This Air Mattress Has A Built-In Monitor That Prevents Overnight Deflation — & Reviewers Love It

by Cliché Wynter

Part of being a stellar host includes having comfortable sleeping accommodations, but if you have limited space and no formal guest room, you'll have to get creative. Enter the best air mattresses for guests, which rival regular mattresses in the comfort department, thanks to supportive air coils and inflated heights of up to 20 inches. Plus, they blow up easily and — importantly — won't go flat during the night. Her are some things to consider while shopping for the best air beds:

  • Comfort: Air bed mattresses have historically gotten a bad rap, but today's versions feature air coils that support the body and help align the spine. And since they are lifted off the ground, they feel more like regular mattresses. Plus, soft flocked surfaces keep fitted sheets from sliding around at night.
  • Inflation: The last thing you'll want to do when your guests arrive late at night is spend lots of time blowing up the mattress. All of these options inflate easily thanks to included electric pumps or even ultra-convenient built-in pumps. And to prevent overnight deflation, they feature airtight valves, and — in one case — an air pressure monitor that automatically kickstarts re-inflation in case of air loss.
  • Size: Most air mattresses come in multiple sizes, with many of them boasting a height that makes it easy to get in and out of bed. But if you're looking to stick to a budget, your cheapest bet will be a twin blow-up mattress that's lower to the ground but still comfortable.

Before your friends or family roll into town, check out my roundup of the best air mattresses for guests below.

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The Overall Best Inflatable Mattress

With more than 6,500 five-star reviews, my pick for the best air bed earns consistently high ratings from buyers, so you can rest assured you're getting a sleeper-approved product. It's engineered with air-filled coils that align the spine and offer great support for a comfortable night's sleep, and the flocked top and sides help sheets stay securely in place. Made from puncture-resistant PVC, the mattress inflates to a height of 20 inches in as little as two minutes, thanks to the high-input built-in pump. The mattress is built to hold air all night long, but clicking the pump for a few seconds can instantly add air in case of any slight deflation. It's available in black and beige and comes with a patch kit for repairs.

According to one reviewer: “I absolutely love this air mattress. It feels more like a good bed instead of something you can store away so easily. [...] Ten star rating here. Oh the comfort is amazing as I have napped several times myself on it."

  • Available sizes: twin, queen, California king
A Mattress With Unique Coils For Back Support

This unique air bed mattress is designed with I-beam air coils — as opposed to circular coils — to provide extra spinal support, and several reviewers report that it does the trick, with one calling it "extremely comfortable." Made with durable PVC, it features a flocked top and a built-in pump that inflates it to a height of 17 inches within three to five minutes. Plus, the upper side inflates into a pillow to provide additional neck support, although your guest will probably want to supplement with a regular pillow. And it stands up to use, with reviewers saying it doesn't deflate, even after sleeping on it for multiple nights. It comes with a patch to make any small repairs, in case of accidental punctures.

According to one reviewer: “5 different people all said this air mattress was super comfortable, and having slept on it well over 40 times myself I agree! It is very easy to inflate, and deflate, you can adjust how firm it is simply by adding or letting out some air. [...] it does not let out air even after repeated nights. Highly recommend this product!"

  • Available sizes: full, queen
A Mattress That Monitors Air Pressure While You Sleep

If you really want to avoid mid-sleep deflation, this air mattress with a built-in air pressure monitor is the way to go. It features a primary valve that lets you inflate the mattress to a desired pre-set firmness — plush, medium, or firm — and a secondary valve that measures air pressure and automatically re-inflates if needed. The air coils provide a supportive and comfy sleeping surface, and the flocked top keeps a fitted sheet in place. The PVC mattress reaches a height of 18 inches, and reviewers say it inflates in less than five minutes. Plus, it comes with a patch kit for easy repairs.

According to one reviewer: "The set up is simple, the extra thick mattress is a plus, and the comfort is superb. The self-monitoring pump maintained the setting we selected perfectly."

  • Available sizes: queen
The Best Budget-Friendly Option

For the budget-minded, this air bed is a worthy option. Made from durable PVC with a flocked top, it inflates in as little as 90 seconds, so your guest can get to sleeping in record time. However, the low-profile mattress is only 9 inches high when inflated, which makes it a little less convenient as far as getting in and out of bed goes. Reviewers warn that it may deflate a bit overnight, but — good news — they also say it's quite comfortable to sleep on. And while it doesn't have a built-in pump, it does come with an electric one that's easy to operate, as well as a repair patch in case of any punctures. Choose from blue and gray.

According to one reviewer: “Got this for guest use, since I have limited space and don't have a dedicated guest room/bed. It's very comfortable and seems to be well made."

  • Available sizes: twin, queen
The Best For Kids

Hosting a sleepover with children? They'll love having their own space with this toddler-size air mattress. Made from reinforced vinyl, it features a velvety soft top, comfortable ribbing, and raised sides that'll keep a child tucked in, even if they're a bit of a wild sleeper. It inflates in less than 30 seconds to a height of 12 inches and can comfortably fit children up to 4 feet tall. It comes with an electric pump, patch repair kit, and an inflatable pillow, and reviewers report that it retains air for a couple of days before needing a bit of re-inflation.

According to one reviewer: “Took a road trip to my in-laws in Florida. They only have one guest bedroom and did not have an air bed for our son. Bought this for the trip and it fit perfectly by the side of our bed in the guest room.”