These Slim & Comfy Running Belts Can Fit Even The Biggest iPhone Models

Whether you want to listen to music, snap photos, or keep up with texts, it's awesome to be able to bring your phone along on a run. But let me tell you from personal experience that not all running belts are created equal. Some of the most common (and annoying) issues with them include sliding down your hips, bouncing around, and chafing your skin. In contrast, the best running belts for iPhones will offer a seamless way to carry your phone without adding too much extra weight or bulk.

When you're shopping around, think about these potential annoyances. Reading through reviews can be a really helpful way to see how well a belt will stay in place without slipping around, bouncing, or chafing.

Also, think about how well you want your belt to hold up against moisture. In my list below, I've included belts that offer a varying degree of water-resistance, as well as one pick that's fully waterproof.

Lastly (and perhaps most obviously), make sure it will fit your phone. My list below of high-performance running belts will fit some of the largest iPhone models out right now (aka the iPhone XS Max and X). Read on to find the right match for your next run.

The Best Overall

What's great about it: With more than 5,000 reviews, this hugely popular running belt is beloved on Amazon. Many fans mention how lightweight and breezy it feels (which makes sense given that it only weighs 3 ounces). It fits plenty of stuff without being bulky, and the material is machine-washable, too. In fact, it can even go in the dryer. There are no buckles—instead, it has a stretchy fabric that slides around your waist and reduces the chance of chafing. On top of that, it has a reflective logo that helps keep you visible at night. It comes in nine color options and seven waist sizes. While the current specs only mention compatibility with phones up to the iPhone 6, fans have noted that it fits models as large as the newer iPhone XS.

What fans say: "Fantastic product! I've had this for about a month and it is really helpful. I am able to carry my iPhone XS with a case on it, my keys (which have a cord & hook attached to the belt so your keys will not fall out), and a few cards if need be. Whether I choose to walk or run, it doesn't make a difference. Everything stays put."

  • Available sizes: XX-Small to XX-Large
The Runner-Up

What's great about it: This lightweight running belt is another fantastic option that also has tons of positive reviews on Amazon (almost 3,000, if you're counting). It's slightly cheaper than the FlipBelt and features water-resistant fabric that's great for rainy runs, as well as managing sweat. Like the FlipBelt, it's reflective for night training. But this one boasts unique earbud holes and an extra pocket (meaning you can keep your phone separated from other items). It fits waists ranging from 27.5 to 40.5 inches.

The buckles offer more adjustability, but the downside is that it could cause chafing. Reviewers have mixed opinions about how well it handles the iPhone XS with a case — several said it was a perfect fit, while one reviewer found it too snug. Smaller models should be an easy fit, though.

What fans say: "This belt stays put! It holds my [iPhone 6] in the large pocket and keys and tissues in the smaller one. I did buy a magnetic bottle holder just in case I need water on a run and it works perfect with the belt ... I am one happy runner & I would definitely recommend this belt!"

The Best Value

What's great about it: If you're trying to save a little money, this low-profile running belt offers similar features as the other two but at a lower price. Designed to fit waists from 31 to 38.2 inches, it's not quite as durable as other picks, but it's still an excellent option for folks on a budget. The fabric is super lightweight, and the waist is adjustable with convenient, easy-glide buckles. Fans love that it has stretchy material and holds everything comfortably. Like the others, it has a reflective night strip and fits iPhones up to the XS.

What fans say: "This little sports pack is perfect for me! Was looking at armband styles but thought that could easily get annoying depending on what top I'm wearing ... This holds my phone on one side, and car key, license, wireless headset in the other side -- I have everything I need, don't have to think about hiding my purse in the car, and it doesn't get in the way of my workout. Pockets are tight but expand just enough to make it all work."

The Most Waterproof

What's great about it: While many others are water-resistant, this high-quality running belt is fully waterproof, making it an awesome choice if you live in a wet climate where rain is consistently an issue. Able to fit up to the iPhone XS, it has more than 1,400 reviews — a number of which point to how comfortable it is (and durable, too). It is spacious enough to fit phones of all sizes and, like the runner-up pick, it has special headphone access holes. As a bonus, it has optional hydration bottles you can attach when you want to bring water along. This one can also be converted into a shoulder bag when you're not running.

What fans say: "My 6plus fits even in its case! Went on a 9 mi run in the POURING rain with it. My phone was the only thing not soaked when I finished."

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