This Is The BEST Purple Shampoo According To 4,000+ Amazon Shoppers (& It's Only $13)

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Purple shampoos tend to come in a violet bottle, but many users are surprised to find that the formula itself is unmistakably purple too. That's for good reason — purple is directly opposite yellow on the color wheel, so the pigment effectively cancels out brass. But all purple formulas aren't created equal when it comes to the richness of their pigment. The best purple shampoos truly neutralize brassiness and not just lighten it, and the key is to make sure the stuff inside the bottle is a deep purple, and not a lighter pink or lavender.

Having said that, it's worth mentioning these powerfully purple formulas will dye your hands a Veruca Salt shade if you apply them without proper protection. That's why I've also included a top-rated box of disposable latex-free gloves below.

Also before you start shopping, it's important to note that purple shampoos are quite potent, so you use them less on a weekly basis than your average shampoo purchase. For some, that means a budget option is the way to go (like the John Frieda 2-Pack below). However, if you're looking for an option free of sulfates, it might be worth it to spend a little more for a bottle without them.

With all that in mind, the purple shampoos here are all highly rated on Amazon and have beauty insiders raving.

The Best Purple Shampoo Overall: A Fan Favorite With Almost 4,000 Customer Reviews

Fanola's No Yellow shampoo has earned a cult following for its ability to work well on bleached, blonde, streaked, and grey hair. It has deep purple pigment levels and a high-intensity formula that neutralizes yellow reflections, bringing out cool, bright tones. It's recommended that you apply once a week or when yellow becomes visible. Just be forewarned: if you leave this shampoo on too long, your strands could turn a lavender hue, and gloves are essential to protect your hands.

Fans say: "Works amazingly. I’ve used purple shampoos for over 20 years and nothing has been as potent as this stuff. I’m platinum blonde and within a couple of washes can get a strong yellow coming through, but Fanola No Yellow knocks that right out."

The Best For Blondes & Blonde Highlights

Whether you have natural blonde hair, blonde highlights, or color-treated blonde hair, John Frieda's Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Purple Shampoo is a smart choice. It will get rid of unnatural tones in as few as three shampoos, thanks to its color-correcting technology that banishes brassiness and rebalances the blond tones you actually want. The optical brightener absorbs UV light and helps maintain your color-treated hair. Plus, it's infused with lavender extract so it doesn't have an off-putting smell like some purple shampoos do. For recommended frequency, the brand says to use up to three times per week.

Fans say: "I have naturally light ash blonde hair and typically get light to platinum highlights. I've always had an extremely hard time keeping brassiness away and hate the yellow tone my hair takes on about a month after my highlighting appointments. I've tried at least ten different purple shampoos ... and John Frieda's version is by far my favorite. I started using it 2-3 times a week about two months ago and I'm hooked."

The Best Purple Shampoo For Silver Hair

If you're looking to give your silver or platinum white hair a boost, look no further than this classic. Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo Blonde & Silver is one of the most well-known (and most loved) purple shampoos on the market, thanks to its ability to eliminate yellow undertones and bring out icy shades of silver in just one wash. The award-winning, protein-enriched formula is a shimmery dark hue and it leaves hair shiny without residue. The brand doesn't list a recommendation for frequency of use, but many Amazon reviewers said they used it once a week.

However, there is one caveat with this shampoo: the fragrance is very strong and it lingers for a while after washing your hair.

Fans say: "This is the best I have ever used on my silver, white, grey hair. With highlights, this shampoo keeps the colors pure and the hair conditioned. My hairdresser sells this at 3 times the price. This is the real thing, not a substitute or watered down."

The Best Sulfate-Free Option

With an impressive 4.1-star rating on Amazon and more than 250 customer reviews, this sulfate-free purple shampoo from Pravana is a great choice for those with sensitive skin. It works on blonde, silver, or highlighted hair and features an ultra-violet dye system and built-in optical brighteners to neutralize unwanted yellow tones. The deep hued toning shampoo also has added keratain, wheat, and silk amino acids to increase the strength, shine and elasticity of your locks. It is recommended by the manufacturer to be used every third wash or as needed.

Reviewers say: "Out of all the purple shampoos I have tried this is my favorite. I get my hair bleached and toned to a white /blonde and I use this every day mixed with my regular shampoo to avoid the brassiness that comes with having blonde hair. It's really pigmented."

Also Nice: Disposable, Latex-Free Gloves

To protect your hands from getting dyed a deep purple hue, you can't go wrong with these powder-free disposable gloves. Unlike latex gloves, these nitrile gloves are non-allergenic and non-irritating. Plus, they come in a fun, vibrant pink and are incredibly stretchy so you don't have to worry about a nail poking through. They are also notably not smelly, sticky, or residue-leaving.

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