These Blackhead-Removing Tools Allow You To Live Out Your Dr. Pimple Popper Fantasies

Doing your own extractions is one of the most widely debated topics in the beauty industry. While some dermatologists and aestheticians advise against it, others give at-home extracting the go-ahead as long as you're doing it in a safe and hygienic manner, and not going overboard. The first step to unclogging those pesky pores in the comfort of your own bathroom is to invest in one of the best blackhead remover tools. Then, you'll want to follow the advice of a trained aesthetician, like Renee Rouleau, who details how to properly extract your own blackheads on her website's blog.

Rouleau recommends doing your extractions right after showering, when the heat from the water has softened the sebum in your pores. She then suggests applying a light coat of moisturizer to trap in the heat, followed by plastic wrap and then two hot, damp washcloths (on top of each other) over the area you plan on extracting. All of this will make your skin and the sebum clogging your pores even softer, which is crucial to safely and effectively removing blackheads. Then, you can go to town with your extractor tool, but if your blackheads don't pop out with a little pressure, don't keep at it — that's how scars, burst blood vessels, and other damage can happen. When you're done, wash your face again, or use an astringent toner to clean out whatever is left behind.

Another important tip is to clean your tools with rubbing alcohol before and after each use to avoid the buildup of bacteria. Use a dirty blackhead extractor, and you might wind up causing breakouts.

Ahead, find the best blackhead remover tools to help you on your journey to clearer skin.

Tie: The Best Blackhead Remover Kit

The BESTOPE blackhead remover kit is one of the most popular blackhead extracting products on Amazon. This number-one best-selling kit comes with five types of extraction tools that can all be used to excavate those pesky clogged pores in different ways. There's a diagram included in the kit that tells you exactly how each tool should be used, and all of the tools are coated with skin-safe stainless steel. The tools are also constructed with anti-slip handles, and everything comes houses in a handy container which makes it easy to travel with.

Tie: The Best Blackhead Remover Kit

This blackhead remover kit is similar to the option above in that it comes with a bunch of tools that work to remove blackheads in a snap. The difference? It comes with one extra tool: the type of tweezer that Rouleau recommends on her blog. Aside from that, it's a near-identical kit to BESTOPE's: the tools have anti-slip handles, they're made with stainless steel, and it comes with its own carrying case — but this one is leather, not metal.

Best Blackhead Vacuum Remover

Does digging into your pores sound like the stuff of nightmares to you? Then a blackhead remover vacuum might be more up your alley. The vacuum uses suction technology to suck the gunk out of your pores, and it comes with four different suction heads that focus on a diverse set of needs — whether you want to soak up grease, shed dead skin, or simply give your face a massage. (You can also customize the suction level according to your skin type.) It's rechargeable, portable, and as close to pain-free as you'll get when it comes to extractions.

Best Blackhead Spatula

Similarly to the blackhead vacuum, this Captain Green face spatula removes a lot of blackheads in a short amount of time. It massages your face back and forth, lifting dirt, debris, and dead skin in the process. This makes for a much more gentle extraction experience than the vacuums and extraction kits above, since it's not doing any squeezing, prodding, or sucking. It has to be used on wet skin, though, so after applying a warm compress, it's a good idea to re-wet the skin with warm water. Then, turn this scrubber on and let it do its thing. After regular use, you'll see a major difference in the amount of blackheads you have.

Best Single Blackhead Remover Tool

Sometimes, you just want to keep it simple, which is where this no-frills blackhead remover tool comes in. This double-ended extractor uses rounded loops to coax sebum and debris out of your pores using pressure. It's made of stainless steel, it costs just a few dollars, and you can also use it to pop pimples that have come to a visible head.

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