These Bath Bombs Have A Surprise Inside — And It Might Be Worth Some Cash


Bath time just got an upgrade with these bath bombs. Not only can you (or those you're gifting) enjoy the fizzing action, skin-softening effects, and delicious scents, but the best bath bombs with rings have a surprise at the end to wear even after the smell has gone away.

Science has shown that baths offer a ton of health benefits like better sleep, relief from muscle soreness, and maybe even reducing the risk of a heart attack. But for the most fun in the tub, there are a few bath bomb must-haves: First, it has to not stain the tub, and then, you'll want to look for moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and avocado oil so it won't dry out skin.

Beyond that, it's all about personal preference. A great bath bomb has to have a scent you'll love. Consider the brands coming out with treats scented with essential oils, offering even more soothing abilities. And then there is the question of ring quality. Some luxurious bath bombs even offer Swarovski crystal or sterling silver jewelry in the middle, but for kids or those who likely won't wear their rings around, less expensive versions are also available.

No matter your preference, sit back and enjoy the best bath bombs with rings and bring the fun back to bath time.

The Overall Best Bath Bombs With Rings

This set of two tropical bath bombs are as pretty in the tub as they are in the package and the formula includes moisturizing shea butter. Amazon reviewers were happy to report that it didn't stain the tub. The rings only come in a size 7, but as one customer described, "The ring is gorgeous and shines almost like my real diamond ring!" At just over $10 each for a generous 5-ounce size, it's also a good price.

Fans say: "They smell wonderful and leave my skin feeling so soft afterwards."

An Affordable Set For Kids And Kids At Heart

Kids and the young at heart will be begging for bath time when you add these 4-ounce fizzies packed with adorable rings shaped like pineapples, bears, rabbits, and flowers. With eight different scents from peach and orange to rose, there's a lot of variety to choose from.

Fans say: "So the box smells good, and we have only used one but my daughter loved it! The orange bomb didn't smell like anything but soap, it was very bright, and the little ring was a huge hit."

A Luxe Bath Bomb With A Sterling Silver Ring

Those looking for a luxurious experience should choose these large 6-ounce bath bombs scented with lemon essential oil. Each handmade unit is free of parabens and phthalates, and is packed with a sterling silver–plated ring with three sizes to choose from. Or, for an added dose of fun, it also comes in a glittery mermaid-themed variety.

Fans say: "Great product! The ring was beautiful. I will be ordering again soon!"

Bath Bombs For A Glittery Explosion In Your Tub

Get transported out of this world when you drop these adorable bath bombs in and a shooting star of color and glitter appears. Infused with moisturizing almond, avocado, and sunflower oils, these will leave skin soft but not stain the tub (though the glitter might stick around). And with multiple sizes to choose from, you can order the opal-inspired ring that fits.

Fans say: "Beautiful rings. The bath bombs were super cool too, a lot of glitter and stars. The ingredients left my skin feeling so soft! And I had glitter on me still, super cute."

The Bath Bomb For When You’re Feeling Lucky

Try your luck with these bath bombs from Jackpot Candles filled with a ring that is worth $15 or as much as $5,000 depending on how lucky you are. Best yet, there are four ring sizes to choose from. Even if you don't win big, these jumbo-size bombs (11 ounces each) will fill the bath with lavender scent, soften skin, and won't stain the tub. And relax knowing they are vegan as well as phthalate- and paraben-free.

Fans say: "They smell amazing and tint the water a beautiful color... They have a pretty ring inside. It’s not expensive, obviously, but it's pretty costume jewelry. The most rewarding thing about these bath bombs is that the scent lingers long after the bath — in the room and on your skin. Definitely recommend!"

Also Great: A Bath Bomb With A Necklace Instead Of A Ring

If you'd like a bath time surprise but don't want a ring, consider these bath bombs with a Swarovski crystal necklace inside. Packed with essential oils, shea butter, and avocado oil, the smell of this 10-ounce choice is like a bed of roses and it'll leave skin soft, too.

Fans say: "Smells amazing. Super moisturizing. Feels super luxurious on your skin."

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