can slip onto the tip. There's a flat, nubbed tip that's great for clitoral and nipple massaging, a curved sleeve that's perfect for hitting your G-spot, and a pointed sleeve that's incredible for vaginal and anal stimulation. You can also use the bullet without sleeves, making this a truly versatile toy. It's waterproof and has multiple vibration speeds, so everyone will find something to love about this teeny tiny bullet.

A Discreet Bullet Vibrator

Most bullet vibrators still look like sex toys, which means they aren't the most discreet things to travel with. The Bon'Time lipstick clitoral vibrator, on the other hand, is perfect for folks looking to be a little more discreet. It's shaped like a lipstick — complete with an outer tube for travel. But it's cuteness doesn't mean it skimps out on vibrations. The flat top of the lipstick is perfect for clitoral and nipple stimulation, and the powerful vibrations are more than enough to bring you to climax. Slip it into your bag for easy travel — no one will be wise to the fact that this tube is actually a vibrator.

A Bullet Vibrator For Your Clit

For a clit-specific bullet, reach for the Sweet Vibrations Tulips Complete Clitoris Vibrator. Its unique design wraps around the entire clit, stimulating the whole of it, instead of just the tip. It feels like the vibrator is hugging or kissing your clit, providing a different sensation than a typical bullet vibe. It has five intensity levels, so you can change it depending on the mood you're in, and it's silicone, which means it's completely washable, as well as waterproof.

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